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US Expects 'Extremely Active' Hurricane Season as Critical Satellite Fails

The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has warned that the 2013 hurricane season is expected to be 'extremely active.' This is in part because of unusually warm water temperatures that are already extending further north than normal. Last season's Superstorm Sandy remained powerful even as it extended into waters off the US Northeastern Corridor because waters in the region were unseasonably warm. Hurricane season starts June 1 and continues for six months. 13 to 20 tropical storms are expected this year, with 7  to 11 of them becoming hurricanes.

At the same time that NOAA announced that this year's hurricane season was liable to be a serious one, the GOES-13 satellite failed. The satellite is positioned to watch weather conditions in the Atlantic and along the US East Coast and is a crucial forecasting tool. Another satellite with less coverage has been substituted. There is no estimate about when or if the GOES-13 instrument will be brought back into service. The result of this is that the eastern US will not have as much early warning as has been provided in the past. Exactly what went wrong with GOES-13 is still being determined.

and lets not forget comet ison, possible "comet of the centuring" which be making a pass near earth in late november...

I have often wondered if there is a relationship between things like solar flares, etc., and earthly weather. No really good studies, though.

Our environment is so fragile we must be thankful for every successful moment of survival these days, and just hope we wake up to a cleaner future.

Comet ISON has been called a "dusty comet" and scientists are expecting cometary dust to gently fall through our atmosphere for months. If the dusty debris falls gently, will it produce enough friction to ignite or will it actually arrive on earth's surface unscathed? I'm curious about whether these alien dust particles will bring microbes and possibly diseases into our atmosphere.

I think it probably would have a lot to do with our weather Whitley. The more I think about it the more I feel like the earth is one giant living thing in its own weird way . We and every other living thing on the planet make it whole. And since it is part of a greater whole, the solar system, would it be fair to call all these planets, comets, moons and the sun one complete living unit with as much to do with each other as our arms and legs do with us? I know it sounds nuts and I'm just thinking out loud here, but everyone on this website Is well aware that the truth of all this is much stranger then well ever know.

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