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Thousands Flee New Indian Ocean Eruption

Agence France-Presse - MORONI, April 18 (AFP) - Thousands of villagers living nearthe Mount Karthala volcano on the main island of GrandComore in the Indian Ocean Comoros archipelago have fledtheir homes after it erupted, officials said Monday."Almost 10,000 people have left their houses since Sunday"when the volcano erupted,...

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Is a Supervolcano on the Way?

There are enough supervolcanoes on Earth to wipe out much ofthe planet and they may "wake up" much sooner than wethought. Supervolcanoes explode with a force that isthousands of times that of a normal volcanic eruption.Earthquake experts once thought it would take hundreds ofthousands of years for the reservoirs of molton rock (calledmagma)...

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Alaska Volcano Ready to Blow

As if Alaska wasn't having enough troubles due toglobalwarming, it now has a volcano threatening to erupt. MountSpurr, 80 miles from Anchorage, last erupted 12 years ago,and is now rumbling. Seismologist Jackie Caplan-Auerbachsays, "When we see an eruption, it commonly will start offthis way."

In 1992, Mount Spurr's eruption sent ash up...

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Yellowstone Restless?Eruption Overdue

We recently wrote about a huge underwater bulge in a lake in Yellowstone National Park that's getting ready to blow. Three years ago, the BBC ran a story about supervolcanoes in Yellowstone. Only a few of these exist, hidden deep beneath the Earth's surface. If one erupts, the explosion will be heard around the world, creating dark skies with...

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Mt. Rainier Could Devastate Seattle Area

The U.S. Geologic Survey warns that Mount Rainier near Seattle is getting ready to spew out another ton of mud, and that could be only the beginning of an eruptive period. USGS volcano monitor William E. Scott says it's "a monumental threat."

Blaine Harden writes in The Washington Post that volcanologists used to think Rainier was fairly...

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U.S. Volcano Getting Ready to Blow

South Sister volcano in Oregon?s Cascade Range is beginning to show signs of erupting after lying dormant for thousands of years. Although indications are that an eruption is not likely to occur anytime soon, scientists are increasing their vigilance, which is located approximately 22 from miles from Bend, Oregon.

About a year ago,...

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Sniffing Out Volcanoes

It may be possible to sniff out a soon-to-erupt volcano, according to Chinese scientists Chih-Chieh Su and Chih-An Huh. They have evidence that the air downwind of a volcano that?s ready to blow is laced with a distinctive radioactive gas.

The researchers measured high levels of radioactive polonium-210 in the air at Nankang in Taiwan...

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Big Wave Coming

One day, a giant wave, 425 feet high, traveling 125 mph, could crash into Sydney, Australia, wipe out the beaches of California or drench the golf courses of northeast Scotland. Mega-tsunamis have happened in the past, and no coastline in the world is safe, says Edward Bryant of Wollongong University in Australia.

He has found signs that...

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Volcano Could Split Africa

Hot volcanic mantle rock that lies beneath Africa is trying to split the continent apart and could eventually create a new ocean. ?The Ethiopian rift is one of the few places in the world where we can see the transition from continental rifting to something that looks more oceanic,? says Dr. Cindy Ebinger. ?It?s a unique area worldwide.?

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Congo Was Warned About Volcano

Goma volcanologist Dieudonne Wafula recently warned local authorities that the 11,380-foot Mount Nyiragongo volcano would erupt soon. No one paid attention, and four days later the volcano unleashed red-hot lava over 40 percent of Goma, killing hundreds of people and displacing half a million.

Jacques Durieux, a French volcano expert,...

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Volcano Kills More Than People

More than 100,000 people are unaccounted for after the eruption of the Mount Nyiragongo volcano in eastern Congo, which has devastated the town of Goma and sent another 300,000 victims fleeing into neighboring Rwanda. Tens of thousands more may be trapped between three rivers of molten rock streaming from central Africa?s most dangerous volcano...

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Undersea Landslide Could be US, Europe Threat

The East Coast of the United States could be hit by giant ocean waves if a dormant volcano on the other side of the Atlantic erupts. An eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano in the Canary Islands could cause a massive landslide that would generate massive waves that would sweep across the Atlantic, inundating coastal areas from Maine to Florida...

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Mount Rainier Could Erupt

There is evidence that Mt. Rainier, within sight of Seattle, is getting closer to an eruption. Reports from Canadian sources monitoring the mountain say that a possible volcanic eruption is coming soon, although this was quickly dismissed by the U.S Geological Service (USGS).

However, reporters have witnessed a growing dome over on the...

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U.S. May End With a Bang

Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines is getting ready to explode, dumping tonsof water on villages below. The latest eruption of Mt. Etna in Sicilyproduced dramatic nighttime images of hot rolling lava and explosivefireworks. But these volcanoes are small compared to what scientists sayAmerica will experience one day. Sooner or later, they warn, a...

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Japan's Mt. Fuji Getting Restless, Shows Signs of Erupting

Japan's Mount Fuji is showing signs of erupting for the first time in 300 years. Fuji is only 60 miles from Tokyo and when it last erupted, in 1707, tons of ash rained down on the city. Tokyo was a much smaller city in those days, but now it contains millions of people who might have to be evacuated if Fuji erupts again.

The number of...

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Stunning UFO Photo Over Popo

A professional photographer for the Mexican newspaper Milenio took a remarkable photograph of a brightly lighted object racing toward the Popocatepetl volcano near Mexico City on Tuesday, December 19 at 6:10 AM. The photograph is a 20 sec. time exposure taken with a 24 MM lens. This accounts for the streak that reveals the object's trajectory....

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