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Think Twice Before Getting That Manicure

Thinking of getting your nails done for those holiday parties? How about a new haircut? We hate to make you paranoid (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show), but doctors suspect there is a risk of hepatitis transmission through non-single use instruments--such as nail files, nail brushes, finger bowls, foot basins, buffers, razors, clippers, and scissors--during nail salon and barbershop visits.

Researcher David A. Johnson says, "The risk of transmission of infectious disease, particularly hepatitis B and C, in personal care settings is significantly understudied in the United States." In 9 studies, 5 evaluated HBV and/or HCV in nail salon settings and three of the five showed association with HBV and one of the five showed association with these diseases.

Johnson urges nail salon and barbershop customers to be aware of the potential risks for hepatitis transmission, and to take precautions including asking questions to determine whether or not the nail salon or barbershop is properly cleaning and disinfecting tools and equipment. He also suggests customers bring their own equipment like clippers, razors and nail files (both men and women).

As we said, we hate to be paranoid, but sometimes we just can't help it, when so many people tell us how much they love this website, but so FEW of them SUPPORT us! We want to deliver a small but subtle warning to all our readers and listeners: If we don't get more support from you, we will be nothing more than a memory in the future. So if you really DO love us, subscribe today!

I work in public health and we encounter all kinds of horror stories. Other types of infections (specifically, bacterial and fungal) are not uncommon with professional pedicures or manicures. Personally, I consider this sort of thing rather extravagant, and prefer saving money by doing my own nails. Also, the fumes alone in a nail salon are not healthy either!

This ain't paranoia, but common sense...Of course, I'm sure there are those out there who would be saying we're taking away jobs from all those professional manicurists, and business rules, right? :-)

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