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What I Learned Out of Body

As part of our new Communion Letters series, "Kurt" writes: "I have personally experienced my spirit leaving my body and being united with the 'ultimate supreme spirit' (God?). In 1956, when I was fifteen years old, I had pneumonia and thought I was dying?It felt as if my spirit left my body and it experienced being in a place with a gathering of souls or spirits?The experiences I encountered after the 9-11 tragedy helped me come to this conclusion: In this 21st Century, we are still plagued by religious beliefs that are a contributing cause toward terrorism, killings and wars between nations?Open-minded people must use common sense to determine whether this so-called deity was incorrectly perceived, misinterpreted and misunderstood by the masses of a bygone era." This man has wisdom to share that he gained during a near death experience.

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