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British Civil Aviation Authority Records 30 UFO/Airliner Near Misses

The Western Daily Press of Bristol, England has reported that there have been around 30 near misses with UFOs at Britain?s major airports, incidents that came close to bringing down jets that were loaded with passengers. The newspaper uncovered Civil Aviation Authority files detailing these incidents that are now in the possession of U.K....

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Are UFOs Real? Now it's Not Worth a Bet

In England it?s legal to bet on virtually anything, as long as you do it through a bookie. Now bookies have slashed the odds on the Prime Minister officially announcing that aliens are real.

The move comes after Scottish news photographer Mark Runnacles captured a possible UFO flying over Glasgow. Alexander McCallum also photographed a...

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Six Minute UFO Video Hidden in Bank

A six and one half minute video of a UFO reported to have been made by a villager living in the Derbyshire village of Bonsall, in England has been locked in a safe deposit box pending its exposure to media sources.

The video is believed to be so extraordinary that its owner hopes that a media bidding war will break out for it.


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UFO Shuts Down Russian Airport

An airport in Siberia was shut down for 1 ? hours Friday when a UFO was detected above its runway.

The crew of a cargo plane spotted the luminous object hovering over the runway and refused to take off. The crew of another cargo plane saw the object as well, and landed at another airport.

The UFO took off and disappeared 90...

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Scotland UFO Wave Rivals Mexico's

The Edinburgh, Scotland Newsletter, Scotland UFO Sightings Database - Scotland may be replacing Mexico as the hottest new center for UFOs. Edinburgh has become one of the UFO capitals of the world. Interestingly, UFO activity in Scotland started a long time ago. In 1787, a bright light was seen moving deliberately in the night...

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Philippines UFO Sighting Has Scientists Stumped

Philippine Star - An article in the Philippine Star reveals that UN scientists were unable to explain a forty-minute video of a group of UFOs that clearly cannot be aircraft, stars or metors, and therefore cannot be classified as known phenomena.

This level of scientific interest contrasts starkly with the reaction to...

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Msgr. Balducci: The Final Word

Eduardo Russo, a UFO investigator from Turin, has spoken at length to Monsignor Corrado Balducci, who contributed an interview to my new book Confirmation. Mr. Russo has gotten from him precisely the same story that I did when I spoke to him to determine that the translation of the interview was correct. This is Mr. Russo's report:


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