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When a Hum Becomes an International Incident

A hum coming from somewhere in Detroit is driving people across the border in Canada crazy, to the extent that it's become a become an international diplomatic incident: Canada dispatched an aide to their foreign minister to the area to try to find its source and put a stop to it.

In the April 30th edition of the Wall Street Journal, Alistair MacDonald and Paul Vieira describe the "Windsor hum" as a low-frequency rumbling sound that can be as loud as an idling diesel truck and can rattle windows and knock objects off of shelves. Many Canadians keep their furnaces or air conditioners turned on all the time in order to drown out the noise.

But here's what's really strange: People on the American side of the border can't hear it.

Alistair MacDonald quotes ministerial aide Bob Dechert as saying, "The government of Canada takes this issue seriously." 

However,  the American side admits nothing. The Wall Street Journal quotes Michigan representative Hansen Clarke as saying, "It may not be actually emanating from Michigan."

They quote River Rouge mayor Michael D. Bowdler as saying, "The only place I am hearing noise from is Canada--from politicians complaining."

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That many people complaining, it cannot be about nothing. But it will have to be pinpointed before there is any hope of action, because if someone knows they are causing it, they obviously aren't admitting it. The political side of this could get ugly. If it is ever proved to be from the U. S. side, I could see many of us U. S. folks getting up in arms with defensiveness about it, inserting domestic politics into the issue (I can hear the cries now from the talking heads excoriating those "socialist Canadians" who want to destroy American capitalism).

Surprised they can't find the source. Isn't this the 21th century and we are the smart people? What is happening over there? You got a country full of very clever police detectives (more clever than in europe I think), one of them and a sound tech guy should be able to solve a problem like this in a day. Maybe a kid with an interest in science class should try... sheez.

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