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Cheer Up!

Do you dread tomorrow? There are lots of things we can ingest can to cheer us up, and one of these is vitamin D. New...
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Are Vitamins Really Killers?

Taking vitamins may do more harm than good, since some supplements may come with health risks. When researchers examined data from more than almost 40,000 women taking part in their study, they found that women who took supplements had a 2.4% percent increased risk of dying over...
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Why Vitamins Can be DANGEROUS

Many supplements contain ingredients from China and some of these are POISONOUS and can even cause cancer. While labels tell you if a food comes from China (if you know how to read the code), the ingredients in vitamins and...
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Why are our Kids so Fat?

Kids who are deficient in vitamin D gained weight more rapidly than kids who got enough vitamin D, and since you get the D vitamin mainly from being out in the sun, this is probably because they're spending...
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Sunshine Secrets

This time of year, we're all indoors more often, meaning we often don't get enough of the sunshine vitamin (D). A recent study found that low AND high vitamin D levels were associated with an increased likelihood of frailty in older women. Women with vitamin D levels in the normal range were at the lowest risk. And different races react physically...
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When NOT to Take Vitamins

If you exercise strenuously, then go home and take some vitamins, those supplements may undo some of the benefits of your workout.

Some researchers recommend taking vitamin C and E to help protect the body from the by-products of sweat, but scientists now think that these "free radicals" may actually be good for us, because exercise...

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Men: Body-Building Supplements Can Cause Cancer

Baseball players, and even rap singers, have been suspected of taking illegal drugs to strengthen their bodies. Now researchers have discovered that some perfectly legal and easily available over-the-counter body-building dietary supplements may lead to prostate cancer.

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When Vitamins are BAD for You

We recently reported on a surprising way that men can help protect themselves from prostate cancer. Now something else they may be doing? taking vitamins?could turn out to be BAD for this disease.

About a third of American adults take some type of multivitamin on a regular basis. In nearly every case, the goal is better health, even...

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Are Vitamins Bad for You?

Four years ago, we reported that taking too many vitamins may be bad for you. Now scientists are saying that taking certain vitamins may shorten your lifespan and make you more likely to get cancer.

BBC News reports that a study in Denmark reveals that antioxidant vitamins such as A E and C may actually increase the risk of early death...

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Why We Need Sunshine

Not enough sunlight exposure in pregnant women can lead to their children developing schizophrenia. Vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin) has also been shown to help prevent breast cancer (which would explain why there is more breast cancer among women who work the night shift. This would also explain why certain cancers have become more common...

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To Attract the Opposite Sex, Take Your Vitamins!

Scientists have discovered that essential nutrients, such as vitamin D, can attract the opposite sex?at least if you're a lizard. It may work that way for humans as well.

Louisa Cheung writes in BBC news that when scientists fed vitamin D to male rock lizards, they attracted more females. This could be because females are naturally...

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Europe Vitamin Ban Declared Illegal

The proposed European Union ban on as many as 5,000 widelyused vitamin products has been declared illegal in theEuropean Court of Justice. The court's main legal adviserhas declared the ban "invalid."

According to an advocate-general at the European Court ofJustice, the ban would violate European Union principals oflegal protection....

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Senate Bill: Vitamins Only by Prescription

The World Trade Organization's food and drug regulatory body is controlled by big drug companies, and they are trying to use it to make all but the smallest doses of vitamins illegal to purchase without a prescription worldwide. This is happening at the same time a study has revealed that a daily mega-dose of 5 vitamins can dramatically reduce...

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Can Candy Bars be Healthy?

The makers of Snickers are planning to add vitamins, minerals and protein to their candy and call the new version the Snickers Marathon. Nutritionist Bonnie Liebman says this will be nothing but "fortified junk food."

Liebman says most people don't realize that an "energy bar" simply means food that gives you energy. That energy comes...

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Too Many Vitamins are Bad for You

"Unless you are suffering from a severe deficiency, if you have a disease or disorder that is causing you to be nutrient-deficient, the most you are going to need is a high quality multivitamin supplement, to be taken as insurance, and not used as your main source of nutrients," says nutritionist Laurie Tansman. But many of us take much more...

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