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UFO Sightings Far & Wide

This has been a major period for UFO sightings, which have taken place in the US in California and Wyoming, and as far away as the UK and Poland.

In UFO Digest, Piotr Cielebia? quotes Ryszard Grabczynski, who photographed a UFO in Poland, as saying, "These photos were taken accidentally?I was photographing the Moon and then I cast a...

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Nick Pope Quits

When he worked at the Ministry of Defense in the UK, Nick Pope was head of a project that analyzed UFO reports from 1991-94, and he published several books about the reports that led to his realization that UFOs are real. He has now resigned from the MoD,stating that defense and national security considerationsmandate that governments take the...

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Mysterious Orange Orbs seen in UK

English sources are reporting mysterious sightings of orange orbs in the sky above major cities in the UK.

Shoreham, Essex, Liverpool and Brighton seem to be the places where the most sightings took place. This is London quotes one witness as saying, "I saw this big orange light in the sky. Then another one appeared in mid-air. Then...

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Military Discovers 40-Year-Old UFO

Archivists for the New Zealand Naval Museum have uncovered a forty year old photograph taken from the deck of HMNZS Royalist during Waitangi Day celebrations in 1965 that shows a saucer shaped object in the sky ahead of the ship. Archivist Paul Restall, who found the photo, has told New Zealand media that the image is integral to the grain of...

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NYC: Meet Graham Hancock TONIGHT

UPDATE: Late 2006 and early 2007 - On November 2 you will have a rare opportunity to meet author Graham Hancock. Hancock's most famous book is Fingerprints of the Gods. On this week's Dreamland, he talks about his new book, which is the basis for Anne Strieber's beloved diary about the Green Man, when he will speak at the...

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UFOs Inspire Aircraft Design

The designs of military aircraft have been influenced by the Aztec god of war: the hummingbird. It's long been believed in the UFO community that modern aircraft designs have been influenced by alien craft. People often see UFOs change shape in front of their eyes?now the military has developed an aircraft that does the same thing.


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When You Smell Sulfur, Is SOMETHING ELSE Going on?

In close encounters and UFO sightings (and some Bigfoot sightings), people have reported the smell of sulfur (a rotten eggs smell). Now scientists have learned that that hydrogen sulfide, which produces this odor, can alter consciousness without causing physical harm, by causing a state of suspended animation. This could also be a clue to the...

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Abducted? You Can Get Compensation

?IF you live in Germany. German lawyer Jens Lorek is advertising that he can get compensation from the state for people who have been abducted by aliens. In the US legal system, this would be a class action lawsuit?the kind brought by large groups of people against drug manufacturers and cigarette companies.

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UK Hid UFO Information

When it comes to UFOs, the UK tries to hide the information they have?just as the government here in the US does. The problem is, because they're a smaller country with a smaller bureaucracy, they're not as good at it. But they also have a Freedom of Information Act (just like we do), and a major British paper has revealed the extraordinary...

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Shuttle Landing Postponed by UFO

What is being described by NASA as an "unidentified object" has delayed today's shuttle landing. Atlantis commander Brent Jett radioed this message: "It's fairly small?It was departing away from us, maybe 1 or 2 feet per second. It wasn't rising or falling?It was definitely moving away fairly quickly."

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Remains from Jet Chasing UFO?

On November 23, 1953, an F-89 Scorpion jet was scrambled from Kinross AFB in Michigan to intercept a UFO. The fighter was observed on radar to merge with the UFO. It then disappeared from radar. In 1968, parts that might have come from the plane were found on the Canadian side of Lake Superior. Now the Great Lakes Dive Company believes that it...

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How Likely is ET Life?

Life could have arisen on the earth earlier than scientists previously thought, which means that it's more likely to be on other planets as well. A Canadian author says she has video of the ET contacts she writes about in her new book. And a recent survey of 1,000 Americans reveals that most of them really do think that ETs are out there...

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Dynamic Talk with Whitley About The Grays

On Saturday, Whitley answered questions from hundreds of people in the subscriber chat room about his new novel The Grays and about how it tells the story of his life, in fictional form. He'll be there again soon, so if YOU want to join in, subscribe today. Every active subscriber, who subscribed by August 15, has a free Grays book plate on its...

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UFO Wave in Ireland

Ireland is experiencing a UFO wave, which is unusual for a country that experiences most of its anomalies in ways that connect directly to the Catholic Church (such as Virgin sightings, etc.), as Whitley discovered when he toured there for Communion.

Una Sinnott writes in the Athlone Advertiser that a new book by two leading Irish...

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LISTEN to Buzz Aldrin Talk About Seeing a UFO

On Coast to Coast AM, astronaut Buzz Aldrin denied seeing a UFO on the Apollo 11 mission, despite the fact that a recent UK documentary revealed a recording of his voice, saying, "There was something out there that, uh, was close enough to be observed and what could it be?" But you don't have to take our word for it: now you can LISTEN for...

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Controversy: Did Buzz Aldrin See UFOs on Apollo 11 Mission?

On Coast to Coast AM on Sunday night, George Noory asked astronaut Buzz Aldrin if he had seen any unknown objects on Apollo 11. He replied by telling the story of how he had sued Charles Berlitz for publishing a story to the effect that he had claimed to have seen aliens on the mission. He did not mention having seen UFOs, and the implication...

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Artist Claims He has Decoded ET Art in Arecibo Signal

In 1974, a signal was detected by the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico. The broadcast consisted of a transmission of a pictorial message, and in 2001, it was approximated in a crop circle. Another signal from the same star cluster was picked up 30 years later, in 2004. Both times, astronomers initially decided that the transmissions were of...

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Buzz Aldrin Did Not Mention UFO Claim on Coast

Buzz Aldrin did not mention seeing unusual or unexplainedobjects on the Apollo 11 mission on Coast to Coast AM duringhis July 31st appearance. He has beenquoted in numerous British newspapers as stating on Britain'sChannel 5 on Monday, July 24 that he, Neil Armstrong andMichael Collins all saw something unknown shadowing Apollo11 on the way to...

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Whitley Talks About The Grays in New Journal

In his latest journal, Whitley writes about his new novel The Grays: "I have not written about any forms that I have not personally encountered and?this will surprise you when you read the book?I have not invented any of the different types of communication that are part of the story, or the way the mind changes as contact deepens." For people...

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UFO Caught on Video in Russia

Moscow News ( reports that a UFO has been seen over the Krasnodar region of Russia. According to Russian TV news, crop circles have also been seen in the same area.

There is no word about whether or not Krasnodar contains military installations, which is the kind of area where UFOs are often seen. The photographer who took...

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NASA UFO Hacker May End Up in Guantanamo

UFO hacker Gary McKinnon is to be extradited to the US by Great Britain, according to a decision handed down by British Home Secretary John Reid. McKinnon is accused of hacking into NASA and US military computers in search of UFO evidence. According to what he told Dreamland listeners, he did not hack into anything, but simply entered computers...

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Birthday Confirmation

Today is Whitley's birthday and he got an amazing birthday present: confirmation of his abduction experience, 20 years after it happened! Click here to read all about it. And if you want to read about the real visitor experiences of so many other ordinary people?just like you?click here.

NOTE: This news story, previously...

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"Grays" Novel Coming From Whitley in the Fall

In his new journal, Whitley writes: "In August, I will publish a work of fiction about the grays, which is intended to bring them to life as people, and to reveal what it is like to be with them. It is also my hope that the methods of communication that I demonstrate in the novel will prove useful to people who are in contact and having...

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Alien Rain

A few years ago we wrote that glaciers melting due to global warming could release ancient, long-dormant bacteria against which humans would no longer have any immunity. So far, much more ordinary things have been uncovered by glacier melt, so this has not proved to be a danger, but now we may be under another threat: alien rain.

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UFOs in the News--UPDATE

UFOs are big news in Germany and South Africa. In Germany, digital photographs have been taken of a rectangular-shaped UFO. There has been a UFO wave in South Africa, where a frantic search has been launched for a crashed craft.

On May 6, Tushar Bhatt and his girlfriend were walking through a town in Germany, taking photographs with...

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False Government UFO Report

Despite evidence of extensive UFO coverups, the British Ministry of Defense has released a400 page document claiming that all UFOs can be explained as "natural" phenomena, such as asteroids, satellites and that old favorite, ball lightning.

The 400 page report states, "No evidence exists to suggest that the phenomena seen are hostile or...

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Mexican UFOs Acknowledged by Church

Journalist Paola Harris reports that Monsignor Corrado Balducci, whom Whitley interviewed for his book Confirmation, says that Mexico is blessed by its current waves of UfO Sightings, which are being investigated by Jaime Maussan. He says he will continue be spokesman for the opening up of public opinion and church attention towards UFOs. To...

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Six-Hour UFO Sighting Over Milan

This week on Dreamland, Whitley interviews prominent Italian UFO Investigator Paola Harris, who says, "Saturday night over Milan there was a Sighting of 5 Objects that lingeredin the air from 11:00 PM till 5:00 AM and our TV news channels covered it. Like the Phoenix lights, no one knows what to do."

The story was covered on Italian...

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Communion 20 Years On

What is Whitley's life like, 20 years after his initial visitor experience? What has he learned? Has mankind learned anything about what these strange visitors are trying to tell us? Read Whitley's new journal and learn what he thinks about all this.

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links...

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Important UFO Figure Dies

Walter Haut, the Air Force press officer who originallyreleased a statement from the Roswell Army Air Field statingthat the army had captured a flying disk, has died. Haut was83. In 1989, he met with Whitley Strieber in Roswell, tookMr. Strieber to the old base and to the site of the originalcrash, and stated that the object that had crashed...

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