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A Visit to a Place Filled With UFOs

British UFO researcher Lorin Cutts became fascinated with UFOs after his first encounter in Portugal in 1993. He recently visited James Gilliland (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show) at his ECETI ranch in Oregon, which he regularly sees UFOs. Despite being harassed by some of his neighbors, Gilliland is still holding sightings there. Cutts visited the ranch in person because "It quickly became evident that many people in the community were highly skeptical of James' claims and the years of footage taken here. I wondered how many of these people had actually visited the ranch, and how many final opinions--like many these days--were formed solely by sitting in front of the computer." Did he spot any UFOs there? Read his Insight and see!

Just a couple words: 2012 Communion Gathering!!!!

Correction: The Gilliand ranch is not in Oregon. It's across the Columbia River in Washington state, close to Mount Adams.

Having visited the ECETI ranch a few times, I found this article to be incisive and a fair reflection of my own impressions. Strange things happen there that (in my experience) can be personal, subtle and highly ambiguous, but also hard to ignore. JG has a ready explanation for all of it, yet he is sincere and, I believe, a man of integrity.

Although I have not had the chance to travel to ECETI. I have always had a good feeling about James Gilliland. I appreciate the thoughtful article..

Is this the guy a Mufon rep tried to debunk? Mufon is a mass of got-ats. I read in Spanish, Jorge Martin's description of a Mufon guy visiting him on Puerto Rico in the mid 1990s, and the guy proffered a bundle of rifles for Jorge to hold, which Jorge was suspicious of, "I was wondering if they wanted to maybe shoot someone then pin it on me or something, I didn't like the way he was doing this." The Mufon visitor to Puerto Rico island was totally strange in his behaviour, and there have often been complaints about the people at the top of Mufon, behaving suppressively of genuine cases: & I do know the CIA do have a thing of killing wives/children whatever, because it sounds unbelievable that they would be the killers so they go right ahead and do it, so the public believe the official version put out by the papers. And far more of the upper class are in on it than you expect.

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