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Hanta Haunts Yosemite While West Nile Attacks Texas

10,000 tourists who stayed in cabins at Yosemite National Park recently might have been exposed to the deadly mouse-borne Hanta Virus. So far , Hanta has made 6 of the tourists ill. Hanta Virus is caused by inhaling the dried feces of infected mice. It is also carried by prairie dogs...
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West Nile Perspective

On The Daily Show recently, Jon Stewart made jokes about how Americans tend to get worked up over new threats to their health, while they are comfortable with old threats that are much more dangerous. Maybe a little perspective is needed.

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West Nile Spreading Across the Country

A chicken in Grand Forks, North Dakota has tested positive for West Nile virus, and the disease has also arrived in glamorous Brentwood, California. The chicken belongs to one of the flocks the USDA has placed in various locations around the United States as an early warning for West Nile. Tracy Miller is one of the health workers who tests...

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West Nile Cases Increasing Faster Than Ever

Newswise - In the wake of the recent SARS and Bird Flu scares, most ofus have forgotten about the West Nile virus. But scientistsare still concerned about West Nile and they've discovered aquick new way that mosquitoes can pass West Nile virus toeach other. This study may explain why the West Nile Virushas spread so quickly...

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West Nile May be Saddam's Revenge

U.S. health officials say the U.S. strain of West Nile virus is deadlier to humans and birds than anywhere else on the planet, except for Israel. Could West Nile be Saddam Hussein's revenge?

WorldNet Daily and Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin report that in most parts of the world, West Nile causes mild flu-like symptoms. While it affects most...

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Hybrid Mosquitoes Spreading West Nile

The U.S. is experiencing more serious, widespread cases of West Nile than Europe because of the hybrid mosquitoes here. Genetic analysis shows that the mosquitoes carrying West Nile in the U.S. have the combined DNA of two different types of European mosquitoes. One of them normally bites birds, while the other bites people. The hybrids bite...

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You Can Have West Nile & Not Know It

100,000 Americans may get West Nile this year, but most of them will have only a 3 day bout of fever. Only about one in 150 will have more severe symptoms, and most people won't even know they have it.

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Alligators Get West Nile?and Pass it on to Us

Florida residents have to watch out for mosquitoes, since they carry the West Nile Virus. Now it turns out that alligators carry it too. Researchers have found that the levels of West Nile in alligators is 4 times as high as in birds, and they can pass it on to humans via mosquitoes. And the Centers for Disease Control say that West Nile is...

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West Nile Sexual Transmission?

A woman in Colorado says she contracted the West Nile virus through sexual contact with her infected husband. The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says there is no scientific evidence that West Nile can be transmitted sexually. However, there is evidence it can be spread through blood transfusions, organ donation and breast...

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West Nile Found in Mom's Milk

Scientists have found West Nile virus in the breast milk of a new mother who has the infection, although her baby shows no symptoms of the disease. Researchers don't know if the mother can pass the virus to her baby through her breast milk. The Michigan mother got a blood transfusion after giving birth, and may have caught West Nile that way....

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Your Dog Can Get West Nile

Pet owners are being told to make sure their dogs don?t get bitten by mosquitoes carrying West Nile virus. An 8-year-old Irish setter-golden retriever mix died of a West Nile viral infection, becoming the first canine victim in the country. A young wolf in a zoo died of the same infection, and the virus has also affected hundreds of horses....

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Is West Nile a Terrorist Plot?

Senator Patrick Leahy thinks the West virus that has killed 54 people this year may be a terrorist weapon. "I think we have to ask ourselves: Is it coincidence that we're seeing such an increase in West Nile virus or is that something that's being tested as a biological weapon against us?" says Leahy, the Vermont Democrat who is chairman of the...

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Got West Nile? It May Be Genetic

A genetic mutation may be the reason why only one-fifth of the people who are infected with West Nile virus go on to develop symptoms, and only one-fifth of this group develop a severe, and often fatal, brain inflammation. A team at the Institut Pasteur in Paris studied mice infected with the virus and found that all those that died quickly had...

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West Nile at Your Bird Feeder

New research shows that house sparrows may be an majorsource of the West Nile virus, and the virus can multiplyinside the birds without killing them. This means thedisease could be as close as your bird feeder, and you'dhave no way of knowing it.

Most infected sparrows become immune to West Nile within 5days, meaning the virus dies...

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Stay Home This Summer

It's getting downright dangerous to venture outside. Ticksare abundant and mosquito-borne West Nile virus is sweepingthe U.S. Two infected dead crows were even found on theWhite House lawn.

West Nile virus first turned up in New York, but it's nowmoving south, especially to Louisiana, where 16 people havecome down with the disease....

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Deadly Mosquitos Spread as Spray Dangers Emerge

One feared effect of a warmer climate has been the northward movement of tropical pests like the Aedes aegypti mosquito. Now the mosquito, which spreads dengue fever and sometimes even the deadly yellow fever appears to have made it to Tempe, Arizona. County health officials caught the mosquito, known as Aedes aegypti, in traps a couple miles...

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