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Unknowncountry Weekender: Unexplained UFO Researcher Deaths and a Strong Claim that there is Alien-Government Interaction.

Charles Hall on Sunrise TV

It has been suggested that the search for the Truth can often lead seekers into treacherous territory, particularly, it seems, in the field of UFO research where a disproportionate number of researchers appear to have lost their lives. Could it just be a coincidence that during the past ten years a total of 137 researchers, writers, scientists, and witnesses in a small niche community have died, often in the most odd or unlikely manner?

A 30 year study by amateur astronomer and former U.S. government adviser, Timothy Hood, has revealed that UFO researchers began to die under mysterious circumstances in the 1970s and 1980s. Causes of death range from improbable suicides, strange disappearances, weird cancers, murders, and many deaths from a variety of 'natural causes' which were often proved to be medically inconclusive. The list of those UFO researchers or abductees who experienced untimely deaths is very long, and includes Barbara Bartholic, Phil Schneider and Ron Rummel, Edward Ruppelt, Kathy Kasten, Ron Bonds, Damon Runyon, Edgar Jarrold, Dr. B. Noel Opan, Frank Edwards, Rep. Rouse, author H. T. Wilkins, Henry E Kock, publicity director of the Universal Research Society of America, author Frank Scully, contactee George Adamski, Rev. Della Larson, also a contactee, author Gloria Lee Byrd, Marie Ford, UFO enthusiast Doug Hancock, Feron Hicks, Canadian researcher Wilbert B. Smith, Brazilian researcher Dr. Olavo Fontes, Jim and Coral Lorenzen, biologist Ivan Sanderson, CUFOS founder James A. Hynek, and Bill Cooper, a lame and almost blind researcher who was killed in a police raid because he apparently ran after and shot a police officer.

The list of the deceased even extends to prominent astrophysicists who had dedicated themselves to the search for extra-terrestrial life. In fact, 25 individuals working within the space industry died within a short space of time in the late 80s. The incidences were noted by famous author, Sidney Sheldon, who, whilst working on his novel “The End of the World”, compiled the 'Sheldon List' which detailed a series of mysterious deaths among British specialists developing space weapons.

Other cases do appear to be just unhappy coincidence: Eminent Harvard psychiatrist and Pulitzer Prize winner, Dr. John E. Mack, died in London in 2004 after a being struck by a drunk driver who was apparently later convicted and jailed for the offence, though there was very little media coverage of this. There are still those who believe that his death was suspicious as it appeared to be far too 'convenient': Dr. Mack had become the subject of an unprecedented 14 month review by Harvard Medical School during which his controversial research methods with so-called 'alien abductees' were scrutinised. After he published his book, "Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens" in 1994, the University had considered censuring him and revoking his tenure, though eventually a statement was issued which confirmed " Dr. Mack's academic freedom to study what he wishes and to state his opinion without impediment". Unfortunately, this freedom did not benefit him greatly as he died a short time later.

This succession of untimely demises has almost become as much of a mystery as the UFOs themselves. Certainly, the search for extra-terrestrial life can lead researchers in the field to discover very sensitive and classified information; there is often military involvement in this area due to the potential threat posed to national security by any object - terrestrial or extra-terrestrial - which enters protected airspace.

This year, new evidence was revealed by ex-Nellis Air Force Base worker, Dr. Charles Hall, which appears to confirm that the US military were hiding shocking truths from the public in the 1960s, and could explain why anyone who may have threatened to expose these secrets would have been seen to be a threat to national security.

As witnesses go, Dr. Hall has an extremely credible background: he is an ex-United States Air Force veteran and he currently works as a nuclear physicist, so under any other circumstances one would not think to doubt his testimony. Whilst working at the Nevada base in the 1960′s, he claims to have encountered at least three different species of extra-terrestrial beings: the Roswell 'Grays', the 'Tall Whites' and a blonde race known as the 'Norwegians'. He worked alongside the beings for two years, and admits that he and all other personnel were initially "very afraid" of them, but that the beings were just as afraid of humans. Dr. Gray worked at the base in close daily contact with the aliens for two years. He originally wrote books about his experiences which were passed off as fiction, but more recently admitted that the books were based on fact.

The evidence to support the existence of extra-terrestrial life is now almost over-whelming; in early May, researchers, activists, political leaders and high ranking military/agency personnel from around the world testified to the reality of the UFO/extraterrestrial phenomenon in front of several former United States members of congress, and official files have been released since 2007 in the UK which confirm that UFOs which defy explanation have been recorded on radar. One can imagine that information like this would once have been classified at the highest level, particularly in the 1960s, when the idea of extra-terrestrial life was still firmly ensconced in the realms of science fiction fantasy and public reaction may not have been favourable. Perhaps the government predicted panic, or did not want to admit that they were not fully in control; this would certainly provide a very powerful motive for concealment of the facts, though one would question whether this justified the loss of innocent lives in the process. Of course, that is still merely speculation, though the statistics are certainly intriguing.

One would hope that global governments now accept that the need for such obscurity is past, as the public's expanding consciousness is surely becoming more accepting of the possibility that 'we are not alone', and increasing scientific evidence and witness testimonies continue to support this. Yet we cannot assume that the decision regarding disclosure was taken solely by our own governments; in his latest book, "Alien Hunter", Whitley Strieber suggests that alien races could have their own criminal elements who are working to further their own agendas, and that it may be this element who have prevented the dissemination of facts concerning their existence on the planet.

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You forgot Karla Turner.

It's the Norwegians -- the humanoids-- you have to be extra cautious for. If you're in contact with a predator, blood fiend/scientist sort, you can be pretty sure that there is trouble of a high degree infused into the knot. Completely different level of actions and reactions.

This is where the actual line between "good and evil" is drawn, whether we want to admit it or not:
Not man and woman, not 3 different colored brothers, positive and negative energy fields, not even light and darkness... but, rather, that which causes a being pain and the volley of reactions which are incited.

Or so I have deduced for myself...

(If you find a schematic for one of those light sabers, let me know.)

> As witnesses go, Dr. Hall has an extremely credible background: he is an ex-United States Air Force veteran and he currently works as a nuclear physicist, so under any other circumstances one would not think to doubt his testimony.

Whoever wrote this is clearly whipped. I would say that background makes his testimony HIGHLY suspect. Further, as an insider it must be assumed he is deliberately distributing this information on behalf of his controllers. Otherwise he would have died long before it saw the light of day. That makes everything he says little more than a distorted story they want you to hear. This is what you call "extremely credible".

Human world (media, science, etc) is very much a controlled world, and the view it provides of what is happening on this planet is less than worthless, it is deception. In terms of controlling the collective 'human world view', humans are little more than apes in cages. These forces clearly keep war and other killing going endlessly, so killing a few researchers isn't very much to consider.

Hall likely brought this analysis of deaths forward to frighten and threaten researchers - standard psyop, and you fall for it completely with no depth to your analysis. You take it all at face value, so the author here is either complicit or very naive.

@User1000 regarding Dr. Hall's credibility - why would you automatically assume that a military background and a current career as a nuclear physicist would render his testimony suspect? Surely you are being naive yourself? There are a good number of ex-military personnel who have come forward with excellent reports and first-hand testimony that have illuminated our understanding of how these events are viewed from within the military. To assume that Hall has 'controllers' is also a rather large assumption. Even further, it is not Hall that has brought forward this analysis of researcher deaths, but Timothy Hood. Maybe you should read the article properly (which is presented here for debate) before you criticize, or worse, call the author 'complicit'. Here's the kicker: "Whatever the truth, you can be sure that never ceases to give you food for thought." Think.
There was nothing about Karla's tumor that we know of that made her passing stand out as anything other than tragic. But if anybody has different information, please write us at and let us know.

And as far as reading the article, I could not agree more, Adam.

One need only look at the reporters and camera men snd women killed by snipers in Iraq. They are in the hundreds.

I do not agree, User1000. We are not all ignorant or deceived, or hopeless, and the number among us whose eyes are opened - or opening - is growing fast. Nor is everyone who speaks out for what they know speak a puppet of the forces that would promote ignorance. Isn't such cynicism just what those forced want to promote, to keep us feeling helpless, ignorant and afraid? We are not all as innocent or naive as you might think, and our hopefulness and faith in goodness do not imply that we are not able to be discerning, to think critically about what we hear and the sources, and to distinguish between genuine and fake.

If those who disclose are under attack, as they probably are, then I am even more grateful for their courage. My deep respects to those who disclose, even knowing what they are up against. My respects also to those who share what they have learned from the disclosures, at risk the ridicule and derision of those around them.

Two military documents were posted to a friend of mine, one was a military top secret memo covering two pages, the other was a very large actual size photocopy of the actual handwriting of the 1954 Caldbeck parish priest, these photocopies were sent to her in November 1999: my friend is Sharon Larkin: she opened both of them in front of me, in Workington in Cumbria. The military two page top secret memo is the more important one for me: remember this was the contemporaneous scenario:
a ufo researcher called Max Burns had been imprisoned as a drugs dealer and had been in prison for a few months when she received it:
it states "We must deal with xxxx xxxx" (but obviously referring to Graham Birdsall because it has a few paragraphs describing how Graham Birdsall's Ufo Magazine is worrying the authorites, i. e., "threatening the Settlement Plan"):
it refers to a large sum of money being given to Graham Birdsall, which a tiny number of people of knew about, which would "unfortunately" keep Ufo Magazine going longer than they'd hoped:
it clearly refers to Sharon Larkin receiving an award from Ufo Magazine, which she did, going up on stage to receive it: "her repeated forays into the Macrahanish area and around the Benbecula base are worrying us too": (wrongly spelling Machrihanish)
Graham Birdsall died at the age of 49 in September 2003 of a cerebro-vascular brain haemorrhage:
& the memo also states "it worked to get other ufo researchers within the ufo community to blacken xxxxx xxxxx image & name & frame him as a drugs dealer": certain ufologists, whom we strongly suspect were "Doctor" David Clarke & Andy Roberts mainly, though we also suspect Jenny Randles, Mike Wootton & Tim Matthews as behaving dangerously towards Max Burns, besides others, Martin Jeffries was a very suspect individual.......all these researchers behaved very oddly over Max Burns, & over 'his baby', the Sheffield case.
Jenny most artfully deflects suspicion on this matter, but I did sit listening to Bufora's top person, Judy Jafaar & her boyfriend Malcolm Robinson express great suspicion of her, i. e. Malcolm said "I just cannot belieeeeeve the position that someone like Jenny Randles is taking on this", namely, in unwritten unrecorded words to their faces in 1999, she had asserted that Max Burns be fully physically prevented from making any presentation of his findings at a Bufora meeting & should not give a lecture to them. So it is big to find out about "The Sheffield Case" in Britain.
"The Persistence Of Mnemone" is the book, recently uploaded as a pdf & downloadable for £3, don't know how that works for Americans & other which those documents are reproduced, on, using the pseudonym of Martin Heth.

I regret deeply the fact that I never had the pleasure to meet Carla Turner.

Think it's Karla - being very pedantic - on the cover of my first book I bought written by her. The few she wrote are amongst the best.
I was on my way to see her lecture in Tampa, travelling from Edinburgh in Scotland to Tampa, necessitating an interstate flight but your government barred me from entering the country & sent me back, wasting my money.
That was May 1994.

D Scott Rogo was shot dead in Los Angeles soon after writing The Tujunga Canyon Contacts.

Maurice K Jessop was amongst the strangest & most often cited of the mysterious ufo researcher deaths, described as having written an unexceptional ufo book in the 1950s but it was scrawled all over in mysterious three colours of crayons comments (so each writer knew who each commenter was, therefore they seemed to be responding to each other) - three US naval commanders who saw that "annotated" version of Jessop's book also died mysteriously during the early 1960s, although today you can read these mysterious comments in "The Annotated Maurice K Jessop" - in 1994, a guy in Britain sold me one of 15 copies he had to sell, & he did die a little mysteriously soon after that......we heard in Britain he'd died of red flu in August of that year, but I had maintained contact with a Swedish woman whom I had befriended at a ufo conference that he, Stu Smith, had organised a while before, & she sent me a letter along with a Xmas present of a Swedish ufo video part of which read in December 1994: " sorry to hear of Stu Smith dying in a car crash.....": also, his house was locked off from all friends & family so that certain persons could remove Stu's computer files.....very similar to the death of Marconi scientist Malcolm Puddy in 1991 in the south-east of England - a death cited by people against Marconi because Marconi had claimed the year before that they were no longer experiencing strange suicides of their scientists "....and the reporters of Computing Weekly mentioned they had experienced exceptional difficulty finding out about Malcolm Puddy's suicide, giving an impression Marconi had made efforts to stop the press finding out about it, & therefore may have suppressed a large number of others....." & since then, up til now, in 2013 going on 14, many more may have "committed suicide". Computing Weekly's journalists had, despite considerable hindrance, found out that Malcolm Puddy's computer files had all been "mysteriously emptied by mysteriously behaving individuals who came along to his house & took them away before anyone could see them." And someone did the same with Stu Smith a few years later.

There was a time that I thought Mr Hall's account to be a load of cobblers.

However, I no longer feel that way, Rather, when I hear Mr Hall talking, even if I've heard his point previously, I now listen very very carefully.

He is a very sharp and perceptive man who is honouring a promise and I respect that. He is also the only Human being I've heard who has given a particular description of very very old, tall beings of whom I have some limited understanding.

Even Mr Strieber hasn't , to the best of my knowledge, spoken of these old, tall, Royal ones. He has spoken of Mars though and I found that intriguing.

Anyway, it may well be worth cutting Mr Hall some slack and just quietly absorbing what he discusses. After all, who knows what is just over the event horizon.

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