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Who Governs Human Violence? Could be the Sun

In recent decades, researchers have found significant evidence of correlations between a variety of human events conditions and solar activity. Such ancient events as the collapse of Rome, the Hundred Years war and the 20th Century wars seem to be correlated to periods of intense solar activity. For example, a huge solar storm took place just days before the start of World War II--an event predicted in 1917 by the apparition at Fatima. During the collapse of the Roman empire, solar events were recorded with great frequency, as was the case during the Hundred Years War.

Disruptions to the pineal gland, which produces melatonin at night and is responsible for the body's serotonin metabolism, might lead to violent behavior, especially if the sleep cycle is interrupted. When individuals who are especially sensitive to such disruptions are in positions of power, conflict can erupt.

Studies conducted during the last decade show that there are significant correlations between reduced melatonin levels and increased Geomagnetic Activity. Melatonin secretion can influence almost every vital organ, especially the brain, heart, central nervous system and reproductive system. Solar activity can thus have a profound effect on consciousness and personality, so profound that it can be reflected in the huge historical movements that govern human life.

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All that aside, I just hope the sun doesn't decide to fry us in one cascade of solar vomit...

Forget the pineal gland, our skin would be gone!

Who governs human violence? Us.

Here's a thought: Maybe our thoughts, actions, and deeds are affecting the Sun, and not the other way around.

M-ha! Ah, yer too funny. But yeah, serious business.

Woops, that's directed at bearing's post obviously.

Why not, Cosmic Librarian? If, as quantum mechanics assures us, everything is energy, and everything is interconnected, then there is no reason why the consciousness of humanity should not affect the cosmos.

The sun is not the source of our violence, but its energies can fuel it, if we are already so disposed. Solar flares and solar energy are just that, energy, and like all energy, can be directed to either good or bad ends. When that energy is available to us, it can either increase our wellbeing and soul-radiance, or it can fuel the violence and ignorance that exists in our own minds, thoughts and intentions. It is all a matter of what we choose to hold in our own beings. Human violence and violent events reflect the violence and darkness in the human soul.

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