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UFO Meeting Did NOT Take Place?

update - The sensational story that a meeting had taken place at the United Nations among the G8 countries concerning a possible change to a policy of disclosure in 2009 now may have been, according to the president of the French national UFO research organization, "a fiction."

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Secret Gov. UFO Meetings Held in Feb.

The government meeting on UFO disclosure that Whitley wrote about in his latest journal took place at the United Nations on February 12-14 and involved a number of representatives from the G8 countries, the papacy and three US senators.

Representatives of the US Air Force and the US National Guard were in attendance as well. The meeting...

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Think Tank Censors UFO Study

UPDATE - While officials from major countries such as Canada to Japan are openly admitting the existence of UFOs, an economist who was a Cato Institute scholar for 20 years was kicked out after suggesting that the think tank study UFOs. Read to the end for update from Dom Armentano.

In the TC Palm website, Dom Armentano...

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UFO Hotel & Museum Opens in Russia

A UFO museum and space observatory are being built in an area of Russia known for its UFO activity. The Russian news agency Pravda reports that the complex will cost 5 million dollars. Visitors who want to look for UFOs will be able to rent cottages on the grounds.

Art credit:

The Russians seem to think that...

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Dreamland Hosts & Guests at UFO Congress

From Feb. 22 through March 2, in Laughlin, Nevada, you can hear (and meet) many Dreamland guests and hosts, including Jim Marrs, Nick Pope, Paola Harris, Richard Dolan, Roger Leir, Jaime Maussan and crop circle expert Nancy Talbott. To learn more, click here.

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have...

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Stephenville, Texas UFO Flap

This week on Dreamland, Linda Howe interviews UFO witness Ricky Sorrells, the ONLY witness who saw the north Texas UFO thathas made the national news in daylight. Listen to hisdetailed description of what he saw on Dreamland, and seehis drawings onLinda Howe' listen to Dreamland, click on the words "Listen Now" onthe right...

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UFOs Sighted Around the World

UPDATE ON TEXAS UFO! - UFO sighting reports are coming in at this time from aroundthe world in exceptional numbers and at a very high level ofstrangeness. Apparently similar "drifting light" UFOs havebeen observed in Finland and Iraq, and there was a multiple witness sighting of a more standard type of UFO in Texas a few days...

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Strange but True (or Not)?

UPDATE - Now it's a hoax? Or is the claim that it's a hoaxthe real hoax? You'll need to decide for yourself! For helpdoing that, clickhere. Irish explorer Devin Dempsey went on an expedition tothe South Pole on January 6 and claims he saw a US-run alien base there. (We were iffy about this story because of theIce Cube reference...

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UFO Flaps in CA & UK

UFOs have been spotted in two places in England. One of these areas has had regular UFO sightings in the last 8 years. Closer to home, a UFO has been seen in California.

In the North State News, Kimberly Ross reports that firefighter Quincy Hatch and his team were driving to a potential fire in Shasta County, California on Christmas Eve...

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Japanese Official Admits UFOs Exist

This week you get to learn about UFOs in Ireland and the rest of Europe. Not many people realize that a top government official in Japan says he "definitely" believes UFOs exist.

MSNBC reports that Chief Cabinet Secretary Nobutaka Machimura made this statement while speaking to reporters "in response to demands?for an inquiry into '...

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Possible UFOs Sighted in Maine

There were unusually intense UFO sightings in England in earlyDecember, and now orange fireballs with no clear explanationhave been observed by many witnesses in Bangor, Maine. Thefireballs were sighted on December 14 between 10 and 11 PM.

A flaming object was seen dropping out of the sky overPenobscot Bay on Monday night, but the Air...

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Incredible UFO Sighting in UK

A huge orange triangle with its three lights, nicknamed the "Dorito," was seen over England in early December. One person who saw it says, "It was weird because it wasn't making any noise?We all saw this big thing with lights in the sky."

The Dec. 11th edition of Britain?s Express & Star quotes another observer, who reported seeing...

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UFO Investigators Win Court Case!

Under pressure from investigative journalist Leslie Kean, who has been a frequent guest on Dreamland, NASA has finally agreed to search its archives for documents pertaining to a UFO incident that occurred in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania in 1965, due to a settlement in a federal lawsuit filed by Kean. NASA went to federal court in an attempt to have...

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Candidate Says He Will Reveal Roswell UFO Info.

Is the UFO information hidden deep within government archives finally coming to light? First, author Shirley MacLaine reveals that presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich saw a UFO. Next, report Leslie Kean forces NASA to release its Kecksburg UFO documents. Now, presidential candidate Bill Richardson says, that if elected President, he will...

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Candidate Saw UFO

In her new book Sage-Ing While Age-Ing, Shirley MacLaine claims that Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich saw a UFO hovering in the sky during a visit to her home when she lived in Washington State.

She describes the sighting as a "gigantic triangular craft, silent, and observing him. It hovered, soundless, for ten minutes...

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New Search for Alien Life

UPDATE CANADA! - Some people are still searching. Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has funded an array of 350 antennas which SETI will use to continue its search for alien life. BBC News reports that they should be up and running by 2025. Meanwhile, there have been UFO sightings worldwide.

Let's hope they scan the skies...

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UFOs are Green

No, this doesn't mean that people see green "flying saucers" (any more than they see "little green men." Our readers know that what they see are little GRAY men.) It means that the cylindrical shape of UFOs makes them much more energy efficient than traditional planes.

In, Michael Schirber quotes engineer Etnel Straatsma...

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Wave of UFO Sightings Around the World

In addition to reports from people who are having various types of experiences using the new meditations, Unknowncountry is receiving an unusual number of UFO reports from around the world. Keep reading to learn more about these extraordinary events?which you will not be able to read about anywhere else! A brilliant apparent meteor was observed...

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MORE UFOs in the UK

UFO sightings in the UK continue, with new sightings in Northern Ireland.

The BBC reports a UFO sighting in Northern Irleand which looks like "a series of strange orange lights in the night sky." Both Air traffic control at Belfast International Airport and the local Coast Guard received reports about the sightings. BBC News quotes...

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UFOs in US

UFOs have been spotted in Michigan and New Jersey recently. A Michigan witness saw "four or five diamond-shaped UFOs." Shortly afterwards, he saw 20 fighter jets chasing them. In New Jersey, a golf ball-sized object that scientists havedetermined was not a meteorite crashed through a roof. Itwas described by scientists from Rutgers University...

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UK Reveals UFO Secrets

In the Independent, Robert Verkaik reports that, unlike the US military and secret service, the British Ministry of Defense (MoD) is declassifying all of its UFO information.

In a recent UFO sighting over the UK, airline captain Ray Bower, a pilot with over 20 years experience, reported sighting two objects that he described as, "...

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Pilot Spots Two UFOs

A pilot has reported seeing two UFOs near the island of Guernsey in the UK. BBC News describes them as "bright yellow flat disc shapes?twice the size of a Boeing 737."

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UFO Wave in Canada

The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) reports over 700 UFO sightings in their country last year. This is a lot for a country like Canada, with a relatively small populationand a huge land area, but it's actually down from a record 882 sightings three years ago. The CBC quotes a Canadian UFO investigator who thinks this shows that an "...

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UFO Memories are NOT Repressed

People who have UFO experiences are often told to turn to hypnosis in order to unlock their memories. One problem is that incompetent hypnosis can lead to these memories being lost or distorted. It?s long been assumed that victims of traumatic events repress their memories as a kind of protection against the further trauma of having to remember...

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Military in Chile Reveals UFO Secrets

The Chilean army has revealed previously classified recordings and contacts with UFOs, spanning over 30 years, which was presented to over a thousand people at a recent UFO conference in Santiago. A video was shown of Chilean helicopters pursuing a UFO that was picked up on naval radar. A recent event took place on March 27, 2000, when a...

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UFO Wave Continues

The recent wave of UFO sightings is still going on. A local TV station in Winston-Salem North Carolina reports that strange objects have been seen in the sky. Witness Jamarus Crews took a photo of one of them on his cell phone. As usual, they were described as flying silently, with many lights. Crews is quoted as saying, "From the first time I...

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Major UFO Sightings in US & UK

UPDATE FROM DR. LYNNE KITEI - On Tuesday, the Phoenix Lights returned. Ten years ago, on March 13, 1997, mysterious lights were seen in the sky by Dr. Lynne Kitei, who made a famous film about them. As usual, the Phoenix sightings were dismissed as military flares. If that's the case, these "flares" must have started out in the...

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Strange Encounters in Pennsylvania

In our latest Insight, Stan Gordon writes that "Pennsylvania has had a long history of encounters of the unusual kind. From yearly sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects to observations of mysterious creatures, the 2006 year was no exception, as mysterious incidents were reported by residents of the Keystone State from 35 counties...Since...

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Possible UFO Crash in Iran

UPDATE: There were preliminary reports of a possible hugeexplosion inthe Iranian desert on Thursday, but these have not been followed up in the general media.Click here to read one of the reports.Last week we reported a dramatic UFO incident in South Africa involving an apparent meteor crash with a very unusual sound associated with it. Now...

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UFO Seen Over Chicago Airport

On November 27, at least twelve United Airlines workers say a UFO hovering over the United terminal at O?Hare International Airport for several minutes at around 4:30 in the afternoon. It hovered low, then quickly bolted into some clouds.

In the January 1st edition of the Chicago Tribune, Jon Hilkevitch quotes a United mechanic as saying...

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