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The Why of This Brutal Winter

As predicted on's Climate Watch last fall, this is proving to be a winter of extraordinary fury both in the United States and Europe. England is experiencing the worst flooding in 250 years, and winter records are being broken all across the United States. Meanwhile the Austral summer is entering the record books because of its...
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The Universe Changes our Weather--with Cosmic Rays

Can energy from the remnants of exploding stars out in the Galaxy really affect cloud formation in the Earth's atmosphere?

Since 1996, Danish researchers have been attempting to prove that cosmic rays from outer space could play a significant role in cloud formation.
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Current Solar Max Quietest in Century: What Does This Mean for Our Weather?

Back in 2011, the sun was so quiet that researchers were speculating that it might be entering a long term period of lowered output. Now that the current solar max has reached its climactic months and is proving to be...
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Record US Heat Wave to Worsen

A heat wave that has broken records across the western United States is expected to worsen over the next few days. Temperatures have broken records across much of the western half of the country, with a high of 115 in Las Vegas and 119 in Phoenix on Saturday. San Antonio, Texas reached 108, a record for that city. Death Valley temperatures...
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Weird Weather

The UK is experiencing weird weather too--in fact, that country has experienced its "weirdest" weather on record in the past few months, scientists say. The driest spring for over a century led to the wettest April, May and June ever recorded. This could...
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PROOF That Climate Change Causes Extreme Weather

New research suggests that global warming is causing the cycle of evaporation and rainfall over the oceans to intensify more than scientists had expected, meaning there will be more extreme weather in the coming years. It implies that the water cycle could quicken by...
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Weather Weirdness

March was an example of what some people call "weather weirding"--searing hot weather one week, then cold weather the next. This was a predicted result of climate change.

In the March 29th edition of the New York Times, Justin Gillis and...
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US Weather Next Week

A weather system similar to the three that have passed across the central United States over the past month is once again moving down out of the Pacific Northwest toward the central plains. The system...
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Are There More Terrible Tornadoes to Come?

Whitley Strieber has been warning about climate change since the publication of Superstorm in 1999. On Unknowncountry, we have been warning of a very dangerous tornado season this year, and 2011 has turned out to be the...
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Heavy Weather Could Develop Across the US Again

A large mass of cold air is moving out of the northwest and will cross the midsection of the United States and Canada later this week. This cold air mass will collide with another surge of warm, humid air moving up from the Gulf of Mexico, with the result that there could once again be a substantial development of storms. There is no way to...
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If it's HOT Where You Are

Here's why - What's going on with the weather?More extremely hot summer days are projected for every part of the country. While the data show indisputable warming over the past several decades, cooler-than-average temperatures across the Midwest and Northeast this summer 2009 make it is easy to lose sight of this long-term...

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Beijing Storm Turns Day into Night

Strange clouds appear worldwide - In the June 5th edition of the Daily Mail, Luke Salkeld describes the strange clouds that are currently being seen in the UK. He describes them as "whipped into fantastical shapes, these clouds hang over the darkening landscape like the harbingers of a mighty storm." But despite their...

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Why the Weatherman Always Gets it Wrong

...or DOES he? - Does the local weatherman in your area always seem to get it wrong? Maybe it's YOUR fault: new research indicates that only about half the population knows what a forecast means when it predicts a 20% chance of rain. The confusion comes because people don't understand what the 20% chance of rain actually refers...

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Why the Weather is (Not) Changing

?or not changing ENOUGH - The jet stream, which is what "creates" America's storms, is slowly moving north and is getting weaker. This means less rain?and more drought?in the South and Southwest and more storms in the North. In other words, more of the same bad weather.

In Discovery News, reporter Seth Borenstein quotes...

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Extreme Weather Slams World

As a heatwave so extreme that it was being called a once in3,000 year event was ending Adelaide, Australia, a giganticand deadly winter storm slammed half the United States,causing historic flooding in Missouri and Arkansas andleaving at least 13 dead.

The Adelaide heat wave caused 15 straight days of over 35 C.heat, and, according to...

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New QuickWatch posting

You can read the new QuickWatch posting by clicking here. It starts out by saying, "The winter of 2007-2008 proved to be exceptionally cold and stormy in the northern hemisphere, contrary to global warming models. By contrast, the summer of 2007 was one of the warmest ever recorded in the high arctic" and explains WHY.

NOTE: This...

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Pre-Christmas Weather Chaos Snarls Travel

Both Denver Airport and London Heathrow have been closed due to extreme weather conditions, and both US national travel and travel worldwide have been severely affected. United Airlines alone has cancelled 2,000 flights, and manytravelers are not expected to be accomodated in Denver untilnext Wednesday. At Heathrow, dense fog has repeatedly...

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Floods, Drought in Europe as Hurricane Approaches Florida

World weather continued in an extremely unsettled state asrecord floods killed at least 34 people in Europe andTropical Storm Katrina promised to bring heavy rainfall toSouth Florida. Meanwhile, Portugal and Spain suffered recorddrought as fires consumed over a hundred thousand acres inPortugal and destroyed a hundred homes. The death toll...

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Workers Make the Weather

A lot of tired, disgruntled Americans have decided that we work too much, especially compared to Europeans. Now NOAA says our 5-day workweek creates climate conditions that give us lousy weather almost every weekend?the only time we can enjoy ourselves.

Amanda Onion writes in that after examining more than 40 years of...

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Aborigine Weather Reporting

Australia's Bureau of Meteorology plans to use Aborigine weather knowledge to help understand their climate. Aborigines in different parts of Australia count as little as two or as many as six seasons. They take note of when the bearded dragon lizard sits upright and points its head to the sky, meaning it will rain the next day, or when a flock...

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Can We Change the Weather?

Scientists are trying to find ways to attack hurricanes. Nine jets are planning to fly over southern Florida, each carrying 16,000-330,000 pounds of cloud-busting powder. When sprayed into a wet cloud, this powder combines with the moisture and turns into a heavy gel, which will then fall to the ground, removing the moisture from the cloud....

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We?re Having a Heatwave

For much of the East and Midwest, summer-like temps have people sweating. After an odd winter that saw tulips sprouting in January in Iowa and a March snowstorm that caused more than 20 deaths from Texas to the Great Lakes, temperatures turned hot this week.

The temperature in Albany, New York hit 89 degrees Tuesday, 32 degrees above...

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