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UFOs Visit Cities Worldwide

UFOs have shown up at a Walmart in North Carolina and also in China, where most of the items FOR SALE in Walmart are manufactured!

An Internet user calling himself Hua Jiuju in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province posted a photo of a UFO flying above his city that he took with his cell phone camera online on April 13. He wrote, "At first, I...

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Hawking warns: Alien Contact Could be Dangerous

Will they be intelligent machines? Quantum physicist Stephen Hawking thinks that it's "perfectly rational" to assume that intelligent life exists elsewhere else in the universe. But he thinks aliens should do everything possible to avoid making contact with them.

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Volcano May Have Grounded Planes

But UFOs still flew! - The volcanic ash that is slowing down airplanes isn't have an effect on UFOs, and a triangle-shaped craft was even seen INSIDE an ash cloud! Maybe they're using some sort of psychic navigation. (If you got our FREE weekly email newsletter, you would have already read this story! To sign up, click here)....

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New Shape for UFOs?

Mysterious, U-shaped UFOs have shown up in two places that are far apart: the UK and Kentucky. Sightings of triangle-shaped craft are quite common, but this is a fairly new phenomenon.

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Sheep Mutilations

Attacked by UFOs? - Something strange is going on: Farmers in the UK have seen their sheep being shot with lasers by orange UFOs.

The April 5the edition of the Telegraph reports that the sheep's brains and eyes were removed, to the mysterious orange lights in the sky that swept along 50-mile strip of farmland. Farmers...

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UFO Captured on Google Earth?

It had to happen sometime: Google Earth once captured an image of the Loch Ness Monster and now it appears to have spotted a UFO in the UK! To see what YOU think, 1.53223&sspn=0.000923,0.002411&ie=UTF8&hq=Orford+Castle&hnear=Orford+Castle,+Orford,+IP12+2,+UK&t=h&layer=c&cbll=52.094086,1.532043&panoid=...

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Are Aliens Invisible?

British Astronomer Royal Martin Rees thinks that aliens may be here but only a few people see them because they are invisible to most of us. This goes along with the information that Anne Strieber received from the half a million letters from contactees that she read: In a group of people, one or two would be contacted (or even abducted!),...

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UFO Reports Destroyed

The British Ministry of Defense has issued a policy memo stating that all newUFO reports it receives will be destroyed after 30 days. Thedestruction of UFO reports is nothing new. After aninvestigation was initiated by a congressman into theRoswell Incident, the General Accounting Office found thatall trace of any records from the Roswell Army...

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They're Here!

Aliens, that is - It's supposed to be an official secret, but it's pretty obvious to most of us: Aliens are here (and UK's official astronomer Martin Rees believes that this may be true.)

Rees says, "They could be staring us in the face and we just don't recognize them. The problem is that we're looking for something...

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UFO Files Edited

to cover up the truth! - When it comes to conspiracy theories, we know that UFOs are at the top of the list. When you receive FBI files under the Freedom of Information Act, you find they are mostly useless, because huge blocks information have been "redacted" (blacked out). A British newspaper reveals that the same thing is...

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Will Disclosure Mean the End of Religion?

UPDATE: More disclosure from the UK! - It's an ongoing controversy: Could the world's religions survive the discovery of extraterrestrial life? The Vatican is actively concerned about this: Aside from having their own array of telescopes in Arizona that are constantly searching the skies, they recently held a conference in Rome...

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Betting on UFO Disclosure

A betting website in Ireland (where gambling is legal) reports that lots of bets are being placed on alien life being discovered in the next 3 years, after spectacular photos of a UFO flying across Dublin were taken on New Year's Day (NOTE: subscribers can still listen to this show). It's about time we had disclosure!

The odds on aliens...

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When UFOs Stop Cars

What may be happening - UFOs are well known for stopping cars dead as they hover above them. How do they do it? Car chases are common on the nightly news in Los Angeles, and they're also dangerous. If police could figure out how to stop cars in their tracks the way UFOs do, there would no longer be a problem, and maybe they...

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Is the Gov. Interested in UFOs?

Yes, and they're studying LIGHTNING too! - The entrepreneur Robert Bigelow, who once purchased a ranch in Utah where anomalous events occurred, has formed a new company called Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies.(BAASS), which has been recruited by the FAA as one of the reporting centers for UFO sightings and unexplained...

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What Will Happen

If contact comes? - Will the Visitors reveal themselves soon? Whitley's new journal talks about why contact may not come until our brains are ready for it. And for subscribers, Anne Strieber explains how the Grays are CHANGING our brains to make us ready!

Art credit:

NOTE: This news story,...

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Bizarre Astronomical Event Stuns Norway

Update: Simliar Spiral in Tomsk, 2006 - A bizarre and massive spiral of light appeared over northernNorway between 7:50and 8:00 a.m. local time on Wednesday,December 9. The phenomenon was visible across a wide area,indicating that it was very large and very high. A similarevent was videotaped inTomskin2006. On December 11,...

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Vatican Searches for Aliens

Not many people realize that the Vatican has an expensive state-of-the-art observatory in Arizona that they are using to search for extraterrestrial life (and they hope to have results soon!) The facility is run by Jesuit Jose Gabriel Funes, who is also an astronomer. Did they pick Arizona not only for its clear skies, but also because of the...

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Canada Comes Clean

Everybody (except the US) seems to be declassifying their UFO files. In 2005, Former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer stated that "UFOs, are as real as the airplanes that fly over your head" and that "current and past US activities" (such as trying to shoot them down) risk "intergalactic war." (Note: Subscribers can still listen to this...

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Insight: Incredible UFO Documents from Brazil

Declassified! - Brazilian UFO investigator A.J. Gaevard has another incredible insight into the amazing things that are happening with UFOs in his country, where formerly classified documents are now being released. Are the Grays getting ready to reveal themselves? You'll be the FIRST TO KNOW if you subscribe today!


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How to Retrieve Buried UFO Memories

Hello from Joshua Tree, where magic is happening (and it's not too late to buy a ticket, we can take your credit card at the door)! New research using functional MRI analysis of the brain suggests that it is possible for scientists to reconstruct images of what people have seen in the past. This could mean that the question of what people who...

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Insight: Incredible Brazilian UFOs

We have just posted an exciting new Insight from Brazilian UFO researcher A.J.Gaevard. Brazil is one of the countries in the world with the MOST UFO activity, and like the UK, France and other developed countries (but UNlike the US), Brazil has released a large number of previously secret UFO documents. Why is so much UFO information hidden in...

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UFO Tourists

New declassified military documents in the UK about the Rendlesham Forest incident, which has come to be known as the "British Roswell," suggest that UFOs may be piloted by extraterrestrials who could be tourists visiting earth.

In the Telegraph, Jasper Copping quotes the study as saying that the inquiry, known as Project Condign, was...

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UFO Shot Down in Iran

Iran's military has shot down a UFO flying over the Persian Gulf. It's clear that the US is not the only world power trying to shoot them down (Note: Subscriberscan still listen to this incredible show. This week's Dreamland is on a less militaristic subject!)

Three bright objects were seen (as is usual with UFOs), but we don't know if...

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UFO Hotline

UFOs seem to be avoiding US skies, but they are showing themselves in a big way over a little country in South America called Suriname. There have been so many sightings there recently that the government has set up a hot line for UFO reports.

They are often orange and, as all UFO witnesses would expect, are showing up in groups of 3...

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Observatory Films UFO

Comes from China! - It's about time: In a direct contradiction of the long-asserted claim of skeptics that "no astronomer has ever filmed a UFO," Chinese astronomers have announced that they videotaped one for forty minutes during the July 22 eclipse that was seen over most of Asia. While the UFO community is filled with...

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UFO Crash in Canada?

At our subscriber chat on Wednesday, we heard some incredible news about a UFO crash into a lake in Ottawa, Canada.

It started about 10 pm on July 27 with a streak of light across the sky that was seen by dozens of witnesses. It was a type of UFO that has been described in so many of the letters that Anne Strieber has read: an object...

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UFO Think Tank

The government may deny that they take UFOs seriously, but a major government-funded think tank, the RAND Corporation, has been studying them for over 60 years.

RAND (which stands for "Research And Development") is a ostensibly a nonprofit organization, but one of its primary clients is the CIA. The idea for the think tank came from...

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Spectacular UFO Display in Strieber Town

...or is it a fake?? - Has someone been calling them again? Spectacular UFOs have been seen over Santa Monica (or created digitally to seem as if they appearedover the Santa Monica beach). To see them yourself, click here. Anne and Whitley were out of town at Comic-Con at the time, so they can't report on them personally.In...

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UFOs in France

That familiar triangle shape - In France, Rennes is a magical place that is implicated in the DaVinci Code scenario. It's also a place where triangular UFOs have been sighted recently. We report on a couple who have learned how to "call" UFOs on this week's Dreamland!

On the French UFO website, an anonymous...

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Still Shooting Down UFOs!

During the week of May 29, the British Royal Navy may have come close to firing on UFOs that were flying over the UK.

This was leaked to the press by an "ex-military source." In the Register, Lewis Page quotes this source as saying, "The guns on the ships are powered by radar, but military radar and civilian radar work on different...

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