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UFO Documents Declassified?This Time it's Brazil!

Why can't the US do it too? - The Brits did it, the French did it, Canada did it, and now Brazil has done it?but we still resist declassifying our UFO information. Most Americans think that should change, but will that ever happen?

When Brazil was a military dictatorship, from 1964-85, the intelligence agency (the SNI)...

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Obama CIA Director May Mean UFO Disclosure

?because of a FRIEND of his - For many of us, Obama's presidency leading to UFO disclosure would be a miracle. His recent appointment of Leon Panetta as CIA director shows that this might finally happen?not because Panetta is necessarily for it, but someone he's CLOSE to him probably IS.

Panetta served in the Clinton...

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A Classic Close Encounter

In this holiday season, it's nice to be part of a family where no one laughs at you for talking about your UFO experiences. In that spirit, we post an incredible experience sent to us by one of our readers.

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Found: UFO Debris

A mysterious UFO crash in Cyprus 35 years ago may finally be solved. In the Cyprus Mail, Nathan Morley quotes Britishsoldier Tom Clarke as saying, "We were all awoken at about 2 am by a brilliant bluish dazzling bright light in the sky, what happened next is hard to explain. There was not an explosion, but we were all hit by a shockwave and...

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CNN'S American Morning to Feature UFO Week

Beginning on Monday morning, when Clinton White House Chief of Staff and head of the Obama transition team JohnPodesta, along with astronaut Edgar Mitchell and Dan Akroyd, all tell their own UFO stories, CNN'S morning show will spend the week with aliens and UFOs.

Click here to watch the report that includes an update on the Phoenix...

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Central Texas UFOs Return

As Linda Howe has reported extensively on Dreamland, there have been hundreds UFO sightings in Central Texas this year. Now they're back!

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We're Shooting Down UFOs!

Whitley Strieber has reported for years that the visitors have told him that the reason that they do not make contact with us is that the United States shoots at them, and now the UK Ministry of Defense has confirmed that this is military policy among Western nations.

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Classified UFO Documents Reveal

...passenger jet in near-collision with UFO - Will the next president come clean about UFOs? They're already doing this in the UK!

On Monday, Oct. 20 The Sun newspaper in the UK reported that in 1991, an Alitalia passenger jet was coming in for a landing at Heathrow airport had a near miss with a UFO. The UFO is...

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Will the Next Prez Come Clean About UFOs?

Besides solving the problems with the economy, not to mention the global warming problems, there is something that many of us want the next President to do: reveal what the government knows about UFOs?especially if they're coming here soon.

In, Dave Demerjian quotes Stephen Bassett, founder of the Paradigm Research Group (PRG...

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Will ETs show up TODAY?

We recently wrote about a prediction that's buzzing around the internet and being reported by several mediums. Will aliens arrive today? (Or are they already here). Stay tuned to this website to find out!

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Anne Strieber: Who I Think the Visitors Are

In our Insight section, Anne Strieber shares some of the most compelling Communion Letters she's every read, that indicate to her that these mysterious creatures are either time travelers, visitors from a parallel universe, the dead?or all 3.

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed...

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UFO Wave Continues

We recently reported on the UFO wave in the UK, which is STILL GOING ON: So far this year 150 UFOs have been reported to police, military bases and the Ministry of Defense, compared to just 135 for 2007, and 97 in 2006. Now a similar wave is hitting Australia as well.

In the Telegraph newspaper, Laura Clout quotes UFO researcher Malcolm...

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Recent UFO Crashes: Now it's Nevada

And UFOs in NY Times! - Something crashed between Las Vegas and Needles in on May 14 that looked like a meteor, but was immediately followed by large numbers of helicopters, then a large number of large road vehicles, including a truck with a dome on top.

As Linda Howe reported on Dreamland on May 1, something strange...

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Insight: Distinguished Brazilian General Says 'UFO Secrets Must Be Disclosed'

The Japanese have said it. The English are releasing theirclassified files. The French are looking into it, and our neighbors to the North claim there's a coverup. Now BRAZIL admits UFOs are real, and says that the secrecy shouldend. And yet the US continues to stonewall. Why?

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our...

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The UK continues to have a phenomenal number of UFO sightings.

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Glowing Cubes Seen in UK Skies

In the latest in the wave of UFO sightings in the UK, glowing "cubes" have been seen hovering over a highway. One of the witnesses is an aircraft engineer in the British military.

In the July 2nd edition of the Telegraph, Lucy Cockcroft quotes Michael Madden as saying that the mysterious object floating above his head "zoomed off at...

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Britain Inundated with UFOs

The British Isles have seen an unprecedented number of UFO reports this summer. There have been sightings reported across the country from Liverpool to Dover and from Llanelli to Derby, and both civilians and military personnel are among those reporting having seen strange objects in the night sky.Is there some kind of conspiracy going on?

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Investigation into Those UK UFO Sightings

The British Ministry of Defense (the UK equivalent of the Pentagon) is being asked to launch an official inquiry into a group of recent UFO sightings, one of which was filmed by a soldier on night patrol using his cell phone. The MOD confirms that it has been given the video.

In keeping with its newopenness on this subject and recent...

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Learn About ET Film on This Week's Dreamland!

Coming SOON: Stan Romanek will tell HIS side of the story! - Subscribers get to listen to international UFO researcher Paola Harris describe the film of an alleged ET peeking through a window this week. She also tells us the HISTORY behind it!

A close encounter witness, StanRomanek, who claims that he has been having...

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Alien Talk

People who have had contact with aliens describe them as "talking inside their heads." Now NASA is sponsoring a course on how to talk to extraterrestrials.

The UK newspaper the Telegraph, Tom Leonard quotes Jeffrey Lockwood, who is teaching the class at the University of Wyoming, as saying, "We've thought a lot about how we might...

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UFO News: Explosion Over Houston, Crash in Vietnam

UPDATE: UFO landing in Australia? - UPDATE: First, it was a UFO that remained on the ground for 30 hours in an isolated area of southern Mexico. Then, a series of mysterious object crashes, including most recently an event in Needles, California that Unknowncountry continues to investigate. Now two readers report that they...

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Vatican Says Aliens Could Exist

Father Gabriel Funes, the Pope's chief astronomer, says that life on Mars could exist and that intelligent beings could exist in other solar systems and that the search for extraterrestrial life does not contradict belief in God. Funes directs the Vatican Observatory near Rome. Few people realize that the Vatican funds several telescopes,...

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New UFO Sightings

The latest round of UFO denial blames small orange candle lanterns and/or road flares attached to helium balloons for UFO sightings, but the real UFO wave continues worldwide.

There are two recent sightings that cannot be attributed to flares, candle lanterns, swamp gas or the moonlight reflecting off the wings of passing geese. The...

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Exceptional UFO Video from the Netherlands

?and a UFO crash in Alabama? - Fake UFO video is so easy to create that there is a temptation to dismiss all of it, however this video from Holland has the appearance of authenticity. There is no indication of any tampering with the image, and it is time consuming, although not difficult, to create a graphic with the shaking...

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Recent Photos of UFOs

Now that the cellphones that people are carrying around have CAMERAS in them, a lot more people are snapping photos of UFOs! Recently, these have been taken in Michigan, Scotland and Argentina. We've included the links, so YOU can see them too!

Saginaw, Michigan resident Matthew B. Mook was taking a picture of a sunset with a regular...

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Another UFO in Texas

On Dreamland, science reporter Linda Howe has presented numerous reports about the strange UFO sightings in Stephenville, Texas. Now KiiiTV reports that a UFO similar to the one seen there has been spotted in the skies of another Texas city: Corpus Christi.

KiiiTV quotes a soldier who doesn't want to be identified as saying, "It got to...

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Brazil General Urges UFO Disclosure

UFOs aren't just showing up in Texas and Canada, Turkey and London. Researchers know that UFO activity has always been incredibly high in Brazil. Now aprominent Brazilian Air Force general is demanding that thesame thing that is being done in the UK must be done in his country too: "All UFO secrets must be disclosed." In his Brazilian UFO...

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UK to Release Secret UFO Files

The British government plans to make its UFO documents public. Hundreds of documented sightings of UFOs across the UK, dating back over 10 years, will be released by the Ministry of Defense (the UK version of the Pentagon) in the coming weeks. BBC News quotes an MOD official as saying, "The files contain information about UFO sightings by...

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Same UFO Seen in Turkey & London

A UFO that was extensively videotaped over Turkey may have now been videotaped over London.

In January of 2008, a night watchman in Kumburgaz, Turkey, videotaped a UFO with a distinctive stepped edge. The sighting and the video were investigated and confirmed by Turkish UFO expert Haktan Akdogan, who has kept the world informed about the...

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Whitley on Coast to Coast AM TONIGHT

Whitley will be on the first hour of Coast to Coast AM tonight with George Noory to discuss the question of whether the February international UFO meeting did?or did not?take place. He will soon talk about this subject on Dreamland with reporter Leslie Kean!

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have...

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