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Looking for Alien Life Forms? They Are Living Here On Earth...

Astronomers continue in their quest to discover alien life forms in the cosmos, but naturalists suggest that they should look closer to home as there is still a host of undiscovered species lurking on our own planet.

This month a species that has defied classification for thirty years has finally been named by scientists, though they...
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Hear That Howling?

Around 2,000 coyotes live in Chicago and New York and their suburbs--and probably in the big city nearest to YOU as well. They were once restricted to the Southwest, but they've spread across the country in the last 100 years. When your backyard got too crowded, they...
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Suburban Sprawl GOOD for Wildlife

Urban sprawl might not be as harmful to wildlife as previously thought. When biologists compared the diversity of bird populations in natural forests, tree plantations and "exurban" (urban sprawl) areas in Tennessee, they found that tree plantations had substantially less bird population diversity than did native forests and exurban areas, and...

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