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Older and Wiser?

Is the old adage "older and wiser" true? A recent study suggests that it is. A psychologist found that in the US, older folks have more of it than younger people, despite the fact that we seem to admire youth so much here. Surprisingly, he found the opposite in Japan, a...
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Is There Wisdom in Crowds?

When people can learn what others think--over the internet or through news programs, for instance--the usual wisdom of crowds may veer towards mass ignorance. We especially tend to see this during election seasons.
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Older & Wiser

It's really true! - Old people (with gray hair) have bad memories, right? It's not as simple as that. A new study has found evidence that the older brain's weakened ability to filter out irrelevant information may actually give aging adults an ADVANTAGE over their younger people: It may be what's behind what we call wisdom....

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