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Whitley's Journal: Terror by Night & Fog

Whitley Strieber writes, "Last night I read a document that turned my blood to ice?The first page of the document is marked 'Confidential?Not For Distribution.' It is clear that an attempt is being made to conceal this bill from congress until the 'right moment.' It is chillingly clear what the moment they are waiting for is: when we are living...

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Whitley's Journal: Taken by Taken

In this long-awaited journal entry, Whitley Strieber gives you his take on the Sci Fi series "Taken." He asks, "?Was Taken's premise an accurate reflection of the situation that actually exists? Is there a vicious government conspiracy to suppress UFO evidence and gain control of alien technology and knowledge? Are we, in fact, failing to make...

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Whitley?s Journal: Thank You For Your Prayers

In his latest journal, Whitley thanks everyone for their prayers on behalf of his sister.

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