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Troubling New Software Makes Things Disappear from Live Videos

A powerful new software program in the field of diminished reality is capable of removing anything from a video--even a live video. Develeoped at the University of Ilumenau in Germany, the software has a vast range of potential applications. News media could use it to remove unwanted individuals or objects from their stories. Governments could use it to minimize the appearances of tragedies. Hoaxers could use it to remove wires and other evidence of their hoaxes.

It is going to give the media and governments the ability to simply erase unpleasant realities that they would rather we not see. Earthquake and flood victims disappear. Mysterious people who shouldn't be seen--aren't. And our world becomes virtual...unless, of course, you're one of the victims. Then you know.

On a brighter note, of course, it's going to open the door to a whole new area of spectacular movie effects.

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A particularly troubling development. It is hard enough right now trying to see what is real and what is not in this world, without tools like this.

I don't watch the 'news' much any more, but when I do, I always feel like I'm watching some bizarre fiction.

When I want the truth, I come to

The amazing thing to me is that something like this isn't being used currently. Used to be a picture was worth a thousand words, but now nothing can be trusted.

Most likely, It will only work well on low resolution video and in areas where it can "fudge" a simplistic background. If you notice in the example of a metal object protruding from a brick road it only shows what can be achieved in a still, and not very convincingly. Almost all of the other examples given have simple background with the exception of the drain and gravel and if you look closely it's fairly easy to pick up the soupy look of the area removeed and replaced.

The mind-bending stuff will follow eventually though.

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