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What Happened to Michael Hastings?

Michael Hastings, a contributor to Rolling Stone and BuzzFeed, died on Tuesday morning in a fiery automobile accident in Los Angeles at the age of 33. The engine of the 2013 Mercedes he was driving was found a hundred feet from the burned out ruin of the car itself. When the accident took place, local residents thought a bomb had exploded. The Los Angeles Police Department immediately ruled out foul play. In a Tweet, the Wikileaks organization said, "Michael Hastings contacted WikiLeaks lawyer Jennifer Robinson just a few hours before he died, saying that the FBI was investigating him."

He is best known for his 2010 Rolling Stone profile of Gen. Stanley McChrystal, then commander of US Military forces in Afghanistan. He portrayed McChrystal as being openly contemptuous of civilian authority, and printed quotes from McChrystal so insubodinate that the President felt compelled to dismiss him. 

The last article he wrote, published June 7 by BuzzFeed, he discussed revelations that the National Security Agency was harvesting even larger amounts of  phone and Internet information than has already been revealed. "Perhaps more information will soon be forthcoming," he said.

Although it isn't entirely clear, many believe that the Obama administration has asserted the right to assassinate American citizens within the United States, without charges or any legal process, or has that right under anti-terrorism laws now on the books. In a letter to Senator Rand Paul in March of 2013, Attorney General Eric Holder stated, "It is possible, I suppose, to imagine an extraordinary circumstance in which it would be necessary and appropriate for the President to authorize the military to use lethal force within the territory of the United States."

EDITOR'S NOTE: The point of this story is not that we believe that Michael Hastings was assassinated, but that, because he was working in an area that the government considers extremely sensitive and was under FBI investigation, we can never know. This is because the government has claimed an extra-judicial power to kill its enemies, even American citizens on American soil, without notice and without trial.


It's relieving to see alternative views here -- it signifies we've not yet entered into a flat spin of group think.

Confirmation bias is a blade that cuts both ways, making truths of slights, and slights of truths. This could be a massive controversy or a personal tragedy. This man we speak of so reverently garnered his reputation with thorough and objective investigation. I submit the best way to honor his memory is to do the same.

On confirmation bias, note that a person with a traditional world view has tremendous emotional charge to overcome if they are to admit this is even a possible murder. They have to consider their president a murderer, basically, and they have to contend with how frightening the implications are.

Yet there is not much confirmation bias the other way. There is no emotional charge to considering this may have been accidental - accidents occur all the time. If the facts present themselves that way, it's easy to accept them. Unless a person really has a strong connection to Hastings, an objective view is easy. I doubt most of the people exploring this question in honesty, and tentatively concluding murder, have any strong confirmation bias - they are simply open minded.

I don't really care one way or the other, for example. If it was an accident involving an appalling number of coincidences and improbable events, so be it - I would find it hard to believe only because of that, not because it's emotionally devastating. If it was another murder, so be it - that no longer requires any emotional work on my part either - I know they're murderers already, regardless - this wouldn't change a thing in my view. Nor do I have any motivation to convince people one way or the other - no ego involved. Regardless of the truth, it doesn't particularly affect me.

Thus it can be argued that it is one who rejects the conspiracy who has the greater bias hurdle to overcome, and who is the most susceptible to selective perception. Also, since conspiracy is the more obvious and less extraordinary theory given the facts, it is those with the official view who need to present extraordinary proof, IMO, to even have their theories seriously considered.

On the whole, if someone with a history like this in a business like this says they are afraid for their life and within 24 hours their car mysteriously accelerates, veers off the road, and explodes (alone a super rare event in collisions), well, I frankly fail to see how an intelligent person could fail to see the cause for deep questioning and concern at the least. As I said, it's not only a conspiracy, but an open one - people in the business are intended to know that this was in fact murder - it's not being seriously hidden. If they made it any more obvious, that would require formal investigations, but they don't take it that far. It's just below that - plausible deniability.

The only facts pointing to accident are statements from the LAPD and FBI - professional, devout liars. To me this points the other way, because not only do they not get the benefit of the doubt from me, but they have many lies to explain before I take anything they say at face value. More often than not it stands for its opposite. If you think police officers don't lie in court every day, and if you think they won't lie when pressured like this, you're suspectible to confirmation bias (as well as being blisteringly naive).

I agree - threads usually go by the wayside until I challenge the idea. Now I'll answer 1,000's retort.

@ 1,000's: For one, you're preaching to the choir.

For two, this is not about conspiracies it is about this particular accident - and Whitley made it quite clear - the story is more about Government having the power to deem which Americans on American Soil have a right to freedom as it is defined. I think the later is a joke because shadow government will do and have done as they please. JFK for example: JFK was a drug addict with the likes of Hitler, and Bobby knew it! And Bobby hated it. I could go on about this JFK crap for ever - no doubt is was a conspiracy, but for what real reasons? And I also believe Oswald was the only gunman - coerced yes.

Nice to know all these conspiracy-know-it-all's have an inside track to the "ins of the LAPD & FBI (such a privilege to know you)."

I've stated my case, no one has uttered one iota of information, FACTUAL THAT IS, convincing me otherwise that Hastings was an arrogant piece of work by his own making. He did bring down a General, I can't say the same.

>Regardless of the truth, it doesn't particularly affect me.< Touche. That is the most clear cut message within your entire rant.

Be well.

PS - I am fascinated in how people can conjure up more and more reasonings to fit their believe structure. I fight this battle all the time on the message board with other participants related to many other topics. Man made Dogma, my favorite!

This won't satisfy those that want to believe that he was murdered, but I post the link to the eyewitness just the same.

Today I've learned the FBI and LAPD are professional, devout liars and that JFK was some sort of drug addicted Hitler.

How is this getting us anywhere?!

Want to get upset about a very real conspiracy? Let's start with the fact you can go to jail for "knowingly" making false statements ( to the FBI. Don't worry so much about the possibility of a life sentence ( you won't have a life to come back to anyway. You and your loved ones will be financially and personally destroyed fighting charges you'll never beat. And don't forget when you're finally "rehabilitated" you'll be a virtually unemployable felon, unable to vote and likely denied access to welfare and supplemental nutrition programs. There's no such thing as an "ex" felon in society's eyes.

They don't need bombs anymore. All it takes is a few sociopathic prosecutors with seemingly infinite resources at their disposal. They will break you. They will leave you with no hope, absolutely no reason for living at all. Just ask Aaron Swartz.

Doubt any of this? Coincidentally, Michael Hastings recently wrote an article about it:

Oh! Wait a minute. Isn't that article implicitly incriminating the FBI? There couldn't be any connection, right? Certainly not. This is all connected to that PRISM/NSA/Snowden nonsense. Suggesting an FBI investigation into Hastings would be prejudiced by earlier journalism critical of the agency would infer a terrible and dark conspiracy, and the truest "obstruction of justice". Or...perhaps, like Aaron, fully realizing what he was up against, he saw only one way out. Regardless, much like Aaron, he will be warmly remembered and greatly missed.

Gotta go. There's some well-dressed, official looking men knocking at my door. Nothing to worry about, they probably just want to ask me a few harmless questions about something that happened 10 years ago. What possible harm could come from that?

On a related note, I'm outta here. This movement, as is, is never going to change the world nor does it do any justice to the profundity of Whitley's extra-worldly experiences and wisdom. I daresay this is a failed experiment but would be ecstatic to be proven wrong.

There must be a place for "us" to gather, but sadly it is not here.

Pay no attention to Many Mansions. Just a narcissistic little child who misses teething on his mothers milk. What a hayseed. Ed

Move along Bryce. See that door behind you? Keep moving, don't let it hit you in the behind. Jump on the clue bus. Now like you said. You are' outta' here. Good. Less baggage for the the wise. Ed

"Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth."


Thank you for the intelligent interactional conversation. The mental denseness hiding behind such smart and intellectual people is surprisingly ignorant. A lot of words, no debate, just a whole lot of finger pointing with zero substance.

Be well.

Interesting explanation of how cars can be hacked (and are clearly designed to be)...

> This is all connected to that PRISM/NSA/Snowden nonsense.

It does seem there's a connection. The Snowjob whistleblower is likely just a psyop - very engineered. But speaking of engineering, it did bring up an interesting connection. The NSA using Booz Allen Hamilton, which I remember being part of Carlyle Group - Bush and Dick Cheney's camp, the 911 demolition team. So this implies a 911 NSA connection, which actually makes a lot of sense.

Suddenly it makes sense who could have the computer power and access to manage a psyop like 911. Communications access and control, media manipulation - all that stuff that we see as part of the 911 project. And guess who controls and 'protects' sensitive military computers? Why, the NSA. Suddenly 911 gaps in securty make sense, as does the genuine cluelessness of the military - who were obviously in the dark. It explains who could manage a secret of this size. Why, it would take an intelligence army. eg the NSA (which is mammoth by population and budget, and beyond oversight). And remember all the intense resistance to 911 truth efforts, and the seemingly inexhaustable resources, connections, and INFORMATION at the command of whoever was running it?

It appears to me that the NSA represents an imploded world of espionage that has become an entity of power outside of US control, just feeding off the US and robbing its gold, destroying it from within, socially manipulating its people. Psyops, wars, you name it. What controls this monster? It certainly isn't the American people! And it's not the military - they're its pawns. And it's not US leaders - they're owned by the NSA, effectively a continuing psyop/PR stunt.

In any event, it's looking clear that the NSA doesn't merely collect information, they manufacture it. And their psyops go beyond fake whistleblowers, into the realm of demolition and mass murder, as well as rewriting the Constitution with the Patriot Act (which was ready to be signed - gee I wonder who wrote that monster?) I wonder if they're running the Sandy Hook shows and others - sure seems like the same handiwork.

It would seem the US (and world) is being re-engineered, big time, by someone from the darkness. And the emerging result is ugly indeed from a human perspective.

I really like hearing people call for revolution. It IS the only way to reclaim the country from the corporate billionaires. Let's set this energy in motion!

Dialog for some reason went from Michael Hastings' car accident and whether or not is was a “hit” based on whose reality? Whitley defined the meaning of the headlined article as Editors Note, which I found it needed - and it turned into insults for what reason? I challenged the notion of this Hastings accident being a plot right off the bat and Whitley's "followers" believed it to be a government scheme because of heavily biased and warped evaluation skills?

Flight 800 and 911 do not belong in the same category - why? BECAUSE HASTINGS KILLED HIMSELF IN MY BACKYARD! I knew of Hastings, "knew of," I had my own run-in with him. He was an arrogant piece of shyt.

We're in a revolution. It’s obvious by the division of real truth seekers highly motivated by an inner knowing and that of a delusional population easily influenced by the pendulum that swings in the direction of loud mouthed degenerates that know how to profit financially from frightened Souls. And it hasn't required guns.

We still have our freewill - but when freewill disintegrates into what this discussion has become with the totality of discussion retreating into conspiracies that are not a part of this topic, garnered from information from the likes of The Daily Sheeple? That’s downright embarrassing to be associated with the UC.

I'm all for allowing a spirited debate on the stories posted here, but there's a golden rule: Under no circumstances will abuse towards another person be tolerated. You can disagree, but you can do so with integrity, open-mindedness and dignity. Fair warning.

WOW. Talk about dismissive. Time for me to go buy a pair of rose colored sunglasses.


As far as "facts" are concerned, Exactly what facts are you talking about? The "facts" spouted by the talking heads on the idiot box, or the facts printed or beamed into cyber space by those who own the media outlets? That's the whole problem, who do you believe? Which reality are you buying into? What is perception and what is reality and how can YOU tell the difference? History has shown over and over again that what is feed to the public is not always what actually happened. It's amazing to see whole groups of people willing to fight over a belief that has been presented to them by the media. It wasn't their personal experience it was just a bunch of flashing images and words that created what they believe to be "true". If you watch both "conservative" and "liberal" media coverage of event X, at times the realities presented by both sides are diametrically opposed. So what's the truth? I don't know for sure. But what can be gleaned is whether or not the "facts" of the event are consistent with the story that is being peddled. And as far as what is being peddled more and more frequently in this day and age, all I can say is, " There is something fishy in Fish Town Batman."


The Dr. Mark Foster Show: Contrasting Critical Realist and Libertarian Approval

Published on May 19, 2013
In this radio program, I will address two views of freedom: the individualist, libertarian perspective (liberty) and the Critical Realist and metaRealist perspective (emancipation).

Members and subscribers such as Dr Mark Foster is why I am a subscriber.

Fwiw, Here's another article just yesterday on car hacking with some links to further articles...

NOTE: I consider infowars a voice of disinformation (Alex Jones has been outed), and I certainly don't believe everything Richard Clark would say. As always, expect a mix of fact and fiction suiting their needs (such as the FBI telling the truth on this issue for the first time in their existence). To me, their pushing this info lends credence to the idea that they WANT you to know this was murder, and that they can murder people at will using such tech. But they're not the only ones discussing car hacking - it's a widely known thing. (Also note that systems like OnStar include microphones in your car - they're essentially cell phones.)

Small plane crashes, 'suicides' by non-suicidal people, and single-car car crashes - the three big assassination techniques in the US for quite some time.

Also note, at least in some cars, these systems have a separate fuse, so if you don't use them, pull the plug. Personally, I also ripped the microphone out. ;) And I did this years before any of this recent info came out, just on principle, because it's obviously hackable. Not sure if it's on a separate circuit in newer cars now or not. Just remember that any cautions that apply to cell phones also apply to cars.

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