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Want to Live Longer? Be a Woman

Women who live to be 100 or more are rare--but not as rare as men who do. In the UK, five times as many women as men receive the "congratulations" birthday card from the Queen on their 100th birthdays. Life expectancy has been steadily improving for both sexes in most developed countries, but it's been improving more for men than for...
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What if Women Ruled

What if more women were in leadership positions? Things still wouldn't be perfect, but things might be better: for one thing, we would probably have less war. Women often experience life differently, and that experience affects the way they see--and solve--...
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Men and Women Travel Differently

If you're flying during the holiday season, this is something you should know. And it doesn't just apply to tourists: As more women travel for business, these differences are being noticed by both airlines and hotels. While men still outnumber women frequent fliers, it's getting close to half and half.

Men complain that women pack...
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Men, We'll Miss 'Em

You may not have noticed, but women are now on top. They're supporting their families during the recession, because they're more flexible--they're better at adapting to major changes in the economy and...
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A Place Where Women Rule

In a small state in India, women rule, with property, wealth and last names passing from mother to daughter, instead of from father to son. In reaction to this, instead of a feminist movement, there is a men's movement.

In BBC News, Timothy Allen quotes one of the...
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Why No Women are Running This Time

With Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton both running for president recently, it may seem that there are plenty of women candidates around, but actually there are...
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Unintended Botox Effects

If one of your New Year's resolutions is to do something about your facial lines and wrinkles, be warned: It turns out that muscle-freezing Botox injections not only stay with you, they MIGRATE and affect muscles that you might not effected--it makes them TWITCH...
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What Turns Women On?

This is something that all single men yearn to know, as they practice the "lines" they'll use when they meet a new woman. But it turns out that it's not so much what you SAY that matters, but your tone of voice when you say it (and there's not much you can do about that).

Women are turned on by low male voices. In the same...
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Jobless Women Take Up Oldest Profession

When people need jobs, they'll do almost anything. Contrary to assumptions that women enter the prostitution market only because they are desperate or addicted to drugs, a new study indicates that many women, especially educated, affluent women, are making a rational decision to enter certain segments...
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The Classroom Today

On Martin Luther King Day, we remember the hard task of integrating our society--starting with our schools. Now there's another reason why this is important: it turns out that the good grades that high schoolers earn aren't just good for making the honor roll--they also make them healthier as adults, too.

Studies have long shown that...
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Women's Bodies

Like a drug to men - Men: Women love them, but they don't surprise them and here's more news that won't come as a surprise to any thinking female: Just looking at their curves gives a guy a "high" that scientists equate with drinking alcohol or taking drugs!

This is probably the reason that men are so much more...

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Women of the Future

What will they look like in 2012, and AFTERWARDS? - What will the women of the future look like? If you believe fashion magazines, they'll all be slim and boyish, but scientists think that tomorrow's females are likely to be slightly shorter and plumper, have healthier hearts and be able to reproduce for a longer period of time...

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Women in Danger

Thanks to Religion - Woman aren't just discriminated against in the Middle East. Fundamentalists in Europe are a threat to women and so are fundamentalists right here in the US!

If given to girls in childhood, the HPV vaccine can prevent the types of sexually transmitted disease that can eventually lead to the silent...

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Want to give birth to a girl? Move to the tropics. It's a good idea to provide your kids with sisters because experts say that sisters spread happiness in a family while brothers spread distress. But if you're pregnant with a boy, you may need to stop wearing makeup.

Experts know that the birth rates of boys and girls vary across the...

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Women Smoking & Drinking

Smoking and drinking?they go together and they're both worse for women.

When it comes to alcohol, the dividing line between a little and a lot depends on many things, including sex. Women are more vulnerable than men to alcohol?s long-term effects. Exposure to smoke more quickly leads to cancer in women as well.

Women break down...

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Saudi Woman to be Executed for Witchcraft

An illiterate woman in Saudi Arabia who was arrested in 2005 and accused of being a witch is about to be executed, despite the protests of human rights groups. In BBC News, Heba Saleh reports that the Saudi religious police have accused her of causing a man to become impotent. And these people are our friends? Maybe there's a good reason for us...

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Women Want to Know Why

Why do women have to go through menopause?is it because having a baby over age 50 would be likely to kill them? Or maybe it's because, next to their mothers, what kids REALLY need are GRANDMOTHERS. Also, we've discovered a sneaky way to tell if a woman is fertile.

In New Scientist, Colin Barras reports on a study of lap dancers that...

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Women Too Stubborn for Their Own Good?

There are bad habits that WE ALL need to break but (surprise!) women have a harder time breaking them than men do! It might help to get MAD, since researchers have discovered that anger actually helps people make better choices.

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Have Our Wars Helped Women?

UPDATE - As we celebrate Independence Day, we need to ask ourselves: have our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, which were supposed to free those citizens, actually improved the lives of people in those countries, especially women? Alas, the answer appears to be "no." UPDATE: We haven't even given the Iraqis any of the JOBS our...

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Was 2006 a Good Year for Women's Health?

Years in which dogmatic revisionists take control of public policy are usually not good years for women's health. But there was some good news for women in 2006.

The Society for Women's Health Research has announced the top five women's health stories of 2006. They are:

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Important News for Women

When it comes to women's health, we try to keep you informed about the basics. A new 15-year study reveals that women who get breast implants to increase the size of their breasts have a significantly higher suicide rate. Meanwhile, one of the most baffling recent US government actions has been to ban the addition of a newly-discovered...

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Women (and Men) Watch Out!

First congress passed a bill saying that pharmacists could refuse to fill prescriptions for things, like birth-control pills, that went against their religious convictions. Then they banned a vaccine that would prevent cervical cancer, since it might contribute to women having pre-martial sex (as if they weren't doing that already). Now the...

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Women: Watch Out!

Don't take birth control for granted?there are doctors andpharmacists who want to eliminate birth control pills.

Jill McGivering writes in that in the U.S., anincreasing number of doctors and pharmacists are refusing togive women the Pill, saying it's actually a type ofabortion. While mainstream medicine doesn't define it thatway...

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Orgasm Machine

In the Woody Allen movie "Sleeper," Woody's body is frozen and he wakes up years later to discover that in order to have an orgasm, people simply go into an "orgasm box." Now fiction has become reality: researchers have created "Slightest Touch," a device that can give women orgasms by only touching their ankles.

It works by stimulating...

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Crimes Against Women are Part of the Culture

Jordan is considered to be one of the most modern Middle Eastern countries, yet a woman is killed by a male relative there about every two weeks, because of alleged sexual transgressions?which include saying the wrong thing or even being raped.

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We're Still Taking Risks for Beauty

An incredibly well-preserved jar of 2,000-year-old face cream was found at the site of an ancient Roman temple in London. The cream even had its user's fingerprints still in it. It was made from donkey's milk, and other ancient cosmetics have been found made from delightful ingredients like crocodile dung.

Amanda Onion writes in abcnews...

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Perfect Pill for Women

Scientists have developed an pill that solves two of women?s biggest problems: it's an oral contraceptive that helps you lose weight. This is great news, since most women gain weight while taking the Pill. College student Gina Patterson says, "It's supposed to be a weight-loss pill, but also a birth control pill at the same time."

"On a...

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For Romance, Be Short and Symmetrical

Researchers have found that short, symmetrical women have longer relationships with men. People whose faces and bodies are the same on both sides are considered more attractive and have an easier time attracting mates. It also helps to be short: the average height for a British woman is 5 feet, 4 inches, but those who are a few inches shorter are...
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