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Even the Times Thinks They're Real

The New York Times, which is one of the main newspapers that scoffs at UFOs, has printed an article quoting an energy lobbyist as saying that UFO technology can save us from global warming.

In the May 14th edition of the New York Times, Anne C. Mulkern quotes Stephen Bassett as saying that our government has in its possession "...

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Similar UFOs in Two Different Cities

Similar looking UFOs were photographed flying over the streets of Moscow and the pyramids of Egypt recently. As William Henry can attest, there's a lot of wisdom to be found in Egypt (maybe this craft was trying to tap into some of it?)

Next time we have a subscriber chat with special effect artist Steve Neill, he can give us his...

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Triangle UFO Sightings

and one SQUARE - People often expect the "saucer-shaped" craft to be the most common form of UFOs, but a surprising number of sightings are of triangle-shaped craft. The photo illustrating this story is from a sighting that took place in California on March 16, but there have been other recent sightings of mysterious flying...

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Some Very Important People Say UFOs are Real

Now that former Astronaut Edgar Mitchell discussed his belief in aliens at the recent X Conference, the Telegraph Online has compiled a list of 12 famous people who have publicly declared their belief in aliens, UFOs and a possible government conspiracy to cover the whole business up.

Jimmy Carter: "I don't laugh at people any more when...

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Alien Life

Scientists think we WILL find it! - Here at, we are in touch with people (especially during our Wednesday subscriber chats!) who say they have been visited by beings who seem to be from another planet (or maybe from the future or another parallel universe), but astronomers are still looking for proof, and...

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Famous UFO Incident in University Museum

As Portsmouth, New Hampshire resident Betty Hill drove her mother home on Route 108 at 8 p.m. on Sept. 7, 1977, she saw large red and green lights of a UFO as she neared Trickling Falls in East Kingston. Later as she was driving home, she saw another UFO with red and green lights following railroad tracks near Route 107. Her report of a UFO...
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Summoning UFOs

Correction: Due to a reporting error, Unknowncountry.comstated that this event took place on Sunday, April 5, 2009.It actually took place on September 10, 2006. During asynchronized worldwide meditation, crop circleexperts Ed and Kris Sherwood asked that benevolentextraterrestrials appear during a one hour skywatch theyconducted near their home...

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UFO Hoaxers May Go to Jail

A UFO hoax in New Jersey that took place on 5 nights during two months?January and February?was done with balloons, flares, fishing line and duct tape?but, like the crop circles produced by people wearing boards on their feet?people who have seen a REAL UFO could instantly tell the difference. The local media instantly picked up on it, of...

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Recent UFO Sightings in the US

Plus a - It all started in Washington on March 8, when a witness reported that seeing a cigar-shaped object in the sky. In the UFO Examiner website, Roger Marsh quotes the witness as saying, "It was not the typical fat stogie-like cigar shape, 'but rather a long silver colored tube with edges rounded in front and back. I could...

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Spy Plane or UFO?

In August 1990, a large diamond-shaped object was seen hovering next to a Royal Air Force jet for about 10 minutes, over the UK countryside, before it shot away vertically at high speed. Newly-declassified Ministry of Defense files have revealed photos of the event taken by 2 witnesses. But the biggest revelation from these documents is that...

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UFO Taped by Shuttle

UPDATE: Image from shuttle control room shows UFO! - UPDATE: You can see an image of this UFO as seen by the astronauts THROUGH THE WINDOW of the space shuttle by clicking here. YouTube has emerged as a source for UFO videos, taken and posted in the face of official government denial. Of course,many computer graphics artists...

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Alien Insight

Anne's interpretation - In our latest Insight, an reader shares the story of a remarkable alien encounter with us. Anne Strieber, who has read over half a million letters from experiencers, has interpreted this meeting. First read the Insight, then keep reading this story to see her interpretation of this...

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Is the Coverup Dying?

And a new Whitley's Journal talks about aliens he has met! - The British Ministry of Defense has once again released a series of UFO files. Many of them are easily explainable sightings, but not all. One, a close encounter discussed by Whitley Strieber in his new journal, involves the appearance of a "nordic" alien, a form...

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Is This UFO Photo for Real?

On the UFO Casebook website, "Greg" from South Carolina writes that he was sitting outside, waiting for the mailman, on the afternoon of March 16, when he saw a silent, triangle-shaped craft overhead. He was able to snap 3 photographs of it. To see the other 2 photos, click here. This story came from our Out There section, which you can access...

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UFOs in South Africa...AGAIN

UPDATE: Watch video and decide for yourself! - Many years ago, Harvard psychiatrist and UFO researcher Dr. John Mack went to South Africa, where he filmed testimony from a group of female students who had all seen the same thing: a gigantic UFO that landed on their school grounds. Now UFOs are again swarming in South Africa....

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More UFO Sightings!

UFOs are showing up all over the world and strange beings are being noticed as well. Some of the latest sightings took place in the Czech Republic. Does all this indicate that some sort of disclosure is imminent?

Mysterious craft were spotted over a small town in the Czech Republic on February 14, which caused the town's residents to (...

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Huge UFO Sighting in China

In China, the city of Shenzhen, which is close to Hong Kong, was recently the site of a large number of UFO sightings, with the craft hanging over the city for over 30 minutes. Many residents called the local newspaper to report these sightings.

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New UFO-Related Online Film is a WOW!

Steve Neill is a special effects artist whom Whitley and Anne have known for many years. He created the effects in the Critical Mass trailer. He has just posted a moving, powerful short film called "Foo Fighters" about the effects on World War II pilots of close encounters with alien craft, which were then called Foo Fighters. It's very well...

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Why Some People See ET

and others DON'T - We have long wondered why some people are "chosen" to encounter the Visitors, while others?who are often in the same room, same car or even the same BED?somehow do not see them. Scientists may have solved this puzzle.

Shortly after Communion was published, a psychologist sent a questionnaire to a group...

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Another Roswell?

Was there a Welsh Roswell in 1974? More witnesses are coming forward all the time.

In January of that year there were mysterious lights in the sky, followed by a temor. When locals ran from their houses, fearing something had crashed, they saw bright light coming from the side of a nearby mountain. Some witnesses even say they saw a...

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A Pilot Spots Another One

This time in Greece - Cops spot a large number of the UFOs that are reported and so do pilots. (In the subscriber section right now, you can see incredible videos of UFOs flying over Mexico). This was certainly the case in Greece a year ago (which has only recently been reported) when two military jets were scrambled to try to...

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Who Spots the Most UFOs?

Cops! - A British policeman has compiled a file of over 300 UFO sightings by cops in the UK for the last 6 years, although he has reports of UFO sightings going back as far as 1980. We have received lots of Communion letters from police and Linda Howe talks about many police sightings in her weekly reports. Like reports from...

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UFO Secrets

Leaked to Corporations? - Col. Philip Corso claimed that Roswell debris was leaked to companies in the US, so that they could use it to create new technologies. Could this be true?

In the Honolulu Exopolitics Examiner, Michael Salla writes that, "Testimonial evidence exists that corporations have become the ultimate...

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Military Planes Investigate UFO

In Germany, this time! - The Austrian Times reports that on Thursday, January 29, German fighter pilots scrambled because a UFO was spotted over that country's airspace. At least they didn't try to shoot it down!

The UFO was spotted by German air traffic controllers on January 19 moving at high speed across the entire...

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Shooting Down UFOs

We're not the only ones whose military has been ordered to shoot down UFOs. Newly declassified UFO documents in the UK reveal that the Royal Air Force was ordered to do the same thing. quotes UFO expert Nick Pope as saying, "Over a series of many years there have been what are known as shoot-down orders given in relation to UFOs...

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Why UFO Files May Open in the Future

More signs that, under our new president, government knowledge about UFOs may finally come out of the classified closet?and you can help make sure this happens!

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UFO Spotted at Inauguration.

A sign of the future? - During Obama's inauguration, CNN broadcast an image of a UFO?is this a portent for the future? Or is it a bird close to the camera...or asurveillance blimp in the distance? So far, nobody has comeforward to explain it, and the speed with which it moveswould seem to put to rest the possibility of it being...

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Why Wasn't This Reported in the West?

UFO crash in the Middle East - According to one reporter, a UFO crashed in Saudi Arabia on January 7, near the capital city Riyadh, which was seen as far away as Kuwait. It was viewed by millions of people, many of whom took photos of it. Thousands of people called the police to report it. Many frightened people began praying...

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Incredible Images on Out There Section!

Gray running beside car? Photo of a Chupacabra? - A strange chupacabra photo that was recently taken in Argentina and linked to our Out There section is causing excitement among British cryptozoologists. And we have asked two technical experts about a video that seems to show an alien running alongside an automobile. Keep...

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Mysterious Orange UFO Captured on Video

Same type of UFO was seen in Texas! - We've all heard about the strange blue light, but mysterious orange lights are commonly seen in the sky as well?including those famous sightings reported by Linda Howe in Stephenville Texas. You can see one in Scotland by clicking here.

In fact, the American Chronicle website reports...

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