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Wild Video Games Produce Reckless Drivers

Psychologists have long argued about whether or not video games are dangerous for kids, but thing's for sure: They're bad for their DRIVING skills. And with the majority of fatal auto accidents involving teens, this is not good news.

Teens who play mature-rated...
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Do Video Games Improve the Brain?

Some researchers worry that violent video games will make their players (usually young boys) more violent, while other scientists think they help build brain power. Wouldn’t it be nice...
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Virtual Reality

Science isn't all bad: Video is getting more realistic all the time and that goes for video games as well. They can be useful and virtual reality can be more than a game. Scientists use it to explore human behavior in ways that were not possible in the past, by putting people in virtual situations and asking them questions. It can be used to...

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Video Games: Good or Bad?

Both! - The next time you cocoon over a video game (when you're supposed to be working?), ask yourself this: Are video games good or bad? Sometimes they can be useful.

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If You Get Caught Playing Video Games at Work

Tell your boss you're improving your office skills! - Many office workers secretly play video games on their computers at the office (they read our edge news and listen to Dreamland there too!) It turns out that playing these games may actually improve their performance, depending on which ones they play.


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Video Game Violence

Do crime sprees like the recent shootings at Virginia Tech have anything to do with the prevalence of violent video games? New research gives concrete evidence of the adverse effects of violent video game exposure on the behavior of children and adolescents.

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Nude Video Games

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