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Weekender: Strong New Yeti Evidence from Russia

In the summer of 1850 hunters in the Caucasus encountered a strange creature running naked and six and a half feet tall. They chased it down and captured it, returning it to T'khina. At first, she was violent, but she soon became used to domestic life. She was called Zana and was able to do simple household chores. She became a servant in an...
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Best Way to Search for Bigfoot: by Blimp!

Many have tried to locate Bigfoot ON foot, looking and listening for him (NOTE: Subscribers may not be able to hear Bigfoot, but they can still listen to this...
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DNA May Prove Bigfoot Exists

DNA analysis may solve one of the world's biggest mysteries (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show)--...
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Explorers discover Sumatran Yeti

Explorers returning to a remote village near the Bukkantingiregion of Sumatra have found additional evidence pointing tothe existence of a type of ape that is claimed to walkupright like a human. Villagers reportedly saw an animalknown as the ?orang pendek? feeding on soft fruit on a farmon the outskirts of the village.

Witnesses also...

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Yeti DNA Matches No Known Creature

Explorers may have proven that a Yeti-like creature is living in Sumatra, because hairs and a footprint found there do not belong to any known species. They're searching for the Orang Pendek, also known as the Sumatran Yeti. According to legend, it's about 5 feet tall, walks upright, and is either brown or orange in color.

Hair expert...

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Abominable Snowman Still Stalks India

Villagers in a village in India think that 20-year-old Raja Wasim (known as Raju) was attacked by the legendary Abominable Snowman, when he went outside to feet the family's cattle. He heard a strange noise, and when he turned around, he saw a four-foot-tall monster, covered with dense, dark, black hair all over. Raju says, "The is no mistake...

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Indonesian 'Little Man of the Forest' Found

A group of British explorers say they?ve found irrefutable proof of a ?Yeti-like? creature on an Indonesian island. They discovered a footprint and hair samples of a primate whichhas long been known in the mythology of tribes in Western Sumatra.

Andrew Sanderson, Adam Davies and Keith Towley spent three weeks in the rainforeststracking a...

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In Search of the Yeti Tonight

Explorer's Club board member Catherine Cooke will be discussing her journey to Nepal in search of the Yeti tonight on Dreamland. Ms. Cooke is the neice of Tom Slick, the legendary oilman who conducted the first scientific expeditions in search of the Yeti back in the fifties. Cathy followed in his footsteps, deep into parts of Nepal that remain...

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Unknown Hair Suggests Yeti Real

British scientists have done DNA testing on hair found on a tree in Bhutan which may be hair from a Yeti, and have not been able to match it to any known animal. The findings raise the possibility that the hair sample belongs to an as yet undiscovered species.

In Bhutan, an expedition team led by a Yeti hunter searched for the creature...

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