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A Tweet In Time: Are Time Travelers Writing Precognitive Posts On Twitter?

The quest to find those who have come back from the future all started over a poker game.

Astrophysicist Robert Nemiroff and his students were playing cards (for chips) last summer, chatting about Facebook. They wondered: If there were time travelers among us, would they be on social media? How would you find them? Could you Google them?

“We had a whimsical little discussion about this,” said Nemiroff, a professor at Michigan Technological University. The result was a serious-but-fun effort to tease out travelers from the future by sifting through the Internet. Unfortunately, they have uncovered no DeLorean time machines, but that hasn’t made the search less interesting.

You can’t just put out a cattle call for time travelers and expect good results. So Nemiroff’s team developed a search strategy based on what they call prescient knowledge. If they could find a mention of something or someone on the Internet before people should have known about it, that could indicate that whoever wrote it had traveled from the future.

They selected search terms relating to two recent phenomena, Pope Francis and Comet ISON, and began looking for references to them before they were known to exist. Their work was exhaustive: they used a variety of search engines, such as Google and Bing, and combed through Facebook and Twitter. In the end, it was decided that Twitter would be the time traveler's social media outlet of choice.

In an interview with Raw Story, Dr. Nemiroff was asked why he believed travelers from the future would use Twitter. “Twitter is an echo of what’s going on in society,” he said, “so I’d ask you, ‘Why do you think a traveler wouldn’t use Twitter?’”

“Besides,” he continued, “it wouldn’t have to be the traveler himself who used Twitter. Someone could have overheard him say something prescient, and put that on Twitter in a way that would be magnified through conversation.”

Once the search was focused on Twitter, the researchers selected search terms that were both unique and of historical importance. Nemiroff wanted to choose something that would still be relevant and of significance in 20 years' time, so he so he and Wilson decided on “Comet ISON” and “Pope Francis.” Any mention of “Comet ISON” before September 12, 2012 or “Pope Francis” before March 16, 2013 would then be considered an indication of prescient knowledge.

One potentially precognitive mention of “Pope Francis” was found on a blog linked to in a tweet, but the post was deemed “overtly speculative and not prescient,” as it was merely speculating about the possibility of a South American pope and suggested “Francis” as a potential name among manyothers.

In the case of Comet ISON, there were no mentions before it burst on the scene in September 2012. They also searched for prescient inquiries submitted to search engines and combed through the Astronomy Picture of the Day site, which Nemiroff co-edits. Still no luck.

For their last and perhaps most ingenious effort, the researchers created a post in September 2013 asking readers to email or tweet one of two messages on or before August 2013:

“#ICanChangeThePast2” or “#ICannotChangeThePast2.” Alas, their invitation went unanswered. And, they received no insights into the inherent contradictions of time travel.

“In our limited search we turned up nothing,” Nemiroff said. “I didn’t really think we would. But I’m still not aware of anyone undertaking a search like this. The Internet is essentially a vast database, and I thought that if time travelers were here, their existence would have already come out in some other way, maybe by posting winning lottery numbers before they were selected. “

A poster based on their study, “Searching the Internet for Evidence of Time Travelers,” ( coauthored by Nemiroff and physics graduate student Teresa Wilson, will be presented Monday, Jan. 6, at the American Astronomical Society meeting in Washington, DC.

Nemiroff, who normally publishes on more arcane subjects, such as gravitational lensing and gamma-ray bursts, says this recent endeavor is not as big a stretch for him as some might think. “I’m always doing stuff on space and time,” he said, adding, “This has been a lot of fun.”

So, if you're a time traveler from the future, be sure to let Nemiroff know. Or, better still, tell us here at Unknown Country, where a warm welcome awaits those from the past, present and future! Subscribe today to keep this unique community going.

Whitley, this is what I believe COULD be true.

In 1974 I discovered the story of Edgar Cayce at my library. (THERE IS A RIVER) by Thomas Sugrue. This book changed me forever and I was ready for baby steps as I moved forward. (I KNEW INTUITIVELY THIS BOOK WAS RIGHT).

Next was the introduction of lord/god EA/ENKI in the Sumerian mythology, along with his siblings. (Moving forward, I intuitively knew this was true).

THEN, another treasure was finding Anne and Whitley Strieber’s UNKNOWN COUNTRY.

So, if Enki infused or designed us with DNA from the gods, then why shouldn’t we be part of the dynasty of those gods? Perhaps, spontaneous knowing or time travel is a result of turning on biological receptors that are linked to their DNA.

Could there be some sort of DNA memory being transferred to us in regards to their ancient memories? Anyway, more questions then answers????????

Here is a short video, I received it yesterday from a good friend in my small dream group. I hope there is a little something in this video for everyone.

It's funny how in science we often forget that a negative finding is still a finding, and NOT the end. This is an interesting tack and I believe they will indeed glean hints of future travelers presence here. I hope their message is "We do wake up in time!"

Finding a prescient statement before it could have been known about would not prove time travel. I had a dream and posted it on a yahoo golf forum that Tiger Woods had talked to me and told me he was getting a divorce. He then walked over to a practice putting green and was practicing using his bellie putter, (which he never has and does not use, and which can have a sexual connotation to it.) That dream and the posting of it was three months before the incident in Florida where he crashed his car near his home which precipitated the public knowledge of his cheating on his wife and all that resulted. I am not a time traveler, it was a communication through a dream. I've never known the guy and had no idea why I dreamed such a thing or had the guts to post it online. I have no idea how to find that post now which would show the date as predating the public knowledge of his infidelity and later, his divorce because of it. So finding prescient information online will not in and of itself prove time travel but would suggest the ability to know things that will happen in the future. How did Tiger himself at that time in the dream even know for a fact his actions would definitely lead to divorce? Just saying.

I do believe that if we experience "prescient information" we have retrieved that information from somewhere or from some 'time'. It is just another form of remote reviewing whether it is in the dream or waking state. If your consciousness has seen information from the future, it has traveled in 'time'. Keep in mind also that time, as such, is a construct of our current reality, and that all information exists in All Time and we do have the ability to access it at any 'time.' Many of us have developed this ability better than others, or at least acknowledge that is is happening to us. We are all time travelers, so setting up fancy algorithms on what people are 'tweeting' may or may not 'prove' time travel, but it could show correlations without anything definitive...And if you happen to remote view an alternative 'time line' or dimension, good luck proving anything! :-)

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