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How Voting Machines Can Fail

Sequoia Voting Systems say their touch-screen machinesprovide "nothing less than 100% accuracy." But when theydemonstrated their new paper-trail electronic votingmachines for the California state senate, they found themachines failed to record votes from testers usingSpanish-language ballots. These omissions wouldn?t have beendiscovered without...

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Can Voting Machines Ever be Secure?

Computer-style voting machines make a lot of people nervous, since we know how easy it is to hack into computers. If this was done, votes could be changed and the next Presidential election could be rigged in an undetectable way.

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The Inside Info on Voting Machines

When we wrote that California's election used flawed voting machines, we got a quick, insightful reply from a "Concerned San Diego County Employee," who says, "Essentially, the only threat(s) to the voting machines are internal since the machines are not connected to the internet?A number of techniques and procedures can (should) be implemented...

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California Election Used Flawed Voting Machines

In Tuesday's California vote for governor, one county cast their ballots on computerizedvoting machines that are easy to hack. Election officials want to avoid hanging chads, but the real problem is that a poll worker or an outsider could change the vote on these machines without being detected.

Kim Zetter writes in that...

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