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More Wildfires on the Way

In some places, forest fires make up an important part of the natural ecosystem. Wild fires burn is an area of land greater than the country of India every year.
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Wildfires are Burning: Another Reason Why

In past decade, almost 78,000 fires have burned almost 7 million acres in the US and Texas is burning right now. There are several reasons for this: one of them has to do with climate change, but the other may be invasive plant...
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Texas is Burning

Texas is home to presidential candidate Rick Perry, who denies global warming, but parts of the state are burning, due to a drought of historic proportions that has been intensified by excessive...
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Georgia is Burning Too

Horror stories about the raging wildfires in Colorado and Arizona have been on the front pages of our newspapers every day for the past few months. But another major fire, burning in Georgia, has been ignored by the media.

Fires just as large as the ones in the West have been burning for 3 months in Georgia's 396,000 acre Okefenokee...

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More Acres Burn Daily in West

An old gospel lyric goes like this: ?God gave Noah the rainbow sign, No more water?the fire next time.? These days, it seems as if that time has come.

Firefighters say they?ll have to fight the wildfire in Colorado for the rest of the summer. Now Arizona is burning as well. "This is a monster," says U.S. Forest Service fire information...

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