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Magic Mushrooms

You can do more with mushrooms than just ingest them (especially the magic ones that make you "high" (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show, which is one of the pieces to Anne Strieber's...
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New Violins Sound as Good as Old Ones

It's always been assumed that if a violinist wants to turn professional, he or she needs to get hold of a Stradivari or Guarneri instrument. These violins are so rare that they cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, meaning that potential concert violinists have a harsh reality to face...
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How Did They Do It?

For centuries, modern violin makers have tried in vain to recreate musical instruments that sound as good as the ones the Italian masters made in the 17th century. Researchers now think that the wonderful music from a Stradivarius is due to the density of the wood it was made from and that, in turn, has to do with how COLD the weather was at...

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