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Whitley in California

Whitley Strieber is in California right now, touring for his new novel "Lilith's Dream." If you're in California, Whitley would love to meet you, so show up at one of his destinations and get your book signed. He?ll also be in Austin, Texas on October 24. You can hear Whitley reading an excerpt from his book by clicking "Listen Now" at the top...

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A Chance to Meet Whitley (and Lilith)

Whitley's exciting new novel "Lilith's Dream" is now in bookstores everywhere! Publisher's Weekly says, "Strieber remains a superb prose stylist, with a coherent and persuasive vision of vampirism..." This is the book that Whitley talked about on Coast to Coast on October 10, that contains one of the great hidden meanings of the close encounter...

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Whitley's Journal: A Surprising Christmas Message

After an unusually long silence, Whitley Strieber has published a new journal entry. This is not your usual Christmas message. In it, he gives more information than ever before about how his close encounter experiences have affected his life, and what they mean to him now, seventeen years after the December, 1985 incident that led to the...

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New Whitley's Journal

Whitley has produced a powerful new journal entry about what we REALLY need to do to stop the terrorist threat, beyond improving security at home and rolling up terrorist networks. We need to take a whole new look at the way American deals with needy countries, and find in our greatness and compassion, a way of bringing them hope. Do not miss...

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