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The Why of This Brutal Winter

As predicted on's Climate Watch last fall, this is proving to be a winter of extraordinary fury both in the United States and Europe. England is experiencing the worst flooding in 250 years, and winter records are being broken all across the United States. Meanwhile the Austral summer is entering the record books because of its...
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A Warm Winter Kills

Despite the ominous forecasts for NEXT winter, we're having a mild winter in the US this year. We assume that a COLD winter is what kills plants and animals, but it turns out that a warmer-than-usual winter season can harm them just as much.
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Cold Winter Coming

For most of the United States, winter 2001-02 will be a lot like a last year?s, with sharp swings in temperature and precipitation, including heavy snows in the Northeast and Midwest, cold air in the South, and blizzards along the East Coast. The absence of a strong El Nino or La Nina climate pattern means we will have a "typical" winter with a...

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Insect Activity May Suggest Cold Winter

Can bugs predict the weather? Some people think so, and they expect a cold winter this year. ?The bees have been out early, and they have been very aggressive for this time of year,? says Stacy Schuster, marketing director for Crystal Mountain Ski Area. ?A lot of mountain folk contend that?s a big sign that something?s coming.?

This bug...

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