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Amazing William Henry Conference in September

Join William Henry in Nashville, Tennessee for his extraordinary conference ACTIVATING THE TEMPLE OF LIGHT on Sept. 15-17, 2006, when he presents his all new lecture and slide show. William is fresh from his March-April, 2006 tour of Egypt and he is loaded with new insights and images to share. Explore amazing treasures of Egypt in Nashville...

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Rare Chance to Meet William Henry!

Popular Dreamland host William Henry will be speaking in Southern California on July 19, 20 and 22. Here's your chance to meet him in person!

On Wednesday, July 19 at 7:40 William will be will be giving his "Stargates of the Gods" presentation at the Orange County MUFON meeting a the Neighborhood Community Center, 1845 Park Avenue,...

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William Henry to Speak in Santa Monica

On Saturday, July 22, popular author and Dreamland host William Henry will speak at the Regenesis Energy Center at 1645 16th Street in Santa Monica, California from 2 to 6 pm on the rising new spirituality and our next step in conscious evolution. Admission is $65 in advance, $75 at the door. Call 310-581-2450 to reserve your seat TODAY. Don't...

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A Luminous Week on Dreamland

William Henry has just published a major new book, The Illuminator and Whitley Strieber thinks that the information it contains is so important that it will be covered in two editions of Dreamland, both presented without commercial breaks. For subscribers, Anne Strieber talks to healer Eric Pearl about the healing he did for her last year.

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Special Stargate Sale

Mankind is reaching a new destiny, and among the few people who understand this is William Henry. William's popular Stargate 2012 DVD is now $2 off regular price! This 2-disk set includes "Surfing the Tides of the Milky Way" and "Stargates of the Gods." Don't hesitate?supplies are limited.

NOTE: This news story, previously...

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Christian Bush Stands on Pagan Symbol

On August 30, 2004, at the GOP convention convened in NewYork City, no one except William Henry noticed thatPresident George W. Bush accepted the Republican nominationwhile standing in the Seal of Atlantis combined with theearly Christian symbol of the Messiah. Tolearn more, click the Mindframe tab at the top of the page,then click on Insight....

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Controversial Interview on Dreamland This Weekend


David Icke is one of the most controversial personalities inthe world, and this week guest host William Henry interviewshim about his view of the hidden meaning of the human past.Armed with his own deep knowledge of secret societies andthe hidden...

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William Henry & Laurence Gardner on Coast Tonight

On Tuesday, May 10, Dreamland guest host (and popularDreamland guest) William Henry will be on Coast to Coast AMon the Clear Channel Radio network with George Noory. Thiscoming weekend, May 14 and 15, William will interviewLaurence on Dreamland, about his exciting new bookTheMagdalene Legacy. You'll be able to buy this book at theusual great...

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An Introduction to William Henry

For those of you who have not yet read the extraordinarybooks of William Henry, we offer a chance to discover thiswonderful writer at a special low price. His book "City ofPeace" is now available for only $12.95 (marked down from$19.95), as a special introduction to his work.

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New Book from William Henry

William Henry traveled to Egypt and brought back new wisdom,which he's collected here in his brand newbook.It's filled with photographs and insights and, being WilliamYou've never experienced Egypt until you've seen itthrough William Henry's eyes! AND you get a free DVD of his"Stargate" lecture when you order this?or any other?WilliamHenry...

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Free William Henry DVD!

While supplies last, we are giving away the 60 minute William Henry DVD "Stargate of the Gods," which was taped live at the Bay Area UFO Expo in September, 2003. It retails for $19.95. ORDER ANY BOOK BY WILLIAM HENRY AND THE FREE DVD WILL BE INCLUDED IN THE ORDER. William says, "Thousands of years ago the stargate technology of the gods was...

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William Henry Sale?Only One Week Left!

We've taken a dollar off all William Henry's books, including his newest, Oracle of the Illuminati, in which William tells us that Jesus, Leonardo da Vinci and artist Salvador Dali all shared one of the world's greatest secrets. But hurry?this sale will end on Feb. 18! Some of William's books have sold out already, but if you order while the...

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Shock and Awe Begins--We Explain its Hidden Meaning

NOTE: Effective 800PM EST Sunday: This interview is posted in the subscriber section.

As bombers began taking off from aircraft carriers, from bases in Kuwait and elsewhere, and B-52s that started from England hours ago began to arrive over Iraq, the Pentagon announced that 'Shock and Awe' had begun. But did you know that this phrase has...

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William Henry Conference in LA

Our most popular Dreamland guest, William Henry, will be speaking at the Mystery School Weekend at the Beverly Garland Hotel at Universal Studios in Hollywood on June 15-16. He will be speaking to us on Dreamland June 15, live from the conference. The conference costs $37.50 per day, $75.00 for both days.

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