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We Vote With Our Genes

Which candidate you vote for may depend more on your biological make-up than a careful analysis of issues, because the brains of self-identified Democrats and Republicans are hard-wired differently and may be naturally inclined to hold varying, if not opposing, perceptions and values.

After declaring their political affiliations, subjects were given questionnaires designed to gauge their attitudes on a range of select political issues. Next, they were given MRIs which made it possible to analyze the strength of connections between the left and right hemispheres of their brains.

Researcher Roger Newman-Norlund says, "The differences are significant and real. One possible explanation for our results is that Democrats and Republicans process social connectedness in a fundamentally different way."

The results found more neural activity in areas believed to be linked with broad social connectedness in Democrats, and more activity in areas linked with tight social connectedness in the Republicans (in some ways the study confirms stereotypes about members of the two parties).

The research also suggests that keeping an open mind about politics and voting according to the views each candidate espouses is not as easy as it seems--bridging partisan divides and acting contrary to ideological preferences requires going against deeply ingrained biological tendencies.

Newman-Norlund says, "The (brain) differences could be a result of genetics, experiences, or a combination of both. It takes a lot of effort to see the other side and we’re not going to wake up one day and all start getting along."

But if we DON'T start "getting along" on CERTAIN key issues, we may not make it into the future--at least not intact. We recently had a superstorm because nobody listened, but when MOTKE told Whitley what was coming, HE listened, and not only that, he DID something about it!

Part of this may have originated from the way our primitive ancestors foraged for food long ago. Some primates may have been more selective concerning their food choices, and this helped them to avoid poisons. It ultimately aided in their survival. Thus, the discriminatory trait was passed down to their offspring. These types of people became Conservatives. During times of famine, other primates may have experimented in trying new types of food. They were more exploratory about their food choices, and it helped them to survive. These instincts were passed down to their descendants; they later became Democrats. The food factor here is probably significant, but other social factors may be important too.

This makes me also consider that Republicans might be better suited to be in control of towns or cities, while Democrats focus on federal or worldwide problems.

Yes but why only 2 "conservative" candidates? Why haven't You got more than 2 parties? We have 8 here. And why all the millionaire congressmen trading stocks based on their legislation? And why all the money backed politicians? We don't have that in europe. But we have free education and free healthcare with doctors and scientists/professors paid by the state. Very very nice!
Go watch some Michael Moore movies and listen to Greg Palast:
and follow theresident on Youtube:
but of cause You are high on high fructose corn syrup in cola, chemtrails, 35.000 vanishing people every year, pink slime in Your meat, voting fraud, foreclosuregate and Your tax money is bailing out the rich banksters while they destroy the world high on cocaine.
Americans You have the best of nature, resources, willpower and good intent - give Yourself the nation You deserve. You've earned it. We all have. Nobody should accept the crappy world they are serving us. The world is being destroyed by people who don't care about tomorrow. Nobody talks about the climate anymore, every western country is flooded with debt, the money systems are set for hyperinflation and the victims are us.

We vote according to our needs (of the moment). Other than that, one might reconsider how they're influenced to vote for a candidate. Thankfully in the United States, so far, our vote is cast in a secret ballot.

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