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Is Anything Safe to Drink?

There's a worldwide epidemic of arsenic poisoning from water wells, with tens of thousands of people developing skin lesions, cancers and other symptoms. Many of them have died. High levels of arsenic have been found near the river Ganges in India, one of the most heavily populated areas on the planet. Maybe people should stick to soft drinks...

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U.S. Infrastructure Compared to Iraq

While Iraq struggles to provide drinking water to its citizens, it turns out we?re having the same problems right here in the U.S., due to aging pipes and outdated treatment plants. Many water treatment plants use century-old technology that can't clean up modern contaminants. Water pipes are old too, and in some cities they date back 100 years...

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Water Flows Uphill

At London?s Chelsea flower show this year, vacuum cleaner manufacturer James Dyson created a display where water flowed uphill. Dyson was inspired by artist M.C. Escher, who drew geometrical patterns showing birds turning into fish, etc. "One of these is an optical illusion that shows water going uphill and round and round the four sides of a...

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Where Future Water Wars Will Be

The Interior Department says Las Vegas, Carson City, Nev., Albuquerque, N.M., Denver, Houston and Salt Lake City will experience water shortages by 2025. They say, "In some areas of the West, existing water supplies are, or will be, inadequate to meet the demands for water for people, cities, farms and the environment even under normal supply...

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Playing Golf in the Desert

The world's top water wasters are the U.S., Djibouti, Cape Verde, New Zealand and Italy. The reason we're on top??We love to play golf, and keeping fairways green uses up huge amounts of water. The U.S. has about 23,000 golf courses, the largest number in the world. And many of them are located in the west, where there's the least water.

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World's Worst Water Comes from?Belgium?

Belgium has the world?s worst water, according to UNESCO. It's dirtier than the water in India, Jordan and nine African countries. The next worst European country is Germany, in 57th place. The best water comes from Finland, Canada and New Zealand. The U.S. is 12th on the list for the cleanest water.

The water quality index rates...

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Space Demands Extreme Recycling

There's not much room on the International Space Station, so everything must be recycled?including urine and sweat, which can end up back in the water astronauts drink. Quenching your thirst with what was once flushed down the toilet seems repulsive, but it's necessary in space?and we may be doing it here on Earth before long.

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If the Water Doesn?t Get You, the Salad Will

Millions of Americans are drinking tap water that?s contaminated with large amounts of chemical byproducts from chlorine which are far greater may be safe for pregnant women.

Although chlorine is commonly used to disinfect drinking water, when it?s added to water that contains organic matter such as runoff from farms or lawns, it can...

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Threat to US Water Systems

Guardians of U.S. drinking water remain on full alert more than a week after the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks. And that may not change anytime soon. ?We have advised all utilities to be on alert and cautious,? says Tom Curtis, the deputy executive director of the American Water Works Association, or AWWA. ?We are not responding to a...

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