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Who Were the Neanderthals?

Did they interbreed with Cro-Magnons in order to create modern humans? This is a hotly debated topic in science right now, and popular author Graham Hancock has written a novel about it (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show), which FOR ONE WEEK ONLY you can download for less than a dollar. It's available on itunes, on kindle, or on nook, and you can read more about it here, read a synopsis of the book here and watch a video about it here. Graham Hancock is one of the people who led Anne Strieber to envision the inspirational figure she calls the Green Man.

i believe that both the neanderthals and the cro-magnons are our ancestors. i wonder who else may have been involved in our creation.
loved graham hancocks "entangled" looking forward to the next one.

I've been crazy about Hancock ever since he published Fingerprints of the Gods, and I love the Green Man, so I'm up for this one!

Isn't uncovering our true history fun?

Isn't uncovering our true history fun?

it seems like the early humans left africa in waves mixing with Neanderthals from Europe and Denisovas from China on the way to India, Indonesia, Australia, China, USA and South America. The early humans who stayed back in Africa south of the Sahara desert mixed with another unknown ancient human. So there is 3 different mix happening so far. It's all early theories based on a few DNA samples so most likely the theories will be revised in the future. We do seem to be a hiking ape who make friends with the others we meet on Our way. Not a bad animal to come from.
The Neanderthal gene input is about 2.5% and the Denisova gene input is also about 2.5%.

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