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What Happened to Michael Hastings?

Michael Hastings, a contributor to Rolling Stone and BuzzFeed, died on Tuesday morning in a fiery automobile accident in Los Angeles at the age of 33. The engine of the 2013 Mercedes he was driving was found a hundred feet from the burned out ruin of the car itself. When the accident took place, local residents thought a bomb had exploded. The Los Angeles Police Department immediately ruled out foul play. In a Tweet, the Wikileaks organization said, "Michael Hastings contacted WikiLeaks lawyer Jennifer Robinson just a few hours before he died, saying that the FBI was investigating him."

He is best known for his 2010 Rolling Stone profile of Gen. Stanley McChrystal, then commander of US Military forces in Afghanistan. He portrayed McChrystal as being openly contemptuous of civilian authority, and printed quotes from McChrystal so insubodinate that the President felt compelled to dismiss him. 

The last article he wrote, published June 7 by BuzzFeed, he discussed revelations that the National Security Agency was harvesting even larger amounts of  phone and Internet information than has already been revealed. "Perhaps more information will soon be forthcoming," he said.

Although it isn't entirely clear, many believe that the Obama administration has asserted the right to assassinate American citizens within the United States, without charges or any legal process, or has that right under anti-terrorism laws now on the books. In a letter to Senator Rand Paul in March of 2013, Attorney General Eric Holder stated, "It is possible, I suppose, to imagine an extraordinary circumstance in which it would be necessary and appropriate for the President to authorize the military to use lethal force within the territory of the United States."

EDITOR'S NOTE: The point of this story is not that we believe that Michael Hastings was assassinated, but that, because he was working in an area that the government considers extremely sensitive and was under FBI investigation, we can never know. This is because the government has claimed an extra-judicial power to kill its enemies, even American citizens on American soil, without notice and without trial.


After a few searches reveals two things. Time of morning and where.

4am @ the cross streets of Melrose and Highland - Major speeding thorofare plus high-end nightclubs = somebody had way too much to drink. ADD the new wheels, a Mercedes-Benz sport?

The poor boy really screwed up.

I wish that was the certain answer, but we have a government that has asserted the right to assassinate American citizens on US soil without notice and without trial, as long as it believes them to be a terrorist menace. With this reporter working on what he was working on, who's to know anymore what really happened? That's the problem when a government claims powers that are not defined by legal boundaries. We can no longer know.

Yes unfortunately this president considers anyone with a differing political view a "terrorist". I never thought I would live to see this day, I weep for our children.

Hi Whitley. I read the post before I checked to see who posted their thoughts to my post AND I died laughing (in fun!).

A couple of things once again: 1) "The president could conceivably have no choice but to authorise the military to use such force if necessary to protect the homeland," Mr Holder said. - -

And I posted my thought somewhere on the message board - 2) "In my lifetime I have witnessed every US President serving a second term to be criticized in much the same manner as President Obama is now being hung out to dry."

What really happened to Hastings? He was 33. He was financially well off due to his research and reporting. As for the article on the General... from what I gathered in reading at that time in 2010, Hastings was out to make a name for himself. He succeeded. He's written topical books (or book). How can you follow up on that success? Catching a bigger fish. Investigation into the CIA - that's a really big fish. Hastings ruined McChrystal's career betraying the trust McChrystal had in him to further his own. As of later reports: General McChrystal cleared of wrongdoing over 'Rolling Stone' interview - -

If anyone has driven a sports car Mercedes like the one he owned, for which I have, the acceleration and speed in that German made vehicle is exhilarating. I can see how one could lose control.

Many thanks and blessing for your continued and relentless pursuits of unveiling truths.

If you read Eric Holder's remarks, his letter to Rand Paul--all of what he has said on this subject--you never find anywhere that the government is willing to state unequivocally that it doesn't have the extra-judicial power to assassinate American citizens on US soil without notice or trial. This was a case of a man who was frightened enough to have communicated with WikiLeaks lawyers, saying that he was under FBI investigation. He was doing research in an area that the gov't is on the record as regarding as a direct threat to national security. We don't know whether he was assassinated or not. Nobody outside of the government knows that. The point of the story is this: because the government has taken on extra-judicial powers that might fit a case such as this, we cannot know. The story is intended to illustrate how dangerous it is for a government to claim powers outside of the rule of law. Holder has never said directly that the government has assumed these powers. But when asked, instead of denying that it has, he has avoided the question. That is exactly how extra-judicial powers are asserted--not by claiming them, but by not denying that you believe you posses them.

Letter to Rand Paul via the New Yorker:

"It has come to my attention that you have now asked an additional question: “Does the President have the authority to use a weaponized drone to kill an American not engaged in combat on American soil?” The answer to that question is no.


Eric H. Holder, Jr."

Everyone keeps mentioning and pointing fingers at "The Government."

Who owns The Government?

"12 Companies Cashing In On Drones" - Huffington Post.

What about guns? What about pharama, the Medical Industry (key word - 'industry'), CIA and Shadow Government? I'm not being naive to the story, I am suspicious of the conspiracy surrounding a young 33 year-old hot-shot driving too fast on a surface street.

There is no doubt in my mind that this reporter was assassinated. Have you noticed that anyone who gets any damaging information on those in power ends up dead. Look at the mysterious death of Andrew Breitbart who claimed he had dirt on Obama, the death of Gary Webb who was investigating the CIA dealing drugs to fund black ops, the strange death of Deborah Palfray (the DC Madam) who swore on national radio that she would never kill herself and 2 weeks later was found hanging in a shed, etc. Listen to what Edward Snowden is saying about why he is hiding--they are going to kill him and make it look like a suicide or accident.

This is NOT some Democrat, Republican, Obama or Bush thing. As Whitley has talked about repeatedly there is a huge "black" part of our government and if you try to release something they don't want released, you end up dead and the police immediately say that "there is no foul play" without hardly investigating.

If you think I'm wearing a tin foil hat, just look in the news this week that most of the investigators of the TWA flight 800 crash said that they were ordered to lie and a missile destroyed that plane. Why you ask ?? Either an accident or more likely according to JFK's press secretary Pierre Salinger that someone was bringing damning proof of the JFK conspiracy to him in Paris and was on that plane.

But that's crazy, X files talk---right ??? Just keep laughing folks and pray that you never get in the way of these people and have "an accident".

This is the part of the government that concerns me: Corporations and billionaires with an agenda run our government --- not "we, the people." Because of that, it's goals are not always our goals. I am constantly reminded (by daily news) that another word for corporatism is fascism.

We need to sever the corporate/billionaire ties; short of universal uprising, I haven't figured out how to do it. Universal uprising is so messy --- and so unpredictable. It's just a shame it got to the point it's at now.

Forgive me if I posted this link before (due to memory, or lack thereof.) There's a lot of interesting info. here:

'Just thinking --- this has been the struggle that CREATED our country: human rights vs. overbearing corporations (think colonists and their small businesses vs. the British East India Company trying to undercut the price of colonial tea*, putting merchants out of business.)

Do we want --- or need --- to do this again? "At what price freedom?"

*Boston Tea Party

If we do it again, we better be damn sure we do it right this time.

So, Mr Whitley...

I work today with a long time friend and coworker I admire and respect due to his career and extensive travels. I won't explain further on that note.


Question: "What do you think about that Hastings accident?"

Answer: "Oh, they killed him."

Much to my chagrin, I still ask the question, "Who's accounting for the Corporations that own Governments?"

(Please forgive for my ill humor in advance, after reading 'Many Mansions' pointless attempts at a diatribe, I just had to post this....)

So, Many Mansions....

I work today with a long time friend and coworker I admire and respect due to blah blah blah blah blah...

Seriously Many Mansions...

Question: "Does thou have a stick up one's arse?"

Answer: "Oh, I do!!! ALL THE TIME! It's SUPER!!!"

Much to my chagrin, I still ask the question, "Does thou hast to be an insufferable, whining b-tch?"

Answer: "ALL THE TIME!!! It's super-duper!"

Well Bearing Jupiter...

I do believe you stooped to a level of degradation (i.e.: intellectual decadence) that proved a vital point within my postings.

The purpose of my aloofness is simple. Why would I contribute to an already hot topic of conspiracies gone wild? There is no profit to be made by any of us posting thoughts. Hastings was pretty much stepping on toes, as in any corporation, when employees don't fall in line, they are fired (in this case, murdered).

This leads to....

International espionage. It's been going for thousands of years.

If you like to use your intellect to engage into a more challenging debate rather than take what I bring into the conversation and challenge a different way of thinking, please do.

Accept my apology if you have been insulted by my curious mind.

Missing Michael Hastings

Remembering Michael Hastings

I defy anyone posting to be as brazen as Hastings and be as effective. I certainly have. You don’t make change unless many are really pissed off at you. Ask Whitley. Ask Nancy Red Star… ask Many Mansions.

Ask Cosmic Librarian.:-)

I have walked the walk, but not without a few stickers, stings, and stone bruises on my bare feet. I am much wiser about how I go about this now, and have learned to wear a sturdy pair of shoes as I walk the walk.

Think of the dung beetle, rolling turd after turd in order to create something new...

ManyMansions, You must be the Illuminati shill. All new cars have a backdoor access for control thru the cellphone or satellite monitoring service. You don't need to subscribe to OnStar to have it dial in and control your car's parameters - just not the steering yet. Google's working on that parameter. Remember how the NWO Underworld brought down Toyota a couple of pegs. You just can't trust a new car these days. Not only can it kill you without you having the ability to turn it off, but it can also suck gas money out of your wallet no matter what you do to improve it.

Many Mansions, your postings may appear to have the facade of rational intellectual capacity, if any, but they are shrouded in pointless, subtle, and bitter Ad Hominem attacks towards the now deceased Michael Hastings and at times towards Whitley Strieber himself, which is NOT very smart of you to do...

Michael Hastings did make mistakes and they probably costed him his own life, but he was a far better man than you, assuming you ARE a man. For all I know, you could be the now banned "AnimalSpirits"/Diana Roth assuming another disguise to purposely annoy this board. But even then, she has more rationality than you.

Whenever you post, you make an attempt to appear grandiose and self-important. I believe nobody cares and nobody will. Your posts have no definite purpose other than showing us how much of a pompous jackass you are.

If you are expecting an intellectual debate, you won't get any. I respond in kind. If you're going to be an idiot, I will treat you like an idiot. If you're going to act like a rational human being, I will treat you like a rational human being.

I suspect you suffer from grandiose delusions associated with your paranoid schizophrenia or any other borderline personality disorder that is classified by your psychiatrist. Whenever I encounter pointless little turds such as yourself, I can't help but make fun of you.

So, go indulge in your delusions of grandeur, Many Mansions. They may last for a while, until your medication starts kicking in. ;)

Drove by the scene of accident/crime this morning... interesting. No skid marks, not even on the curb. And the tree. Not a scratch other than the reminisce of fire.

Flowers and one sign that read, "This was no accident."

@ Cosmic Librarian: The Dung Beetle. Excellent analogy.

@ Edwards & Jupiter: Your exploitation and aggrandizement of this story is a testament into your lack of self-worth. Pathetic bloggers like you both are a half-cent a dozen. Such hatred.

Be well.

After watching this video of Hastings literally FLYING through the intersection on another photojournalists dashcam ... I am going back to my original intuitive gut suspicion! The hot-shot and over confident arrogance of Hastings - he killed himself.

ManyMansions, how am I "exploiting" or "aggrandizing" this story? Am I earning money, gold, shekels, or jewels by responding to an idiot? Unfortunately, no. I'm actually wasting my time by lowering myself to respond to you. Normally, I tend to ignore the usual crazies that sometimes flood this board like roaches, but I have made an exception in this case. The fact that you tear down a dead individual who was (and still is) worth far more than you is a sign of abject weakness on your part. You assume you are better. Prove it.

Your choice of words, "exploitation" and "aggrandizement", is a testament into your personality. You are not even worth a half-cent a dozen. Such cowardice.

Take your meds.

(This is the point where I roll my eyes.)

Yea an i got some great beach front propertiy in ohio too what u expect them to say

How much more obvious can they make a murder before you people even acknowledge it? They intended this as a message, a warning, as usual, and those in the business got that message. Obviously wasted on little children who think 'the president' is in charge of such things. You think these people get permission and legal authority before they murder? Hopeless.

This world is run in secret and is tightly controlled through murder, blackmail, and disinformation, as it has been for a very long time. If you don't know that, you haven't tested the length of your leash.

The photo of Mr. Hastings' burning vehicle doesn't tell us much. However, a photo taken later in the morning does raise questions:

I feel certain that Mr. Hastings was speeding, no doubt, or at least his vehicle was going extremely fast (gas pedal jammed?). His email to LAPD also raises questions. So what really happened? He did not hit the tree head on, but on the driver's side of the car, and in any case he jumped the curb. He died quickly (no evidence, but purely a gut reaction on my part). The engine of the vehicle ended up quite a ways up the street. Was there an explosive device in the car?

I've probably watched too many episodes of 'CSI', so it's fascinating to see how our minds come to conclusions. It appears suspicious, but is it what it appears to be or...something else? Did Mr. Hastings find a truly creative way to move 'off the radar' for a while?Are we sure that he actually sent the email about the investigation, or was he hacked and spoofed? Is what happened based on our observations of the event AFTER the fact? (The thought experiment of Schroedinger's cat comes to mind.) Is Mr. Hastings both alive and dead? Is the identification of his body the 'truth'?

Stay tuned...

Also, smart people should be asking 'was Hastings even in the car?' He could be in some room somewhere being tortured for information. The body was burned beyond recognition by the obvious bomb in the car, and the only people saying it was him is the LAPD (not exactly top notch there - in fact fully corrupt). Plus they immediately concluded it wasn't homicide without investigating - classic indication they were told the answer to give, which any intelligent people should read as its opposite.

Nothing to see here - move along. Just another murder of a person trying to bring you real information and prevent greater tyranny. Now you can listen to his silence instead, and see what that says.

>EDITOR'S NOTE: The point of this story is not that we believe that Michael Hastings was assassinated, but that, because he was working in an area that the government considers extremely sensitive and was under FBI investigation, we can never know. This is because the government has claimed an extra-judicial power to kill its enemies, even American citizens on American soil, without notice and without trial.<

Even with the editors note it screams conspiracy. Now a poster above had mentioned Flight 800. Hmmmm... Flt 800, rather convenient this story hit the news reels at this time to give free promotion for the documentary - Trailer:

As for Hastings? Those of you who posted your thoughts claiming conspiracy are actually more dangerous than the Shadow Government itself. Refusal of factual evidence, and there shall be more coming forth over the next few weeks, is a telling sign that the masses couldn't handle any real truth even if it was handed to them on a silver platter. Read and research since you all appear to have access to the same information as do I. And don't consider Alex Jones or George Noory or a host of other so-called researchers 'in-the-know' to be useful in telling any type of truth. Conspiracy feeds weak egos, this thread proves it.

Conspiracy Theories Fill a Need:

Do some homework - you have the same access as I do.

The point of my previous post? I don't know what happened. We can all speculate until the cows come home.

For those of you that listened to Whitley's interview with Paul Levy on 'Wetiko', or read the book, you may not realize that you are being sucked into something that may or may not be true, but is certainly pushing all of the right buttons for Wetiko to get a foothold in your personal life by sucking you into its maelstrom of no return.

Observe, and let go...Simply, live YOUR life with integrity.

> Conspiracy feeds weak egos, this thread proves it.

Conspiracy theory is merely the modern euphemism for CORRUPTION. They can't use that word anymore because just about everyone knows that corruption exists and is real. The only people telling you otherwise have something invested in the status quo, so they defend a lie that they believe serves them (even though it mostly just serves an emotional need to support their never-ending denial).

Watch George Carlin's bit on 'soft language' on Youtube to see how 'conspiracy theory' relates to 'corruption'. Likewise, you'll notice you NEVER read reports of people being assassinated in the US. It's always just an accident. If you fail to question that, you are allowing such assassinations and other abuses to continue - denial protects abuse of power.

As for facts - we are given so few and in such a distorted way that nothing can be proven or disproven. For personal truth, I always meditate on the news and often receive the true nature of an issue immediately that way. Never has this process misled me - facts that come in later only confirm it, like TWA800. Obviously this is a personal process and alone can't convince others. Yet it can point you in the right direction so you can investigate further and accumulate facts to convince others, if that interests you.

I have come to see that any amount of evidence won't sway people who are in denial or have strong reasons to avoid owning 'what is' - which includes most people, certainly most so-called 'skeptics' (who are only skeptical of what they don't want to hear, and usually accept official stories with not even basic skepticism - not true skeptics at all, true believers). We see this with UFO info all the time, and it works the same elsewhere. It's simply not worth the effort to argue 'facts' once the basic truth is obvious. Move on with the working conclusion, and if later facts do change that, then change your opinion. Otherwise fools in denial will keep you from moving forward in your process - don't wait for them to catch up. Let them sleep.

I found the editor's note wholly unnecessary. And anyone who discourages the deep questioning of authority figures in this culture is not engaging reality. Overall I find the news on this website far too timid and mainstream - not worthy of association with Whitley, the visitors, and the other information he brings forward. Dig deeper and ask harder questions. Otherwise you're just regurgitating and propagating cultural lies.

Wow, the readership here is disappointingly uninformed - or perhaps these are just paid disruptors. Apparently there are massive buildings filled with people whose job it is to post comments on sites like this, distorting the discussion much like the original printing of The Key was distorted, with evil subtlety. Buyer beware - you're fighting for your very soul in overcoming such deception.

Thank you Librarian.

1000 - You add to the problem as those who have posted before you speculating total nonsense.

Yes, conspiracies are a fact of life. But not in this case of Hastings. Read up on who he was. For someone like myself that has worked with high-profiled individuals for 35 years the masses are too eager to "believe" lies that ultimately become a truth. Case in point - Anne Mitchell-Hedges and her "Crystal Skull of Doom." Believed to be a truth for decades and when Anne (Sammy) was threatened with people coming out with the knowledge behind her claims?

Government does the same thing, no doubt. But for you critics making up false claims about me - laughable.

Many Mansions, you're pushing the "Conspiracy Theories Fill a Need" stuff, rather than using your energies to expose corruption for what it is, so that certainly doesn't sound encouraging. In my view people need more encouragement to step out of the lies, not more reasons to doubt themselves for doing so, and certainly not more ridicule for doing so. They already have plenty of encouragement for that! I seriously question your motives.

On the subject of this need, in my view the explosion of 'conspiracy theories' represents a quantum jump in human intelligence (as does schizophrenia). Humans are now seeing facts as unavoidable, unanswerable questions (Whitley discusses how ETs use these to push human evolution). The MSM facts we're fed, and the other data we have access to, are wholly insufficient for answers. Thus humans are forced to push into higher consciousness - intuition and inner knowing. The many dissonant theories - the noise - only enhance the effect. You must see (decide) for yourself, or you'll never know.

And really, you never do know, not in the concrete sense. Yet your working conclusions allow you to move forward, and with practice you gain confidence in your more mystical knowledge. Simply, it works (in producing a predictive and cohesive world view, as opposed to the MSM world view, which always leads to surprise, confusion, disempowerment and eventual disillusionment).

People who are upset about conspiracy are usually people who pine for the good old days when knowledge was a static thing. There was more consensus and belief in officialdom - it was easier to know what to believe (what you're told). And of course you merely have the people who are deliberately deceiving others, but they are a (powerful) minority.

I also find that most conspiracies reach intelligent consensus, not in the mainstream, but in the predominant alternative views. Like 911 truth did. It's simply obvious. IMO anyone who doesn't at least understand that the official story is a malicious cover-up are simply the types that believe anything authority figures tell them - these are the same people who pine for the good ol' static knowledge days. That and it's just too earth-shattering and painful to realize their leaders are the lowest criminals, and that they've been fooled their whole lives. I have compassion for these people, but I don't let them interfere with my moving on.

While I'm not interested in debating the 'facts' (I've been down that road enough times), to me this has all the marks of murder, as well as the MO of the usual suspects - overwhelmingly so. It would take surprising hard facts to convince me differently, and I strongly expect to see emerging facts that only strengthen this view. But unlike you, I don't pretend to KNOW in any concrete sense. That would require immediate access to the vehicle and body by independent sources at the least. Go ahead and try to get that. I'll bet they've cremated the body and shipped the car off to China already. There will be no investigation because they already know the answer. Go ahead and ask them for access - perhaps their response (you'll likely be arrested and beaten, or taken to some room and tortured) might convince you. Go ahead - when was the last time you tested YOUR theories. ;) For me, they just don't wash. But whatever floats your boat - but your practice of ridiculing this website and other commenters for asking hard questions, or labeling them schizo, has no excuse.

Whitley, now you know how to encourage more activity on this site. ;)

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