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Important UFO Figure Dies

Walter Haut, the Air Force press officer who originallyreleased a statement from the Roswell Army Air Field statingthat the army had captured a flying disk, has died. Haut was83. In 1989, he met with Whitley Strieber in Roswell, tookMr. Strieber to the old base and to the site of the originalcrash, and stated that the object that had crashed...

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Incredible UFO Video

Click here to see an incredible video of a UFO that was taken in Bulgaria. This is reminiscent of the UFO video that Jaime Maussan showed on Mexican television in the mid-1990s.

Meanwhile, The China Daily has announced that a Taiwan company is building a UFO research center on the mainland that will cost around $20 million. This is being...

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UFO Document Revealed

A document that has tantalized UFO investigators for over 30 years was released today. The document was produced for the judge during a 1980 trial initiated by Citizens Against UFO Secrecy to attempt to gain the release of secret UFO documents. The judge agreed that neither a group of NSA documents relating to UFOs should be released, nor the...

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UFOs in the UK Due to Mars Opposition?

A gigantic dust storm has broken out on Mars during the opposition, when Mars is closer to the Earth than it has been since 2003. The storm is so large that it can be seen with a backyard telescope. Mars was 43 million miles from Earth at around 8:25 p.m. PST Saturday. UFO activity often increases during Mars oppositions, and this one has been...

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UFOs Seen All Over CA

When Whitley published Communion almost 20 years ago, one of the newspapers that was the most skeptical about his experiences was the San Francisco Chronicle. But like many other media outlets, they seem to have changed their minds about UFOs. They have now printed a serious story about UFO sightings all over the state. Mars is in close...

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Dreamland at Upcoming Conferences

Linda Howe, our Dreamland science reporter, wants to let Earthfiles and Dreamland audiences know about two important conferences upcoming in November. Popular Dreamland guests and guest hosts Jim Marrs and William Henry will also speak these conferences. Keep reading for details.

The first conference is the Third Annual UFO Crash...

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UFOs: Biggest Cover-up in History

A major Canadian politician has called UFOs the biggest cover-up in history. Paul Hellyer, the Canadian Minister for National Defense from 1963-67, recently gave a speech in Toronto with the title "A Symposium on UFO Disclosure and Planetary Direction."

Michael E. Salla reports that on September 25, 2005, Hellyer talks about receiving...

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UK UFOs Still a Mystery

We recently reported that the Phoenix lights seem to have turned up in the UK. The reports of strange orange lights in the night skies of parts of England still have experts stumped.

If you?re intrigued by mysteries in the sky, listen to Dreamland this week, when science reporter Linda Howe reports on Planet X and the strange objects...

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Phoenix Lights in UK and Mexico

Mysterious orange lights resembling the Phoenix lights have been seen in the skies of Cheltenham in the UK, as well as in the country of Mexico. They are also being seen again in Phoenix and have been spotted in New Mexico.

Observers at first thought they might be fireworks. This is similar to early reports that the Phoenix lights may...

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Major Canada Pol Says UFOs Real

Former Canadian Minister of Defense Paul Hellyer will give a speech at the University of Toronto on "Why Information Concerning Extraterrestrial-Related Phenomena And Government Involvement With These Issues Is Still Being Withheld From The Public By Specific Western Nations."During his government term, Hellyer worked against the weaponization...

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Phoenix Lights Back in Arizona

On August 25, a photographer in Phoenix took new footage of what appear to be the Phoenix Lights hovering over Estrella Mountain in Arizona, which are very similar to the images captured by Dr. Lynn Kitei and others. This follows a major series of UFO sightings in New Mexico that were comparable to the Phoenix Lights, reported on last week on...

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Meet Linda Howe

Labor Day weekend, September 2-4, is the date of the annual National UFO Conference, to be held this year at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel,1755 North Highland Ave., in Hollywood, California. Our science reporter Linda Howe will be there, as will other Dreamland guests from the past, including Richard Dolan, Greg Bishop, Terry Hansen, Nick...

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UFO Wave in New Mexico

In a scenario reminiscent of the Phoenix Lights, UFOs are being seen by large numbers of people in New Mexico. Photos taken by a Navajo teen show mysterious yellow, red and orange lights in the night sky. One of the photos shows what seems to be a giant V-shaped ship. This situation is similar to the one that has occurred and isoccuring in...

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An Amazing Experience

Anne writes in her new Diary: We just had a classic LA experience: We went to a screening on the Warner Brothers studio lot. This is the kind of experience that makes you feel like a movie biz "insider"?especially if you're not. But here?s the most amazing part: It was a UFO documentary.

We saw The Phoenix Lights, the wonderful film...

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Amazing ET JFK Connection

In his latest journal Whitley writes: I have gotten in two books?that have, frankly, blown my mind. [They] have changed the way I think about the world in such deep ways that I feel a need to write about them, in order to explore what they mean to our understanding of who we are and what is going on here. One of the books, Sinister Forces,...

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New Whitley Strieber Revelations

In his latest Journal, Whitley writes: "A few weeks ago, I discovered a lost trove of lecture tapes, interviews, videos and other audio-visual documents, including some of the most unusual UFO videos ever made, and this week I begin the process of archiving them in's subscriber section.

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Secret UFO Files Declassified in Australia

Thirty years worth of secret UFO files are about to be released in Australia (we wish they would do that here in the US). The Northern Territory government has declassified documents about UFO activity in Darwin. One of these documents tells about an Air Force crew that saw a series of lights cross their path when they were getting ready to...

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Are Magicians Behind UFO Sightings?

We've had many magicians on Dreamland radio and they?ve made many claims. Sometimes they say they create crop circles and ET sightings. This makes it sound as if they're taking credit for a lot of different mysteries, but afascinating new Insightarticletells why this idea may not be so farfetched after all.

NOTE: This news story...

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Secret UFO Report Revealed

By evoking the British Freedom of Information Act, which isnow in place in the UK (as well as in the US), Welsh UFOinvestigator Chris Fowler was able to get a 107-page reportabout an incident in 1993 when 70 UFO sightings werereported at 1 a.m. on March 31st in the UK.

David James writes in the South Wales Echo that thesesightings were...

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This Week's Dreamland: Alien Evidence

Popular Dreamland guest Andrew Collins is back with a wholenew take on the nature of UFOs and aliens. For nearly 60years, some people have been stating that UFOs arespacecraft from another planet, and that the beings theycontain are aliens. Others have been assuming that it's allnonsense. Andrew Collins relates the work of people likeWilhelm...

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Listen to Anne's Diary About the Communion Years

In her most recent websitediary entry, "Moving On," Anne Strieber wrote: "Whitley andI are moving, and I think it's something everyone should domore often, because you find so many wonderful memoriestucked away in drawers. One of the most precious things Ifound was a diary I kept during the Communion years of1986-87." Now she has read this...

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Dreamland?Brazil Announces ETs are Real

In 1996, aUFO crashed in Varginha, Brazil, and some small beingsemerged into the streets of the town. One of them wasrescued by a policeman, and taken to a hospital, and Dr.Roger Leir has interviewed a doctor who interacted with him.Do not miss this phenomenal story on this week's Dreamland!Just forsubscribers,Whitley Strieber has a searching...

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French Interview with Whitley

Whitley Strieber gives very few interviews these days, buthe did give a recent interview to the creators of the FrenchwebsiteKarmapolis. The interview is startling, to say the least, and shows agreat advance in his thinking about the close encounterexperience. When we asked him if he planned to doadditional interviews, he said, "I really didn'...

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Our January Prophet is Back?How's He Doing?

In January, John Hogue gaveus his predictions about what the future would bring in2005. As a special Memorial Day program, we go back in timeand listen to his prophecies again. How did he do? Some ofhis prophecies have come true...and some that haven't are soscary that we hope they don't!

For subscribers, Preston Dennett tells some of...

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Phoenix Lights Wins Major Movie Award

Dr. Lynne Kitei reports that The Phoenix Lights documentaryfilm has won the Best Director Award in the New YorkInternationalFilm Festival. To can get this film on DVD,clickhere. If you prefer to read her fascinating book aboutthese strange lights--which were seen by hundreds ofpeople--clickhere.

NOTE: This...

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How ETs Control Abductees?

All mammals have the ability to hibernate, even though onlya few?like bears?do it regularly. Now scientists have foundthat they can put mice (an animal that does not regularlyhibernate) into a state of suspended animation by exposingthem to hydrogen sulfide gas, the gas that produces the"rotten egg" smell. This is big news for people...

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Dreamland: Contactee Betty Andreasson & Man Who Wrote About Her

Betty Andreasson Luca is one of the great voices of theclose encounter experience. This week onDreamland,listen as she describes in detail what happened to her.Subscribers getto hear Whitley?s interview with Ray Fowler, who has beeninvestigating the Betty Andreasson case for over thirtyyears. Whitley wrote the forward for his bookWatchersII....

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ABC Special Ignored UFO Evidence

In our latestinsight,CSETI director Stephen Greer writes about the Peter JenningsABC special on UFOs: "Of course, the title of the show was?Peter Jennings Reporting??if only that were so. This is thestory of how, once again, the corrupt Big Media hasdefrauded the American people, from one who had a front rowseat to the spectacle?The final ABC...

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Whitley Debunks UFO TV Show

Whitley writes in his latestJournal: "The much heralded ABC special on UFOs has comeand gone. Predictably, it was more of the same, a largenumber of lies sprinkled with a few truths. At least itwasn't as relentlessly negative as such programs havegenerally been in the past. But people like Peter Jenningsand his producers are cursed with the...

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Triangle UFOs are Everywhere

Mysterious black triangles have been reported in Canada andMaryland, and now Dr. Mark Olson of Sonora, California hastaken spectacular video oftwo of them. Asighting of a huge black triangle was reported over West Hollywood, California onFebruary 5, but no images were obtained. Black triangleshave been a feature of UFO...

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