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Extraordinary Solar Blast

An explosion of extreme power occured on the sun at 3:10 AM Pacific Time today. This explosion is classed as an X-17 solar flare. X-1 is the least strong of the high power flares, X-9 normally the highest on the scale.

The flare sent a coronal mass ejection directly toward earth, and its effects should be felt as early as tonight. (...

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Double Solar Blast Rocks Scientists

Twin X-class solar flares erupted from two different enormous sunspots that have appeared on the surface of the sun at the same time. Coronal mass ejections from the X-1 class explosions are expected to reach earth on October 28, possibly causing significant magnetic storms. Auroras are likely to be visible as far south as the northern tier of...

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Monday Solar Flare Most Powerful Ever Recorded

It has now been confirmed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration that the solar flare that emerged from sunspot area 9393 on Monday at 5:57 EDT was measured as X-22 on the 20 point solar flare gauge. This makes it a tie for the largest ever recorded in the 25 years the list has been kept.

The flare sent most of its energy...

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