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What Meat Eating Does

There's a theory that vegetarians are more peaceful, but new research shows it's actually meat eaters who are LESS aggressive. What about our images of a grunting or growling animal snarling at anyone who dares take their meat away from them--Wouldn’t that go for...
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Why It's Good to Go Green

You know you should eat your vegetables but you should ALSO know that a salad isn't always a salad, unless it's DARK green! Even the Egyptians ate their vegetables!

A spinach salad has more nutritional value than a wedge of iceberg lettuce because darker colors in leafy vegetables are often signs of antioxidants that are thought to have...

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Vegetarian Binge

Vegetarians can pig out too. While they tend to eat healthier diets and are less likely than non-vegetarians to be overweight or obese, they may be at increased risk for binge eating with loss of control, and former vegetarians may be at increased risk for extreme unhealthful weight-control behaviors.

When researchers analyzed the eating...

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Two Ways to Get Cancer

...that you probably don't suspect - They are: use mouthwash and become a vegetarian.

Although vegetarianism is assumed to be a healthier lifestyle, and vegetarians DO have less cancer in general, there is one kind of cancer that non meat-eaters get more often: colorectol cancer. Researchers can?t figure this one out,...

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Meat or Potatoes?

Was early man a meat eater or a vegetarian? Is not eating meat a natural?or unnatural?thing for people to do? One way to decide is to study our closest relations, the chimpanzees.

The debate centers on the diet followed by early hominids as their brain and body size slowly increased towards a human level. Was it meat-and-potatoes, or...

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Are Vegetarians Smarter?

Becoming a vegetarian is one way to help combat global warming, but will it make you smarter?

A new study shows that intelligent children are more likely to become vegetarians later in life. Researchers in the UK found that people who were vegetarians by age 30 had an IQ five points higher at the age of 10. There was no difference in IQ...

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A Personal Way to Prevent Global Warming

We're learning how to grill safer burgers, but in order to fight global warming, we may have to give up our hamburgers and become vegetarians.

The problem is not just that cattle farts produce methane, which is a major greenhouse gas. In New Scientist, Daniele Fanelli quotes Karen Batra, of the Colorado National Cattlemen's Beef...

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Are Vegetarians Smarter? They're Better for the Environment

A British study shows that intelligent children may be more likely to be vegetarians as adults. Since cows, pigs, sheep and poultry are among the world's greatest environmental threats, it's the earth-saving way to eat.

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