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Hybrids Now Has its Own Website

The new Hybrids website has just been rolled out, and Whitley Strieber reads from the book on it. Anybody who listens to Dreamland knows what an experience it is to hear him read, and he's at the top of his form with this. You can also read a sample chapter, watch the Hybrids video, read a Q&A and find out how to buy Hybrids either online or locally. The book is available in physical and electronic formats. He will appear on Coast to Coast AM to talk about it on April 13. If you want to win a free copy of this fascinating book, be sure to enter the contest by April 12.

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What an AWESOME video Whitley…..

I think a movie about this subject would be very cool!!!!

A movie would be cool, I agree.

How soon till we get an audio version of the book out?

Much potential for a movie. There's a counter-intuitive aspect to these beings that I think, if properly presented, would utterly fascinate the public. Gods among men...that slither in dark. Almost like the very popular vampire mythos, but without the glitter. :)
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