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Wear Your Computer

Google is designing Google Glass wearable computing specs, and the Olympus camera company has designed a wearable computing device contains a display that resides directly above the right eye of the wearer. Unlike the Google device, the Olympus device connects directly to the user's smartphone.

We're all getting used to seeing people walking down the street who appear to be talking to themselves because they are using a small cell phone microphone. Now we'll see people who seem to be in a sort of a daze, as one eye is focused on their email. Will there be a wave of pedestrian accidents?

Here's another difference between the sexes: Studies have consistently reported that women need reading glasses or bifocal lenses earlier than men do, and scientists want to know why this is. Since presbyopia (which usually occurs after age 40) makes it harder to focus on a written page, people tend to hold books and menus farther away from their eyes. Is it arm length that makes the women give up and start wearing glasses first?

The researchers discovered that this discrepancy is likely due to differences in preferred reading distances or arm length as women tend to hold reading materials closer than men do. Interestingly enough, one might think that women would avoid donning reading glasses out of vanity, but this doesn't appear to be the case.

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Actually, I have found my glasses to be great imperfecton-hiders. They help conceal wrinkles across the bridge of the nose and crows feet, as well as age spots at the temple. Also, I think men are just as vain as women, over different things, however. Vanity is a human trait more than it is a male or female trait. However, I will say that probably women tend to be concerned more with appearing old because historically, as women get into non-child bearing years, they experience a perceived loss of value as persons via society, and an aging woman is at a distinct disadvantage over an aging man. Even though aging women are no longer driven off into the woods when they are no longer able to reproduce, they are still judged very harshly because of changes in appearance. Men who are going gray and getting wrinkles are deemed "distinguished" looking, while women who are going gray and getting wrinkles have "hit the wall". It's a double standard that most people don't recognize, my own husband being one of those.

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