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UFO Flashes Past in News Report

A UFO flashes past at 5:58 in this edition of the Keiser Report, an economics program on the English Language RT network. The program was being taped in London on June 13. Nobody involved appears to have been aware of the object, which moved past the window at a speed that seems far higher than would be the case with a bird. It is too large to be an insect. To see it, you need to look closely at the sky in the right half of the screen between 5:58 and 5:59.  Thanks for this to a sharp-eyed reader.

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Curious - at this moment (9:15Am EST), video keeps crashing, even when I go to YouTube proper. And other versions have been "removed bu user." Wil try again later.

guys.......come on, that's obviously a bird

Just an update - I did finally see the video on here once I used my home PC. (I work for the US government - so no surprise their PC didn't work). Anyway, I have to agree with Michael above - that's a bird.

Hmm, I just slo-mo'd the snippet in question, and it looks like a small bird traveling at fast speed, not very far from the window.

For this one I had to refer to my Sibley field guide to birds of eastern North America.. this is what I came up with... American crow, or maybe a rock dove (Feral Pigeon) Any other birders on here?

It's always great to see Max and Stacy but the only strange thing about this video is how calm Max is. He must be recuperating from a three day economic summit bender.

Folks, THAT is a virtual set. What that means is that its a green screen set that the background then gets altered to a video. It is used by all major news networks. There are tell-tale signs... but usually when you see someone propped against a window for filming - especially very close - it's 99% a virtual set.

The cameras that pan the images in the back ARE in the real location but the people are not. Therefore a bird flying in front of the camera is what we're witnessing. That's because the camera is NOT behind the window and in front of the people.... it's on a building somewhere filming the outside and the bird could have flown a few feet in front of it.

For how virtual sets work go here at around 1:40 Virtual sets can contain anything behind them including live video feeds but as I mentioned, there are small telltale signs. For example in this case when you see them together then individually, the background changes in an unnatural way - if you're trained in this it's easy to spot.

But the easiest telltale sing is that there is NO REFLECTION from the glass which they are up against (if it were a real window and not a green screen). They are very well lit - there should be a monster reflection - :) but there isn't. Hence the need for virtual sets.

And of course nobody reacts to it - because they don't see it - they are in front of a green screen. Come on folks, I want to believe too but let's not be this gullible.

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