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UFO Taped in Ohio

In Huntsburg, Ohio in late August, Michele Braun and her daughter Stephanie saw a UFO, and captured it on video. She says it looked like "a light hovering above our woods. It would start off like a little ball, like a little white light coming toward us and then it became like a half-circle, a rod."

Neighborhood kids were sitting around...

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A Huge Question Answered

Whitley Strieber has always kept the meaning of his visitor experiences an open question?until now. In his latest Journal he tells how and why a huge question about the Communion experience has finally been answered for him. Follow him on this journey into the unknown.

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site,...

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UFO Abduction in China

China bans "evil cults" and forbids belief in anything but the Communist Party, but research into UFOs is not only allowed, it's encouraged. There's a government-approved China UFO Research Center with 50,000 members and a 20-year-old UFO magazine with a circulation of 200,000. "We have so many visitation reports that if people don't have...

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UFOs in South Carolina

UFOs are being seen in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. "We're all in our 50s, professional people?we're not into hallucinatory drugs or anything like that," says Pam Wingfield. "People look at you funny when you tell them you've seen a UFO. But what we saw was unidentified, it was flying and it was an object."

David Wren writes in the...

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UFO Documents for Subscribers

In addition to videos and audio interviews,'s subscribers now have access to a downloadable document area. The first document to be made available is the SOM 101 Training Manual. This is a manual, apparently published back in the fifties, to assist military units in the retrieval and proper transport of crashed UFOs. Many...

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Last Interview with Graham Birdsall

On this week's Dreamland subscriber section, we are privileged and saddened to present what has turned out to be the last interview with one of the UFO greats. Listen as Graham Birdsall discusses some of the riveting truths and revelations that made him famous. Last week, this great investigator unexpectedly passed away. Graham Birdsall was the...

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Whitley's Journal: Dancing in the Mirrors

In his latest Journal, Whitley writes, "At this moment on this website there are two of the most extraordinary interviews I have ever done. The first is with an abuctee, 'Cynthia,' on Dreamland. The second is with a particle physicist, Beatriz Gato-Rivera, who speculates as brilliantly about the 'alien problem' as any scientist ever has?The...

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Area 51 Stays Top Secret

For "national security" reasons, President Bush has renewed an exemption that allows the Air Force to continue to classify its top-secret operations at Groom Lake, also known as Area 51, in Nevada. The area is in a no-fly zone that is closed to the public. Bush says it's of "paramount interest" that the base not have to disclose classified...

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Is Planet Earth Embedded in a Large Galactic Civilization?

In our latest Insight, Particle physicist Beatriz Gato-Rivera writes: "I want to explore the intriguing possibility of whether we could be immersed in a large civilization without being aware of it? Do mountain gorillas know that their 'civilization' is embedded in a larger 'civilization' corresponding to a much more evolved and intelligent...

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Crop Circle Photo Shows UFO

People investigating a Canadian crop circle didn't notice the UFO flying in the sky above them, but saw it later in a photo they took. They describe the UFO as looking like a "flying tray." There's also a small ball of light in the sky. Look at the photo, and decide for yourself. Click on "News and Updates 2003" and scroll down, then click on "...

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Strange Lights Over Louisiana

Andrew West Griffin wrote in the June 5th edition of about Louisiana crop circles. Now he says his hometown is being visited by UFOs.

He writes: Controversy continues around the identity of strange lights appearing over areas in southwest Louisiana on August 28. The sightings have baffled residents in this corner of the...

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Police Helicopter Tapes UFO

Amazing images of a UFO in Brighton in the U.K. were caught on video by a police helicopter that was followed by the UFO for about 10 miles. UFOs are being seen by witnesses all over England.

In another part of the country, a man working in his garden saw a yellow D-shaped object that changed shape before it flew off. Michael Sopher, of...

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Incredible UFO Video for Subscribers

Two weeks ago, one of the most important pieces of UFO video ever shot was taken in British Columbia. This video shows a UFO that changes form in ways that are far, far beyond even the most esoteric science fiction.

This cannot be done by a model, and yet video analysis shows that this is NOT a digital artwork. It is a real video of a...

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Massive UFO Wave Around the U.S.

With Mars coming so close to the Earth, local media are reporting UFOs sightings all over the country, but it's not widely known that these are happening, since no national media have picked up the story. Below are a couple of recent examples.

Time Stephens writesin the Ohio Herald-Dispatch That witnesses in Rome Township, Proctorville...

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Scientist Collects ET Microbes

NASA's Richard Hoover collects extraterrestrial microbes right here on Earth. He searches the most bizarre environments on Earth?areas that mimic the harsh conditions on other planets in our Solar System?for "extremophiles." He thinks some of these may have arrived on meteorites from outer space.

David Perlman writes in the San Francisco...

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157 Witnesses to Canadian UFO

Canadian UFO researcher Brian Vike reports on a UFO sighting on July 28 that had 157 witnesses. Some of them saw a strange white light that moved in a zigzag direction, while others saw an incredible arc of white light that covered the sky from horizon to horizon. He says, "What I did not realize at this time was just how large this one case...

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How Can We Protect Ourselves?

When it comes to the Visitors, Whitley says it's later than we think. He says we need to act fast so as not to become victims and to be "able to use contact and close encounter for growth and as a source of knowledge of self and universe?If we are to continue to live free, it must be."

NOTE: This news story, previously published...

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Major Sightings from Canada's UFO Capital

We recently wrote that British Columbia has become the UFO capital of Canada. It's even become a tourist destination, since one-third of all Canadian sightings come from there. For subscribers this week, we interview UFO researcher Brian Vike, who tells about some of the amazing UFO experiences people have had there. The first 15 minutes of...

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Don't Quit Now?It Works

We've had reports that meditating for contact is working, so don't quit now?join Whitley in a new meditation. Click "Listen Now" on our masthead to access Meditation Five.

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed.

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UFOs & Conspiracy?Both on Sale

UFO books and Conspiracy books are on sale in our store, so if you think there's a conspiracy to cover up UFO information, now's the time to jump in your hammock with a good book.

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed.

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Contact Meditation Works!

Click "Listen Now" on our masthead to listen to Whitley's 4th meditation for extraterrestrial contact. Does it work? Here's what one listener writes: "Increased contact? Oh, yes! Thankfully, others in my home are experiencing the bizarre along me, so I know that I'm not a yelping loony. They aren't actually 'seeing' aliens as I am, but they...

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It Will Soon be Impossible to Spot UFOs

In the coming years, all kinds of new spacecraft will be roaming the skies. Many of these are unfamiliar to us and will be reported as UFOs. Strange sightings will no longer be attributed to ball lightning, they'll be dismissed as UAVs, which are robot craft designed to look for criminal and terrorist activity. This means reports of "real" UFOs...

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UFO Books on Sale This Week!

Check out the Great Sales! section of our store for these special books about UFOs?all marked down from their original prices (which were discounted to start with). Some of them are no longer available from publishers, so there are only a few of these left. Keep reading to find out which titles are on sale.

John Greenewald started...

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Jellyfish-Like UFOs in U.K. AND A Reader's 1995 Experience

While most UFOs appear to be metallic disks or boomerang shapes, there are consistent worldwide reports of "jellyfish-like" objects seen in the sky. Adrian Dalton, of Daventry in the U.K., says, "They were like two brown jellyfish in the sky, they looked like they were swimming and I had not taken any drugs."

The UFOs were brown with a...

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UFO Capital of the Northeast

Beth Quinn writes in the Middletown (N.Y.) Times Herald-Record that UFO activity has not slowed down in Pine Bush, New York. The cabin where Whitley Strieber had the "Communion experience" is less than twenty miles away. After 911, a National Guard reservist who was helping with the clean up at the World Trade Center took some photographs. When...

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Go UFO Watching on Your Next Vacation

Strange flashing lights have been seen in the sky in the Worcestershire area of England. BBC cameraman Tom Hines even filmed them with a video camera. And UFOs have been turning up so often in one part of Canada that they've become a tourist attraction.

Jennifer Lang writes in the New Caledonia Terrace Standard that British Columbia is...

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Air Force Pilots Abducted

Andrew Griffin writes in about two Air Force pilots who may have been abducted 50 years ago. Canadian UFO investigator Gordon Heath has been trying to find out what happened to Air Force pilot 1st Lt. Felix E. "Gene" Moncla Jr. and 2nd Lt. Robert Wilson. After he read about their possible abduction on the internet, he went to...

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Meditate for Contact

Spend fifteen minutes meditating with Whitley in an effort to make contact with the unknown presence that is responsible for UFOs. This August, Mars will be closer to Earth than it's been in recent history, and statistically, when Mars is close to Earth, more UFO sightings are reported. Don't miss this opportunity to try to achieve contact with...

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It's Official in Russia: UFOs are Real

In the British-based UFO Magazine, editor Graham Birdsall interviewed Valery Uvarov, who says, "I am head of the Department of UFO Research, Science and Technical, National Security Academy, based in St Petersburg, Russia?We are constantly analyzing data coming in from all over the world?The other aspect of our research stems from asking the...

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Jets Chased UFOs in U.K.

Paul Harris writes in The Observer (U.K.) newspaper that newly released U.S. military documents, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, show that fighter jets were scrambled in the U.K. in 1956 to chase UFOs.Other recently declassified documents revealed a 1980 UFO Sighting by British air force fliers.

In 1956, after receiving...

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