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UFOs on Dangerous Ground

Neighboring rivals China and India, who are having border disputes ranging from the exile of the Dalai Lama from Tibet to India to trade deficits, are now being swarmed by UFOs--all along that contentious border. Over 100 UFOs have been seen there recently.

In the November 6th edition of the Los Angeles Times, Mark Magnier writes: "Indian troops guarding the often-tense 2,100-mile border between the two Asian giants say the objects seen in recent months are yellow spheres that appear to lift off from the Chinese side, slowly traversing the sky for three to five hours before disappearing. Indian military officials have reportedly ruled out Chinese drones--99 of which reportedly were documented during the first 10 months of 2012--or low-orbit satellites." They can be seen both day and night.

UFOs commonly appear over military bases--are they trying to warn these two countries not to go to war? We know that India has nuclear bombs, but our main worry has been a conflagration with Pakistan, which also has them. We're not sure what types of weapons China has, but they have huge cadres of soldiers ready to cross the border if any sort of attack from India occurs.

Even worse is the fact that one of these countries may decide that these UFOs ARE weapons, just as World War II pilots assumed that the UFOs they saw swarming around their fighter planes were some sort of unknown Nazi weapon.

Magnier quotes former Indian Army commander B.S. Jaswal as saying, "If there has been some sightings, I wouldn't be surprised if it's a technology demonstration by the Chinese, and the Chinese are very advanced. During my time, we didn't have such sightings."

He quotes Gaurav Tiwari, of the Indian Paranormal Society, as saying, "Earlier reports said the Indian government was in touch with aliens and was getting technology from them. It's all over the Internet."

Could a war (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show) be started by UFOs? We've already had a war started by non-existent weapons of mass destruction, and threats against Iran continue.

They're warning us--will we listen?

Interesting how they appear over troublespots......and they appear over standing stone zones because that's what they were familiar with last time they were here......the reptilian diamond-shaped war-craft appeared over North Korea just as tensions escalated between the west & the North Korean homogenised society......I was very interested in a woman in the White House noticing that the politicians took quite seriously a description of reptilians attacking the greys on Zeta Reticulum & slaughtering 400,000 of them, "and one grey that was kind of like Mao was to the Chinese, the greys were depressed that he was killed as well....." "There was no doubt they were taking this story seriously, while we on the outside would treat it as a load of crazy-sounding rubbish...." The reptilian fleet, or space armada, is composed of "diamond-shaped craft", she said. This was not channelled, this was from top American politicians......then she went on the net and talked about it.

Earth lights have been known to appear over areas of extreme geological stress...maybe they also respond to stresses in the collective consciousness field(?)...just a thought.

I wouldn't take too serious about such evil aliens stories on the internet. The international cabal that tries to run this planet has a plan to achieve a one world government. The third step of taking control is to have a false flag attack by evil aliens, ( really humans) so they can have all of humanity ( at least the earth bound branch of humanity) beg the cabal to take over the world and save us. There will be lots of disinformation sent out to support this phase, soon to be released.

If any group of the Greys were killed, then their operating program (soul) can easily be downloaded into a new cloned body. They are masters of time/space and also genetics. I wouldn't want to be a species who tried to go to war with them, if for some reason they did have difficulty with another species, then there is another higher intelligence and far more advanced that will assist the Greys. The hive mind is multilevel and many dimensions to it.

I have always found the little Greys that show up in the most unusual times to be very spiritual and considerate of my well being. That does mean each time when i am only a few meters from them i am calm and focused. They can scare the hell out of you by the energy and thought forms they project. It is hard for them to tone it down, we are a very different species.

One little Grey i dealt with about 11 years ago is now back in the area. The little fellow was so far away for those years, but now back in this dimension with a very large number of his buddies, and a lot more on their way. They did scare my poor wife half to death when they pounded on the bedroom door at 3 am before coming in. I thought it a bit funny about the dramatic arrival. They seem very excited about near future events. It is an important time for them, and we humans are very important to them. So expect to see more of them flying around our neighborhood. The international cabal will have their stuff ( advanced craft) up there too, but they really have no clue what they what they are messing with.

If you want them into your life, learn to meditate. A human meditating is like a candle in a dark room, to which they are attracted too. A shaman traveling in other dimensions while in deep meditative state is like a 100 watt light bulb compared to a candle. If you want a hint about their objectives here on this third rock from the sun, read Whitley Strieber's book THE MASTER OF THE KEY. Buried in there is a real insight to what they are here for.

This is one of the more interesting thread of comments that I have seen on a news item at UnknownCountry, and this story has somehow resonated with many of us. It feels authentic.

But what does it mean? We can speculate, but do we really know what is going on? Or is it more about just sense of "knowing"?

I do find it odd that it is difficult to find photos or videos of these objects on the internet, so there is definitely a lot more to the story that appears to involve major secrecy. This is about the only photo that I could find, and there is not much to it:

Has anyone else come across photos or vids in the news? The photo that I see repeated with this story in the news is a daylight photo of border guards.

If the photo linked above is what is being seen by India and China, the word that popped into my head when I found it was 'Devas'.

Another photo commonly referenced in this story is the top image in this report...

...which was taken in 2004 but no new ones that I can find apart from the one Cosmic Librarian linked to.

Other thoughts I have had about this...
If it were a warning, then would it be obvious to soldiers what that warning message would be? I suspect not. I think their tendency would probably be to look to more conventional hardware explanations. Then again, for the soldiers on the ground, maybe they would be more likely to let their imagination run away with them, when faced with the strange in the dead of night. Again, if it were a message to the soldiers, why leave it to misinterpretation...why not communicate their intention telepathically? There a no reports of this yet but maybe someone will break ranks to report a more direct experience.

If it were to give pause for thought, then it may have succeeded.

Again going back to my thought about it being as a direct result of stresses in the consciousness field, then these lights could be like a migraine, physically manifested outside the body rather than experienced within.

All speculation but interesting to think about.

Ok, now I just feel weird. For those paying attention to this thread, go to the link that I sent above of the photographed object. Just spend a few moments to get a take on the light.

This light reminds me of orbs that I have photographed with my camera, and also seen with my own eyes. I also see a face in this light, but it could just be my over-active imagination.


One more thing...Maybe this is due to listening to the interview on Dreamland this week, and this story being connected to they Himalayas and Tibet...Could these be tulpas?

Cosmic, I know what you mean about the face, there is something to that but you know as well as I that we are conditioned to see such things. Not to say there isn't one of course.

Regarding your mention of Tulpas goes...(I had to look that one up) but as far as I can make out, this is akin to a manifested thoughtform, which is a fascinating possibility. I also get the impression that a Tupla requires a conscious intention; But if the individuals witnessing this event where not consciously intending these lights into being, is it possible to have it manifested from the collective unconscious?...If this were true, are we saying the collective unconscious is conscious?!

Hmm...maybe we much the same way as in a lucid dream, where the unconscious can manifest objects independently of the conscious intention of the dreamer. So I wonder, in the kind of events reported in this news item, is the physical world behaving more like a lucid dream, in its willingness to respond to consciousness? And if so, is there are threshold number of witnesses, whether they are aware of their involvement or not?

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