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Special Dreamland Report on Brazilian Bedsheet Abduction

Brazil's MUFON Director A.J. Gevaerd claims that the controversial Brazilian bedsheet abduction of Urandir Oliviera is a hoax and says Olivera is the leader of a large cult. On unknowncountry, we have reported on the many clashing points of view about this controversial case. Our science reporter Linda Howe went to Brazil and has reported...

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Was the Rendlesham UFO a Hoax?

First, the Rendlesham case was dismissed as misidentification of a lighthouse. UFO investigators proved conclusively that this could not have been the source of the lights seen that night in the English countryside.

Now Kevin Conde, a former Air Force MP, says it was the lights of his patrol car near the forest that were behind the...

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Leslie Kean on Larry King Tonight

Popular Dreamland guest Leslie Kean will be on the Larry King Show tonight, Tues. July 1st, on CNN at 9 p.m. EST, talking about the Roswell UFO crash. There is a new interview with her up on our subscribers section right now.

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed.

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More Evidence of a Roswell Coverup?

Steven Aftergood of Secrecy News writes that on July 28, 1995, the General Accounting Office published a report on the Roswell Incident that said all the Roswell records had been destroyed. Now it's been discovered that the CIA has destroyed the budget records for that period in Roswell also.

The records were demanded by New Mexico...

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The Government Hides Strange Secrets

On this week's Dreamland, Whitley interviews Nick Redfern, who has been researching the unknown for years (and his recent move from the U.K. to Texas hasn't slowed him down). He's noticed that the government suppresses anything strange or unusual, and his question is: Why?

Why would the CIA attempt to suppress information about a large...

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CIA Interested in Turkish UFOs

The Turkish UFO site says the CIA has officially asked the Turkish intelligence agency MIT for information on recent UFO sightings there. MIT has requested UFO reports from the Turkish Air Force and from Turkish Airlines. Turkey has had a large increase in reports of UFO sightings since 1999, especially from pilots.


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Why This Book is Important

NASA Chief Engineer Paul Hill, author of Unconventional Flying Objects, was a distinguished, award winning engineer of the very highest caliber, who knew UFOs are real because he saw them himself. Instead of denying their existence or blaming them on ball lightning, he accepted the fact that they are extraterrestrial craft and used his...

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Visions of the Amazing and the Miraculous

Eric Convey writes in the Boston Herald that Milton Hospital in Massachusetts seems to be the site of a miracle. First, one of the building's windows showed what looked like a clear image of the Virgin Mary. Now, there seem to be two 6-foot-high crosses on the building's smokestack. And an amazing green UFO has been seen every night in Russia...

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Red UFO Scans People

The SciFi Channel is trying to get the government to investigate more UFO sightings, and has hired former Clinton chief of staff John Podesta as their Washington lobbyist.They could begin with a new sighting in Georgia of a red UFO which appeared to "scan" the occupants of a car.

Jim Pettit writes in the Fayetteville (NC) Observer online...

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Dreamland: Getting Ready for Contact

Dreamland is always free. To listen, click on "Listen Now" on the upper right side of the masthead above, under the word Dreamland. You need the free Windows Media Player to listen. To get it, click here.

Mars is going to make its closest approach to Earth in over 70,000 years this summer, and Mars oppositions have usually been periods...

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UFOs in the U.K., Crop Circles in Italy

A triangular UFO that leaves a shining trail behind it has been seen in the Worcestershire area of the U.K., and crop circles?which are appearing all over the world?have now turned up in the wheat fields of Italy.

There's been a mini UFO flap in Worcestershire. Three triangular UFOs were seen on the same night, and one of them was...

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The Brazilian Bedsheet Abduction Case

UFO researcher and author Richard Dolan writes: For the past several months, an intense controversy has been brewing in various UFO newsgroups and venues over a Brazilian abduction case that is currently under investigation by Linda Moulton Howe?I have a great deal of respect for the integrity and courage that Linda Howe has displayed in her...

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UFOs in Saudi Arabia & Nevada

A UFO fell to earth in Saudi Arabia last week, that witnesses described as saucer-shaped and radiating light. When it fell, it sent shock waves through the area and frightened nearby cattle. People ran away from it and watched from a distance. The Saudi military says it could be a spy plane.

Abdul Rahman Al-Osaimi, governor of Arraith,...

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Analysis of UFO Evidence

Linda Moulton Howe published on her website excerpts from a report about burns on a bedsheet given to her as evidence of an alleged alien abduction in Brazil, and talked about this on Dreamland. The scientist who made the report, Phyllis Budinger, does not feel that her opinion of the marks she analyzed was presented in a manner that...

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If Contact Comes

In his new Journal, Whitley talks about what to do if contact comes. Worry? Hope? Pray? Meditate? We know that Mars oppositions bring increases in UFO activity, and Mars is going to make its closest approach in 70,000 years this August. As the opposition of the two planets draws closer, UFO activity continues to rise, so get ready.


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As Mars Gets Closer, UFO Sightings Increase

George Filer of Filer's Files reports in his June 4 issue that there has been an increase of UFO sightings in the U.S., especially of saucer and cylindrical-shaped objects in the sky. This fulfills a prediction Whitley Strieber made six months ago.

A witness from New Ipswich, Vermont, reported that on May 17 at 8:55 pm, "I saw an...

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Strange Sightings in Unusual Places

Crop circles have landed in the U.S. and UFOs are flying abroad. Local lawyer Lex Kramer discovered crop circles in wheat fields in Easton, Maryland. He says, "It's like a very defined shape that looks like someone had taken a roller out there and rolled it in some sort of configuration." And hundreds of people in Baku, the capital of...

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Jim Marrs on Aliens

Most people think of popular Dreamland guest Jim Marrs as an expert on conspiracies (which he is), but did you know he also wrote one of the best books on UFOs? Now Alien Agenda is available in our store! He breaks amazing new ground, covering everything from Abductions to Zeta Reticuli?and not leaving out the mysteries of Mars. A classic in...

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Why We Haven't Heard From ET

Scientists have a theory about why no one has picked up signals from alien civilizations?they may be sending each other secret messages buried in background noise. Walter Simmons and Sandip Pakvasa, of the University of Hawaii, say the one sending the message would divide it into two parts, so its photons are sent in opposite directions to...

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Betty Andreasson Star Language Decoded!

What's going on behind the scenes in UFO research? We're beginning a searching new series of interviews with UFO researchers, some famous like Stanton Friedman, others less well known, but doing unique and important work in the field.

Our first interview is with Australian researcher Paul Potter of, who has been working...

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UFO Over Baghdad

A UFO may have been seen over Baghdad and one researcher managed to tape a UFO in England. The Baghdad UFO could be seen for 3 hours in the sky before it disappeared, while the U.K. one wasn't seen at all until the video was watched.

Eric Morris was researching the report of a hovering black, cigar-shaped UFO in the U.K. He went to the...

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New Roswell Witness!

Anne Robbins now lives in Midland, Texas. She's the widow of a career military man who was stationed in Roswell during the Roswell crash in July, 1947. She remembers the description of the saucer that her husband, Technical Sergeant Ernest Robert Robbins, told her he helped recover and the three small beings that were found outside the craft....

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Evidence of Ancient UFOs

An ancient manuscript written in the 4th Century BC that was found in Tibet by the Chinese in a bundle of Sanskrit documents contains directions for building interstellar spaceships with a method of propulsion that is anti-gravitational. It's described as "a centrifugal force strong enough to counteract all gravitational pull." The machines...

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UFO Abduction Pleasant

The media portrays alien abduction as a dreadful ordeal, but anthropologist Krista Henriksen has found that people who claim to have been abducted say it's not an unpleasant experience. She says, "[The aliens] tell people they're not alone, that they're special, they're chosen for a purpose." She?s studied 60 men and women who claimed to have...

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No ET Signals for SETI

SETI scientists who used the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico to analyze 150 radio signals collected in the world's biggest computing project found no signs of intelligent life. Susan Lendroth, of the Planetary Society in Pasadena, which sponsors Seti@home, says, "The odds are probably against a quick find but SETI researchers around...

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National ET Day

A bill has been put forward in the House of Representative to set aside a special day to honor aliens. Dan Foley, a Republican from Roswell, New Mexico, has proposed an "Extraterrestrial Culture Day" every second Thursday in February. He's asked that the bill be passed "in recognition of the many visitations, sightings, unexplained mysteries...

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Confirmation of UFOs

Did you know there's a lot about UFOs that's been proven scientifically? A few years ago, Whitley Strieber produced a special for NBC about his book Confirmation. Now we have copies of the book available in our bookstore, signed by Whitley. When people tell you there's no proof of UFOs, hand them this book!

NOTE: This news story...

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Radio Signals from ET

Astronomers who are searching for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence are studying over 150 radio transmissions that have reached Earth. Using a huge network of home computers, SETI has found millions of strong radio signals since 1999. On March 18, they plan to spend 24 hours on the Arecibo radio telescope to check out those considered most...

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Why UFOs are Debunked by the Media

According to newly-released documents, in 1972 the Ministry of Defense in the U.K. didn't want the Royal Air Force to take part in a TV debate on UFOs, because it might make the British public believe they were real. There were so many UFO sightings near RAF bases in the 1960s and 70s, that in 1971 the BBC decided to investigate.


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UFO Disrupts Traffic

A UFO flying over Scotland last Wednesday evening caused two traffic accidents, as drivers took their eyes off the road in order to search the skies. Several people reported seeing the huge silver object around 8:45am last Wednesday. One woman says, "My friend saw something hovering, which was silver in appearance and looked like the dishes you...

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