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Canada UFOs at All Time High

Something strange is going on in Canada?people are seeingmore UFOs than ever before.

Could this be because most people don't know where to reportthem in the U.S.? Just as many UFOs could be flying aroundhere, but we wouldn't know it. It could also be that we'remore on the alert against terrorism and thus there's no waysuch objects could...

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UFO Show Over a Missile Base

In another in our new series ofCommunionLetters, we present the story ofCorbett,who writes: In 1984 I moved to Las Cruces, New Mexico, whichis near White Sands Missile range. I lived there for fouryears. Some of the research for President Reagan's Star Warstechnology was being done at White Sands and if you watchedthe sky you could see some...

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Alien Detector

Julie Pearce has purchased an alien detector designed by aserious scientist, but she doesn't know if it will work yet.

The apparatus contains colored strobe lights in a triangularpattern, low-powered laser beams refracted through a quartzcrystal, a radio transmitter and gauges that trackatmospheric changes associated with...

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New Sonora Sighting

Mark Olson writes: A new sighting of a Triangular object hasbeen videotaped over Sonora, CA on August 8! (NOTE: this isthe day after Mark's interview was posted on thesubscribersection). Video clips of the object have been posted on theSonora website on theJULY& AUGUST CLIPS page.

This object was videotaped on separate Sony...

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New UFO Reports

Starting this weekend, besides Anne Strieber's regularinterview,MysteriousPowers will contain The Vike Report. Brian Vike is thedirector of the Houston, British Columbia UFO ResearchOrganization and one of the world's leading UFOinvestigators. His website is oneof the world's leading UFO websites. Brian brings a highlevel of credibility and the...

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Two Young Children See a UFO

Two nine-year-old girls in Tennessee spotted a UFO. Thedrawings they made of what they saw that show the samestrange craft in the sky.

Linda Trussell writes in the Tullahoma (Tennessee) News thatHaley Atwood and Charlie Holmes saw a UFO. Haley says, "Wewere just out walking the dog and looking at the sunset whenwe saw it over this field...

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An Alien Diagnosis

As part of our newCommunionLetters series,Corettawrites: Twelve years ago I woke up in the night to see threesmall, gray creatures standing to my right, near the foot ofmy bed. Though the room seemed filled with a misty, dimlight, I could see the visitors clearly. One, a bit tallerthan the other two, seemed to be the leader andcommunicator. He/...

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I Used to Think UFO Believers Were Nuts

Melissawrote us a newCommunionLetter about an experience she remembers from 20 years ago.She writes: I had the experience of seeing 6 tall, very trimbeings marching in tight, two-by-two unison up the centralstaircase of my home. I was floating in the hallway upstairsand I could see the 6 of them in their white suits andhelmets coming up the...

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An Alien Gift of Love

Sloanwrites in one of our newCommunionLetters: "In March of 1995 while asleep I was taken to aspaceship, or what I believe was a spaceship. I was sittingin a type of birthing chair facing a curved, very white wallwith a bench along its surface. I was not able to move andcould not even adjust my peripheral vision, but I felt thatthere were two...

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An Alien Language

We get the most wonderfulCommunionLetters. In our latest one,Chadwrites: "When I was in second grade, I had a very terrifyingexperience. I?m 26 years old now and I still remember theevents like they happened yesterday. Every night, for about2 weeks, I would go to my room and get into bed. I would nosooner lie down, then all of a sudden I would...

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UFO Update by Will Hart

Will Hartwrites: "I reported on the Mexican UFO case in an articlepublished on this site, a couple of months ago. That casehas been widely broadcast on the Internet and evencirculated in the mass media. The facts pertaining to theevent are solid and state-of-the-art detection equipment,eyewitness reports, and official investigators...

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Rockefeller Obit You'll Only Read Here

Laurance Rockefeller died on July 11, 2004 at the age of 93,after a brief illness. Mr. Rockefeller was of exceptionalimportance to UFO research. Between 1993 and 1995, hesupported Dr. John Mack's Center for Psychology and SocialChange in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In 1997, he funded adiscovery initiative spearheaded by long-time friend...

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UFO Over Portland

As part of our series of newCommunionLetters, we hear from Dan, whowrites: "I remember seeing [a UFO] over downtown Portland,Oregon thirty-six years ago?[A] pilot was trying to getclose to an unusual object that was over the downtown area.The main feature of this object were several bright lightsof three colors: white, red, and green. The exact...

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Two Incredible Photos UPDATE! has discovered two remarkable photos?one of a new crop circle in the U.K., the other of UFOs in Paris.

To see several beautiful images of the new crop circle, click here and scroll down. It was discovered on June 26 at Milk Hill, near Alton Barnes in Wiltshire?the heart of crop circle country?and is obviously the...

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UFO Sightings Worldwide

UFOs have been spotted in Louisiana, South Africa and Chile, making this a worldwide phenomenon.

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The Being Who Helped Me to Dance

Here's another one of our new Communion Letters. In it,Christy writes: For a long time I dismissed a childhood story I wrote and illustrated containing descriptions of another world and images of big-eyed beings, because my sister told me my mom had been reading your books at that time, and the cover of your book somehow led to my creative...

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Phoenix Lights May Have Caused Blackout

News 5 KPHO in Phoenix is investigating a power surge that left 65 thousand people without electricity recently. Some people say the blackout was caused by strange lights in the sky, which could be a return of the Phoenix Lights, first seen in 1997.

UFOs have also recently been seen in the U.K. The Huddersfield Daily Examiner reports...

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Friends & Fellow UFO Experiencers

As one of our new Communion Letters, we present the experiences of Rick, who says: "I was never really into UFOs. I always assumed they were possible but never really went out of my way to learn about them. That attitude continued even after myself and 3 other U.S. Airmen stationed at RAF Alconbury near Huntingdon, England in 1970 saw a glowing...

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Aliens Beamed Me Up

In our series of new Communion Letters, we heard from Mick, who writes: "Yes, I too have had an abduction/dream experience in the early nineties. It happened after seeing the Band "Psychic TV" at The Ritz (Studio 54) in New York City. They were using a lot of strobe lights flashing in time (sort of) to the music. I didn't drink a lot?maybe 2...

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Alien Talk

If we meet up with aliens, will we be able to talk to each other? We can't even understand the language of some of the creatures that live right here on Earth with us.

Astronomer Guy Consolmagrio says, "[It's possible] we find an intelligent civilization and there's no way in creation we can communicate with them because they're so alien...

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UFO Caught on Video

Tommy Woodard, of the Utah Film Commission, was taking a video of the Utah countryside, when he captured a UFO on video. He says, "When I was shooting the picture, I didn't see the object?In all my pictures, I've never seen anything like this.

"I didn't get out of the car when I took the specific shot. I just leaned up to the car window...

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Mexican UFO Case Still Unsolved

UFO investigator Richard Dolan writes: "Since the news was released in early May 2004 that a Mexican Air Force interceptor encountered several invisible objects that registered clearly on radar and infrared systems, a number of articles appeared that attempted to explain the event as either weather phenomena or new stealth technology. Such...

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Legendary Creature in Alien Photo

UFO researcher Erick Martinez, who spread the word about the alien photo taken in Chile, has received phone calls about it from all over the world. The most amazing was from a Japanese journalist who says it resembles a dangerous creature from an ancient Japanese legend.

Scott Corrales quotes Martinez as saying, "Japan's most important...

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UFO Object?Is it Real?

Bob White kept a secret for many years. He says, "I'm 73 years old. I don't have much longer?This is the most difficult thing I've ever done in my life." He's showing the world an artifact he claims fell off a UFO in 1985.

Steve Rock writes in The Kansas City Star that White keeps the artifact locked up in a small building he calls the...

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Alien Photo Analyzed

More news on the alien photo recently sent to us by Scott Corrales:Professional photographer Enrique Sepulveda says, "As a photographer I don't believe it's a trick. I think it's an image taken by sheer chance of another element formed by the sweep (movement) of the image...It surely shows a strange figure. An alien, I don't think so; a child,...

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Visited by the Sun

The Communion Letters didn't end with the book, because people keep remembering their experiences. Eric writes: "My story is so much like the movie Communion, I was literally blown away when I watched it a few months ago. It has made me believe that we are being abducted and there is no chance of all of this being a dream."


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UFO Puts Portugal on Military Alert

The Portuguese press has announced that the airforce is on alert since dozens of people saw a UFO on Tuesday. The newspaper Correio da Manha reports that "Military radar surveillance has been increased and F16 planes are ready for take-off." Meanwhile, the UFO sighted in South Devon in the U.K. interests the media, but not the military.


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Is Someone Capturing Our Souls?

As part of our new Communion Letters, one reader writes: "I have had many, many, unusual experiences during my lifetime. I am now about to tell you a story of horror?a true story that has happened to me." She writes about being squeezed by a mysterious Snake Lady?a story too bizarre not to be true!

NOTE: This news story,...

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Alien Caught on Film?

Scott Corrales quotes Chilean civil engineer Germ

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed.

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"Next Time We Will Come Much Closer."

As part of our new Communion Letters, a reader named Shawn writes: "I want to relate an experience I recently had in my own backyard. I was standing on my back porch at about 9 pm, enjoying the night air, when I saw a streak of yellowish light dart across a section of sky, about treetop level." He eventually got into a conversation with them?...

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