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When Fat Men Survive and Skinny Men Die

If you get in a car wreck, who's to blame? Your insurance company sure wants to know!

We all know that obesity is unhealthy, so fat people have more trouble buying life insurance. But maybe they should get a break on AUTO insurance, because a recent study found that fat men are more likely to survive a car accident, as long as they're wearing a seatbelt, because the extra weight acts like a protective "cushion."

But this only applies to fat MEN--for some reason, it's not true for heavy women, and it only works if you're belted in. The website says, "Obese folk are at a disadvantage if they forego the seat belt, the study found. Unbelted fat men had a 10% higher probably of dying than skinny guys who weren't belted."

Also, fat folks can rejoice in the knowledge that, if their ship goes down
in the North Atlantic, they will survive the frigid waters for longer than a
skinny person, who will succumb to hyperthermia much more quickly!

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