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UFO Over the Dome of the Rock Stuns the World

At 1AM local time on Saturday, January 29, video footage was made by four witnesses from different angles of a UFO appearing over the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. It is not clear that all four videos are authentic, but the first, second and fourth can be synchronized in a way that strongly suggests that a real event took place, and an unknown light did descend over the Temple Mount, then ascend at incredible speed a few seconds later and disappear into the sky.

In the third video, there is a brief moment where what seems to be the crosshatching of a television screen appears in the image. It would seem that this image was taken from off a television, although the posters appear to have made an effort to make it seem as if the video was being made by a camera in their possession. It could also be that the crosshatching is from a window screen that was between the camera and the object. But unless the posters come forward, questions remain.

Nevertheless, the synchronized action of the first, second and fourth videos argues so strongly for the authenticity of the event, that it must be concluded that it was genuine unless incontrovertible proof appears that all three videographers worked together to create a single illusion.

The appearance of the object over the Dome of the Rock at a time of particular tension in the Middle East is most interesting. This particular spot is holy to Muslims, Christians and Jews, and is one of the few sacred sites on earth where three religious traditions converge.

The Temple Mount was the site of the Temple of Solomon from 516 BC until it was destroyed by the Roman general Titus Flavius Vespasianus in 70 AD.

It was also the spot from which, in 621 AD, the prophet Muhammed is believed to ascended into heaven and the conclusion of the Night Journey which he took to what was then the furthest mosque. Though the Dome of the Rock is not specifically mentioned in the story of the Night Journey in Sura 17 of the Qur'an, it is assumed by tradition to have been the location of the ascension.

In 321 AD, the mother of the Emperor Constantine, Flavia Helena, had a church built on what was then the site of the ruined temple, and dedicated it to Saints Cyril and John

In 1128 AD, the first eight Knights Templar took up residence on the Temple Mount, and dug tunnels beneath it, from which they are said to have removed secret documents or treasure. In 1867 British archaeologists discovered tunnels under the mount that were full of Templar relics, suggesting that they did indeed explore the site.

Whether or not the appearance of a UFO over this potent sacred site has any larger significance is unknown, but it is also true that, with the three videos of the event synchronizing so well, this is one of the most convincing UFO events in history.

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I had been leaning toward believing the first couple of videos were both fakes, but this synchronization with the 2 other videos is pretty convincing. Regardless, I was already convinced they exist, and ultimately this brings us no closer to the truth than before. At least this is one that can't be explained away as flares!

The UFO over the Dome of the Rock, seems to follow the same pattern of hanging around a few seconds over its target, and then leaving quickly. Just like at Malmstrom A.F.B. in March of 1967, that had its buried nuclear missles neutralized in just seconds.
What is, or was under the Dome of the Rock?

Good stuff. Certainly seems authentic, but these days it's just about impossible to tell.

Was listening to James Gilliland briefly discussing this video the other day. He said that although he hasn't had time to research this for authenticity he did say it felt more to him like a being, than a craft. (and he specified that it didn't feel like one of the living craft) You guys have any ideas on this subject?

I have often thought that much of this may involve a life form of a type we can hardly even imagine, it is so different from us. Conscious plasmas. Or souls, should that be what we call them?
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