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Tornado Devastation Strikes Midwest's Climate Watch page was one of the very few places that predicted and explained the violent weather that is now taking place in the US midwest. The problems started last January, when the polar vortex migrated south unusually early, insuring that the northern hemisphere would have a very cold and stormy winter, which proved to be the case. Because so much cold air has remained over the Midwest at a time when a seasonal flow of warm, humid air is beginning to emerge out of the Gulf of Mexico, some very strong tornadoes have developed, including one that tragically devastated parts of Oklahoma city and killed 24 people, nine of them children trapped in an elementary school.

As long as current conditions prevail, it is likely that more such dangerous storm systems will develop across the midwest and southeast, and into the Atlantic seaboard states as well. is the only place in the world where you will find this cogent and correct explanation of what is happening in the midwest. To keep this kind of important and unique information coming, get your subscription started today. Click here to explore our options.

Whitley, any chance of having John Hogue on Dreamland again? He's been posting about this, too.

I was in Chicago back in mid-April and they were still getting some snow in the morning amid 40 degree temperatures during the day, while back home in South Texas it was 90+ degrees. I was not surprised when I heard about the strength of these twisters. If and when we're used to seeing total devestation on a daily basis, people will have no choice but to migrate out of tornado alley like they did back in the Dust Bowl of the 30's.

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