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Weekender: Artificial Intelligence - Are We Summoning A Demon That We Can't Control?

A recent Unknown Country news article outlined the results of a poll in which representatives from the global population were canvassed for their opinions. The poll asked participants which from a list of dangers they considered to be the most likely to threaten continued human existence.

The options given in the poll ranged from...
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Whitley on Coast to Coast Last Night: Do Aliens follow Laws?

Whitley Strieber appeared on Coast to Coast AM on Friday, August 16 from in the first two hours to announce the publication of his new novel, Alien Hunter. The book imagines about alien and human police working together, and Whitley speculated on the program that there might be some very real means...
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HALF OFF Everything in the Whitley Strieber Collection

From now until Christmas, everything in the Whitley Strieber collection is half off, and all books continue to come with a free personally signed Whitley Strieber bookplate! So visit's...
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Hybrids Now Has its Own Website

The new Hybrids website has just been rolled out, and Whitley Strieber reads from the book on it. Anybody who listens to Dreamland knows what an experience it is to hear him read, and he's at the top of his form with this. You can also read a sample chapter, watch the Hybrids video, read a Q&A and...
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Whitley in San Francisco & on Coast Thurs. Oct. 4

Where to get signed books in CA, Denver & NYC! - On Thursday, Oct. 4 at 7 p.m., Whitley and Anne Strieber will be at Borderlands Books in San Francisco. The address is 866 Valencia St. For for more information, click here. Whitley will be talking, holding a Q & A, and signing copies of his new novel 2012 The War for...

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